American Family CareI am making a complaint about a recent visit to your alabaster alabama facility.

My name is Darlene Watkins I was seen at your Alabaster Facility Saturday morning November 24, 2018 by a female that introduced herself as Tina Marie. I came to AFC complaining of sever nasal and chest congestion I was coughing really bad I was very nauseated I had a headache I did make them aware I had experienced chills and fever. The following is copied and pasted from what I sent to you on the survey that came after my visit:

The doctor I saw not 1 time did she touch me!! No one ever listened to my lungs. And I was really insulted when she questioned me about my medication that I was taking that has been on file there for well over 2 years. And she had the nerve to say that if I didn't have a list of my medicines " How do I know what you're on"?? Was her question to me. I never knew that it was a prerequisite that people have to have a printed copy of their medication on hand. And can you advise your nurse assistants in the future when a patient tells them that they are nauseated it's always a good practice to get the patient something handy just Incase it's needed and then maybe the next person won't throw up all over themselves like I did. I had a very unpleasant visit to your facility I will probably stick to going to the ER from now on.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Alabaster, AL Because the first time I came to this same Urgent care 2 years ago and the doctor sent me home with the exact same medication I received Saturday!!! And by 8 pm that night I was rushed to the ER by ambulance and my appendix had ruptured. So NO thank you on me ever giving any positive feedback on this place!

I am extremely unsatisfied with the treatment that I received Saturday. I had to go to my primary care physician Monday morning because I was not getting any better and my breathing was extremely worse. I had to be given a very strong double medicine breathing treatment all the medicine that was prescribed by your "doctor" I was told to discontinue because it wasn't the best antibiotics for respiratory or bronchitis or sinusitis. And yesterday Tuesday November 27, 2018 I had to go to see an ENT and again I was told that the medication given me by your "doctor" wasn't a good choice for what I'm going through. I hope that your company can improve the quality of treatment and care that people receive when they come to this facility in the future because I have excellent insurance I can choose some where else to go others might not have this option and I really feel lives are in danger if you don't get more qualified and competent people in this facility.

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