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This breeder sold a litter of puppies last August that were delivered with Kennel Cough. She did not tell us owners, some of which flew to Buffalo, NY to pick the dogs up, that the puppies were ill. She was also not willing to reimburse for vet bills, in fact she told us not to take the puppies to the vet. I also just heard of a 4 year old Wheaten from her that has hip dysplasia. Stay far away from this breeder! Overall a nasty woman too.

Mar 27, 2017
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  • Al
      Nov 10, 2018

    Your puppy was treated before leaving but unexpectedly flared up with the stress of a new home. You could have not taken her, you were told she had been treated. My vet told you it had to run it's course like a cold and it was nothing to be worried about. You chose to run up extensive testing which was invasive and did nothing to help the dog and could have caused . You have a beautiful puppy/dog of top quality. I offered for you to return her for a full refund. As for a dysplastic dog, I have never received any veterinarian records for any dogs I have sold to support your accusation. All our dogs are completely health tested.

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  • St
      Dec 01, 2018

    As you can see from this breeder’s response above, she thinks she does nothing wrong. This arrogance is palpable in all interactions. We placed a deposit on a Wheaton having been told by the breeder that it was hypoallergenic and she would return our deposit if our son found out he was allergic but SG e told us that our sensitive son shouldn’t be allergic and encouraged us to have him play with a Wheaton to confirm. We did so and he had a severe reaction. We called this breeder and asked for our deposit back. She refused denying that she had offered to do so but that we could still have the dog. We who JLT found a friend to take the dog (who promised to pay us back the deposit) and she said she had sold the dog to someone else. In short this breeder confiscated our deposit and wouldn’t deliver the dog. She was arrogant to a fault in all of our dealings.

    Buyer be aware. This is one nasty person. Find your dog elsewhere.

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