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Allied Network / Misleading

1 5 Clarence Square Toronto, Ontario M5V 1H1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 416-596-8181

I got several flyers from Allied and decided to have a try. I called them first and asked about the price, the lady on the phone told me it is about $500 to $1000, I booked an appointment on Monday (July 21), and they reminded me several times about bringing the credit card, they said they won’t write down the card number, it was only for identification purpose. The door was closed, I had to ring the bell and told them my name and my appointment time, and then I was able to get in. I filled form about myself and the match I was wishing. A consultant named Susan came in and said they have lots of great guys like lawyers, doctors, financial advisors in their file and showed me the price list, it was from $8500 to $9000 and I was shocked, I said I will think about it, and was ready to walk out of the door, she stopped me and asked what price I can accept, I said I was told it was $500 to $1000, and then she said she will give me $1000 for 3 referrals, I hesitated and said I will think about it and Susan showed inpatient and said “I just need your credit card”, I finally gave her my credit card, and signed the membership paper.

After I walked out of the door, I regretted and called them next day to cancel the service. I was told I can only get $500 back, they said they had to prepare some paper work for the refund, and it will take one week.

Could somebody tell me is there a way that I can get my $1000 back?
I really couldn’t understand why I gave her my credit card that time, my intention was to go to Allied and get a picture of the company first.

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  • Ca
      9th of Nov, 2008

    I would like to sincerely warn all prosepective clients of this truly horrid organization, to stay as far away as possible.
    They are expert salespeople, operating an organization that is extreme in its lack of ethics toward the individuals who pay for their services.
    The only thing that they truly care about, is sealing the deal, having you sign a contract, and forking over literally thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars, up to $9000.00 for a few dates.
    The staff are untrained young people, working out of a basement, who never ever meet you (the clients). They are certainly no experts in finding you a love connection, and they largely don't care, and are just biding time to get you through the contract and off of their list - completing their contractual obligation to you with the least work and effort possible.
    It is a horrid organization, and horrid system that does not do what it claims.
    They are certainly not a respected organization, and the lawsuits and complaints to the Better Business Bureau are staggering. But new people, uninformed, keep signing the money keeps pouring in, and they remain in business, doing the bare minimum to get people dates...often dates that do not anywhere near resemble what one has requested for a potential match.
    Do yourself a favour, stay far away from this organization, and warn others about it. You CAN find love for yourself, but there are free sites out there, and to tell you the truth EHarmony sounds alot better and more authentic than this money scamming set up.
    Also, you never know when you'll meet your love! It could be at a bus stop or grocery store!
    Best wishes, and stay away from The Allied Network Scam

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  • To
      10th of Nov, 2008

    This company as a dating service is one of the worst out there. I have heard so many complaints against them. And I went in personally and found them to be horrible.
    The CBC did an expose on them that was aired several times, but the company threatened a lawsuit & the piece was removed. The CBC! The nations most respected newsnetwork. This place is VERY shady.
    I went in to see, & the saleswoman Susan is an expert at pressure sales & lies. They will try to charge you thousands of dollars. What they claim to what they actually produce, is miles away

    They don't produce what they promise at all!!! Beware!
    Find love somewhere else

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  • Th
      13th of Apr, 2009

    The Allied network came recommended to me. I was told the fee was "a few hundred dollars". Susan showed up late from lunch. They left a stack of books with wedding photos etc. including photos of someone I know socially (never knew they met this way; a little embarrassing.) After extensive questioning, the fee table was presented - starting at $12, 500. We finally settled on a lot less "because I was late from lunch".

    Their suggestions, after 4 weeks...
    Fellow #1 lives in Orangeville. I live in Toronto. I don't have a car. He rejected me.
    Fellow #2 has been "separated, but for 2 years." We all know what "separated" means in this business.
    Fellow#3 was a real estate investor. Anyone who owns a house is a real estate investor, but there aren't too many Brad Lambs out there.
    Fellow#4 was a surgeon who likes skiing. Yay! Except that he monopolized 85 % of the conversation and only did the double diamond hills at Tremblant and Whistler, and I could too if I took lessons.
    Can someone tell me why a surgeon is skiing high-risk hills?
    Now they don't return my calls.
    And I thought something was wrong with me.

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  • Li
      23rd of Apr, 2009

    They got me too. I signed up after Susan told me she had several men in mind for me who fit my criteria "perfectly". I have been on two dates. One outside my race which was not my preference but they pressured me that I wasn't being "open" enough. Would have thought for $9, 500 I could have preferences. The first guy never called me until two weeks later, cancelled out on meeting me twice, opting to go to a strip club with co-workers. They he blew me off completely. These are the wonderful men who are costing me $1, 000 each to meet?
    I have since asked for a refund. They don't return my calls or emails. They are long past the six weeks they are allowed in between matches. They don't have anyone who fits my criteria, and they ignore it anyway trying to push people on you who they can't match. they attempt to downplay the fact that they can't give you what you want and then try to make it seem like deficiency of yours. If only I had read the article in McLeans and found these comments before being stupid enough to give that lying manipulator my money. Now it's going to be have to be a lawsuit to get my money back becasue they like to threaten everyone with their lawyers.
    If anyone is interested in getting together to discuss this matter further please contact me at [protected]

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  • Du
      2nd of Jul, 2009

    HA, here's the best one!

    I have a child from a previous relationship...they didn't tell the woman they introduced me to that I had a child!!!

    Sketchy all around, they got me for $8000. I am happily married now, what a waste.

    If a class action suit is started let me know!


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  • Pe
      27th of Aug, 2009

    I went thru a similar process but forget the organizations name, and this was back in 1995 or so. Their office was located near Yonge and York Mills I believe, near a subway stop in a small mall. Talked with a young lady, was given a form to fill, spent about an hour there etc. Then she laid on the costs, $1, 000+ at the time and this is 10 years ago. When I didn't want to pay or continue, the girl was very rude, telling me to go back to the bars and want ads etc. I was furious at how I was treated when I didn't want to comply, and told the rep that if wasn't a girl, I would have bopped her in the nose (not very adult of me but that's how angry they made me feel with lying first then treating me like dirt)!

    Sorry to hear some of you lost money and nice the hear these warnings but like most of you, I find it hard to meet another due to work, scheduling and the like and have seen these new adds, and just today got an annonymous letter in the mailbox at home, spewing the same BS about finding love etc but not saying how much that love will cost!

    Be well and be careful out there,


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