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ALLCare / Work promised-not done/crooked dentures both pairs now

1 Mis, IN, United States

This office has had troubles holding enough dentists to cover it's "overbooking" - which causes consumers to have to wait for hours and hours. By the First Dentist, I was promised that he would fix me up where I had a small space between two bottom front teeth where one had to be extracted and it had since grown closer together enough to be repaired. That dentist left before his words were even written down, and the new dentist will not honor his words because they were only told to me and not written down by him - and I paid up front almost 3, 000$. Then for my first pair of upper dentures, they were VERY crooked - the main line in the center did not align with my nose, not even close at all; I spoke out about it, but nothing ever got done, I had thought it was because these were not my permanent dentures - and since I never had dentures before, I knew nothing about these services or what to expect; Well over a year later, I received my permanent dentures which were totally wrong - nobody ever told me they were going to choose a shape of tooth for me that was different than what I liked about the first pair of dentures even though they were crooked, I did like the shape of the teeth, this second pair, they decided was to be rounded teeth and I hated them, I complained and they had them re-done, when I got them back, they were better, however, I did notice that both of those pairs were not aligned, but I know that a different dentist took a great deal of time and measurements to make certain that those teeth were aligned properly; so the shape of the teeth were right, but not aligned with the center of my nose, and everyone in my family noticed this time around; I also noticed right off that there were a few places that you could actually see clearly right through the dentures (they were not colored the opague pink as all the rest of the piece), and since this new dentist was quite argumentative about the alignment with me, she made me feel as though I was the one that was crazy, now, just one month into these permanent dentures, unlike the ones that were not permanent, these have began to wear away into sharp holes that catch onto my tongue and cause me pain; and I am in fear that where they other see clear areas are those will also wear away into holes as well, and then these people will expect me to come up with money for a whole brand new denture. Of course, I do not look forward to discussing this with this newer dentist that is argumentative now either; she is quite intimidating, and I am afraid that I have simply taken way far more than I have had to take from ALLCARE; the problem is this with me: I AM EXTREMELY AGAINST ALL RACIAL PREDJUDICE, --SHE IS BLACK AND I AM WHITE, AND I FEAR SHE WILL BLAME THE RACE CARD IF I GO OFF ON HER ABOUT ALL OF THIS - WHICH I DON'T WISH TO DO, BUT I NEED SOME ADVICE HERE; I simply cannot afford to loose any further money over these dentures, and have to also wear them crooked, have holes in them, as well as the fact that she does not want to fix the tooth that the other dentist promised me he would fix - and that tooth was at least on the list to have filled, he said he would also give it some kind of look to fill in the gap too. This dentist refused to fill this one tooth while she filled 3 very small fillings right next to it because she said it wasn't on the list, but the manager looked it up and said it was on the list to be filled so it just so happens that this dentice is very rough in giving those terrible needles, then she blames me for jumping in my seat when it is her that is rough. I wish I did not already pay for her to have this done, I have a thought of having them do something different for me elsewhere, because I am having nightmares about dealing with that shot because she wouldn't do that tooth at the same time with the others. Will somebodty please give some advice somewhere

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