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ALLCare / Bad Service

1 Fargo, ND, United States

I seen the AllCare TV ad and told my mother that she could get her New upper dentures @ senior citzen discount, make payments and have her dentures in 7-10days. ALL WAS A LIE.
She is 77 years old and traveled by herself 365 miles to go to AllCare. At here first appointment Oct 1, 2009 the dentist was very polite and informative. Then she & I meet with the Manager "Ffloyd Marshall, Ffoyd told us that she would come back tomorrow have a mold taken and she would see a wax impression of how her teeth would look, then when she came back down to Fargo on Oct 23, 2009 she would get her new dentures. and she needed topay for her new dentures in full NOW. (she was not given or offered the payment option.)the next day Oct 2, 2009 she arrived and found out that she would NOT receive her dentures until Nov 23, 2009. Mom said "That is not what Ffloyd said yesterday" so ffloyd came into the room and said in a very disrepectful manner "Are you telling me THAT YOU EXPECTED TO GET YOUR TEETH IN TWO WEEKS?" Mom said "that is what you said yesterday." of course he said "I did not say that" mom said "yes you did, my daughter was in the room with me and she heard it too, but she is at her doctor's appointment and could not be here today." Ffloyd said "You dentures will be here the week of Thanksgiving, NOT BEFORE"
The month of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April were heavy and icy with snow. she was not able to come down in Nov and get her new dentures. She was able to get down here again in May. She tried on her new dentures (that she was promised that they would fit and she WOULD NOT NEED DENTURE CREAM OR ANYTHING TO HOLD THEM IN) The dentures did not fit, but they told her to wear them over the week-end and come back on Tuesday if she still had a problem with them. Mom had to put in her broken/glued old dentures, she could not tolerate the new dentures. She came back on Tuesday and the dentist filed and did some sanding, and told mom "Try this now and if you still have a problem, make an appointment and we will see what we can do." so she left them in and they made the roof of her mouth sore and she came back on Thursday, the dentist did some more filing and said "Try this, I can't do anymore filing or they will not will not fit right. and they will take some time to get used to them."
Mom traveled 365 miles back home, she came back down in October 2010 and went back to Allcare and told them "It has been 5 months now, and when I yawn, eat even a slice of bread they come loose or want to turn." The dentist looked at them and said "You just have to get used to them, there is nothing more we can do for you, you can submit a request for a refund, and you MIGHT receive up to $200.00 back, so you can go to a different dentist and get new dentures there.
A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. DO NOT GO TO ALLCARE. IF YOU DO, BE PREPARED TO GET LIED TOO, AND TAKEN FOR A RIDE. My mom and I were lied to from day one and treated with DISREPECT from the manager FFLOYD MARSHALL in Fargo, ND

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