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Allanza at the Lakes / Dishonest business

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

This apartment management company tells lies to everyone. When I signed my lease agreement I was told I would spend about $40 in utilities which paid water, sewer, and trash. In reality it is close to $70. When they make an error the attempt to charge you $10 through the utility management company and $60 through the apartment management company. I complained about my water heater leaking and the toilets not flushing correctly. No action was taken. However, my water heater leaked and flooded my apartment. It ruined my furniture. I was told to live in the damp situation until Monday. Someone eventually came over, however told me they needed to fix a valve. That has not been done to this day. I have called numerous times to get resolution for the furiture being damaged. My neighbors apartment flooded due to the toilets backing up. Apparently the tree's roots outside pushed the pipes. They put dryers in the apartment to dry the carpet out. Then told him to go back and continue living. They did not clean the carpets. He has 2, 1 year old babies that would crawl on the carpet. My car has been hit in the parking lot. My parking spot has been blocked by maintenance carts numerous times. I have NEVER received a call back. Please do not rent from this company. It is a nightmare.

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  • Ju
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    It has been my experience that maintenance dod not do work orders in a time I liked is because they do not have permission to enter when not there. Once permission was granted my issued were resolved.

  • Gg
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    The management staff at Allanza are crooks...I looked at an apartment and considered moving in, so I gave them two cashier's checks - one for the application fee and one (refundable) to hold the apartment. While I waited for them to call me about whether or not my application was approved, I found a condo to move into...I called and called Allanza to speak with either Brenda or Lilly to tell them to release the hold on the apartment, but nobody ever answered the phone and I had to leave voicemails...they claimed that I never contacted them to inform them I would not be moving into their property and refused to return my refundable deposit...they are dishonest...I confronted Brenda about it and she reported that management documents all contacts but denied that they ever received my messages...DO NOT TRUST ALLANZA MANAGEMENT!!

  • Un
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    The above posters are all correct. I have been at Allanza for 4 years now. We have only stayed because it is the ONLY apartment complex zoned for all of the schools for our children and I don’t really want to move until i am buying a house anyways. Tired of apartment living. This is the worst one yet though. I have never had issues anywhere that i have had here.

    The utilities are a joke. We are in a 3 BR and the utilities were $62 when we first moved in (fixed amount and added to our monthly rent). 2 months later they transferred to Conservice (another joke) utility management company and the bills have gotten as high as $150 in a month. What is the apt mgt company for??? You are definitely charged for mistakes and errors on their ends. You pay for everyone in the complex's water usage. In a 4 BR house with 8 people my water bill was never over $50 a month. We watch our water payments literally flood the streets. There are sprinkler heads broken everywhere. We have more fountains than the Bellagio. I think they are trying to make the sidewalks grow at the residents' expense. Also, there were forests growing here for a while because the landscapers would not come back until they got paid.

    I have had my living room flooded from the water heater, a bedroom flooded from a sprinkler/fountain outside spraying through the unsealed windows, and it rained in my hallway for 3 yrs from the A/C unit leaking. The sinks consistently leak. I placed a work order a month ago and still have not come to fix it. I have no hot water in my master bathroom now because i turned the valve off to stop the flow to the leak. The bathroom ceiling leaks when the upstairs neighbors take a shower.

    All the good maintenance guys were either laid off or left the complex when the new mgt company took over (we have had at least 3 in the last 3 yrs now - i have lost count). There are only about 2 left who know what they are doing and they are overworked since there are 900+ units and 3 maintenance guys for the whole place.

    There is never anyone in the office when you need to submit a work order. If there is someone there - they write your request on a post-it note and then (surprise) they don’t show it in the system as ever having been submitted. No one takes responsibility in the office. you call or go in, know the name of the person you spoke to, and still they look at you like you are stupid and just walked in off the street looking for a handout.

    Don’t let them fool you with their promises of sparkling pools and spas either. Every summer the pools get shut down and padlocked for one reason or another. This year - it took almost two months for them to open them at the beginning of the season. They blamed it on the health district needing to inspect the new drains. In August we had the black lagoon and its fellow swamps (I have pictures of all 5 swamps and lagoons, the leaks, and the forests if you want to see). Called the pool guys - found out the bill wasn't getting paid. The signs all came down real fast after that so nobody else could call the pool guys and get the truth. We had padlocked and closed pools yet again. IT IS HOT IN VEGAS IN THE SUMMER!!! We pay for those pool amenities but only get to use for 1/3 of the summer?????

    They can’t pay the pool guys or landscape crews, yet if your rent is not paid on the 1st - you get a notice on the 2nd on your door and in your mail (even though you have a 3 day grace period) demanding payment or you will get eviction notices.

    GATED COMMUNITY?? Joke!! The gates never work. There is one that has been open for the last 6 months and that was after it was "repaired" after a previous three month opening.

    Parking – you are lucky if your assigned spot is within a 10 minute jog from your front door. Nobody respects the fact that it is YOUR spot either. Everyone parks in the first open covered spot they see just to stay out of the sun.

    Don’t refer your friends / let alone your enemies. They give you the runaround to get your "referral bonus". They don't tell anyone up front you have to fill out multiple documents to get that "bonus". I would be ashamed if I sold out my friends for $$. They will no longer be your friend if you talk them into moving here.

  • Wa
      1st of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree with everyone! This place is horrible! I get harrased and thretened on a daily basis by my nabors ( I have a four month old btw) and management says they are going to resolve the issue by moving one of us and it wont be our choice who is moved. If they choose us we will fight it! Not only can we not afford it, but we have not done anything wrong! These peop;e are breaking the lease and the law! Don't move here unless you want to constantly be stressed and worried about your safety!

  • Pa
      24th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Allanza at the lakes is not the place to live I have lived here for almost three years and have had nothing but problems. The people in the office are rude, unprofessional, and they refuse to open their eyes to what goes on in the apartment complex (both A and B side). It is not safe to walk around the complex at night for the lights are always out, even the ones by the doors. When you call to have maintenance come and fix something that has broken they take three or four days sometimes a week to get over to fix it. Never once has anyone on the property prompt or helpful with any matter that has gone on in my apartment. The gates to the grounds seem to be “broken” all too often that it seems pointless to even have gates at all. The walls are thin so if your neighbor smokes in their house you can smell it in your home as well. My apartment was broken into and when I called to have them come change the locks they told me that it is not their responsibility and that I needed to pay a $75 fee if I wanted my lock changed, when everyone knows that they don’t even buy a new lock they just switch locks with another apartment. There are drug dealers everywhere, and when you complain to the office about suspicious activity they just brush it off.

  • Gr
      25th of Oct, 2012
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    This place is terrible! I should have never rented an apartment here! We have shooting in the night. There is garbage all over the place in the morning with dirty diapers on the sidewalk. The gate is always broken and there is no security at night. There are drug deals going on and people will break into your car at night. I can't believe that this apartment complex is in the Lakes! It is supposed to be a nice area of Las Vegas!!!

  • Gh
      23rd of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I recently moved out of this ghetto, and I want to tell the nice people out there: STAY AWAY FROM THIS DUMP - Believe me, it's a big scam what you see in their ad! Its a Section 8 complex (government-paid rent for poor people) full of baggy pant thugs looking at you badly, drugs, trash, noise all the time, smashed cars and frequent break-ins, three months ago there were two shootings, that's why I decided to move. This is the cesspit of West L Vegas... I cant believe how I ended up there. Every month they reminded you pathetically "No loud music is tolerated" while one spic guy of the maintenance with a gray SUV was constantly pounding his car stereo so loudly my wall pictures were shaking, every day... boy what an ###! And I'm told he keeps doing it... nobody tells him nothing, because the office people are a bunch of careless idiots, the most lazy and unprofessional management you may find on this part of L V, they leave the gates broken for months, and they don't give a s**t about the tenants problems. Thanks God I'm out of that hell hole now. Do yourself a favor and spend your rent money more safely elsewhere, especially if you have children.

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