All Skin / Skin Glow"free trial" skin cream cost me $790.11 cad

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Responded to an ad on Dec 2/16, when logging into Costco website, pop-up, led to believe was associated with Costco. Offered a "free trial" of skin cream, for simply paying shipping and handling. One month later, I discover my credit card has been charged a total of $790.11. 4 separate charges for S/H, and 4 for products full priced in USD. Initial 4 charges for shipping on Dec 2, 2016, and following charges for product on Dec 16/16, 2 separate charges totaling 387.35, for All Skin/ Skin Glow. Called the phone number associated with the charge, after I reacted to the product with a rash anyway, told my account would be canceled, NOT SO. On Jan 15/17, 2 further charges appeared for a total of 387.35 for products I'm told are in transit already shipped. Called the number again, told they "do not accept returns", but that my account will be cancelled. Refused to give me a refund, or let me speak with anyone else. Had the audacity to call me back and offer me 1/2 price if I continue to receive the product monthly??? Working with my credit card company to track down the scammers and make others aware. BEWARE ALL SKIN / SKIN GLOW ads, true robbery!

Jan 21, 2017

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  • Ra
      Feb 03, 2017

    Good afternoon Ma'am,

    We are terribly sorry that you had a negative experience with these products. Please kindly send your complaints to [protected] so that we may address these concerns and provide a solution. Thank you for your time and, again, we apologize for the negative experience.

    Randy Lahey

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  • Mi
      Apr 28, 2017

    I ordered free trial only once and keep sending again and again for lots of coast.
    What kind of business you doing that.
    I couldnt find contact no or customer service.

    I will nerver foget and need refund money .!!!

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  • An
      Apr 28, 2017

    I tried like three different brands and they're all scams and just charge your credit card when they say they don't. I'm not ordering online anymore. If my brand is not at Macy's then I don't want it LOL

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