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Beware ordering on On June 27, 2015 I ordered a sink. The next day I realized I ordered the wrong one. I immediately called Customer Service on Sunday, June 28th when I realized my mistake and asked them to please cancel the order. I was told they can take orders on the weekend, but can't cancel them. I was instructed to call back Monday, which I did, and was told the order never went through - so don't worry. I was not satisfied with this answer, and went online to the chat feature. Sure enough, they found the order and said the sink was not on the truck yet, and they would 'try' to retrieve it. They agreed to wave the re-stocking fee, but said I had to pay return shipping if they couldn't stop it. OK, I goofed, but can't cancel? However, when I received the sink on July 6th it was not even what I mistakenly ordered. The sink I ordered (and was pictured online - KTM32 ) had 4 holes, for faucet and dishwasher vent. The one I received had a single hole for the faucet. I called today, July 6th, for Return Authorization at their expense and was told I should have looked at the specs on their website (which I did - no mention of alternate faucet holes - which other sites clearly flagged) AS WELL AS the manufacturers site before ordering (which I didn't since it never occurred to me that the manufacturer could switch products at their discretion). As it stands eFaucets is sending an RA and instructions to return this order at my expense for shipping. They also re-informed me today that they would 'waive' the 35% restocking fee instead of splitting it with me. This is after already telling me they would fully waive it on Monday, the 29th of June. Trina at eFaucets confirmed they had communication with me on all of the above dates. I am most unhappy with their policies all the way down the line. Please be careful if dealing with this vendor.

Jul 6, 2015

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