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All My Sons Moving and Storage / quote one price than charge a higher price once showed up and also allowed employee to call and offer their personal services without my permission

1 9550 W. Wingfoot Rd 77014, Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (713) 895-9027

I called all my sons moving and storage on February 23 I told the person on the phone that I had a few things to move and if they can do it on one hour, I would hire them. I had another company with a 2 hour minimum, but I believe the items inside the apartment include 3 wire standing rack, 2 piece desk, a printer, 1 box, 1 table, 1 ottoman, a two draw filing cabinet, and 2 wooden chairs can be moved in less than one hour. I told him that the other company was charging $85 an hour with a two hour minimum, plus $30 trip charge.

He told me that his charges were $84 per hour with a $84 trip charge. I told him that it would be fine, but he should make sure that it does not go over 1 hour. Once he assured me I would be moved within the hour, I called and cancel the other company and schedule the move with all my sons. When the drivers showed up one said it would take at least two hours, because each item must be wrapped. I asked if there was any way they could put the items in the truck and just cover them, he said no.

Realizing I was dealing an unethical moving company, I asked the movers to leave. One of the movers then said to me, if I wait until they take the truck back, they can move my stuff within one hour for $200. He said all I have to do is rent a U-Haul. I said, "Your boss just told me that there was no way these items could be moved within one, how is it possible that you are telling me now that you can do it if I pay you $200. I told them no. About an hour or so later, my phone rang and it was the movers again. They said they were off work and would take me to rent a U-haul and move the stuff for $160. I ask how they got my number.

He said from the office. I told him that I would hire a professional moving company to do the move. I call the company to complain about giving my personal information to their workers, and was insulted by the sons before the father came on and identified himself as the owner. I ask what right his company had to pass my personal information to their workers. The father was just as rude. He told me that the workers may have got my number from the phone book. when I told him that my number was not listed that just made him more upset, at which time I told him I was going to notify the better business bureau.

He begged me not to do it, but I told him that if his workers can call customers at will, what's to stop them from just showing up at customers homes. When I told him I would go a head with my complaint, he said "we're done here" and he hung up on me. After all was said and done, I did call another moving company, who showed up when they said they would. They wrapped every single item, even a few pieces that I did not want, packed them onto the truck before unpacking them into the new location all under one hour. All my sons I believe is a rip off company that quote one price on the phone just to get your business and not only charge you a higher price once they get there, but give your personal information to their employees to call customers at will. And last but not least, this company has absolutely on idea what customer service is.

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  • Jo
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    All My Sons Moving and Storage - Incomplete Delivery /refusal to return paper work
    All My Sons Moving and Storage
    15827 Guild Court
    United States
    Phone: 561-233-7900

    Pressured to sign and complete paper work before job was even started .
    Workers tried to run out the door ; not even saying delivery complete( it wasn't).
    I didn't have my sofa ($3600) and three glass tops to tables ($ 250); the workers were rude demanding I sign the papers that everything was ok and I could add a note of the missing items.
    I said I won't sign anything and I want back the signed slip for the charge of the "completed " delivery. The worker and angrily refused to give me my charge slip and jumped in his truck and speed away.
    When I called the office ; I was reprimanded and told I had to pay full delivery charges and that all the paper work was their property . I could fill out a claim form and when the furniture is found I'll be notified .
    I have never been so poorly treated ;I felt "mugged" .

  • Gu
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    hey smart guy, you have to sign paperwork/contract prior to move. if you don't then it is theft of property. the paperwork would technically be the property of the movers however this is why their are carbon copies. movers give you a copy of all paperwork. yes you are required to pay the bill in full. do you only pay for the appetizer portion of the meal? ###. instead of feeling mugged you should feel stupid.

  • Pi
      27th of Sep, 2010
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    I'd love to hear the movers input on this alongside the complainers story. I understand this woman wanted to set a 1 hour time limit to save money, but if that require the moving company to move her items without proper wrapping, then the moving company was right to refuse her. If they don't wrap items and something is damaged, the moving company is liable. Any reputable moving company would refuse her request to move items unprotected. In the end she found a moving company that obviously caved to her time limit requirement and desire for an unsafe move (not wrapping items), but that doesn't make them "professional", nor the original company unethical ... quite the opposite, I think the original company should be applauded for not caving to her request for an unsafe move.

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