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[Resolved] All Brite Kitchen Frank Lamark - Cabinets



Complaint Rating:  91 % with 11 votes
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Contact information:
All Brite Kitchen - Frank LaMark
367 Georgetown Square, wood dale IL
Wood Dale, Illinois
United States
Phone: 630-361-6670
Here I am back again on August 26th with no cabinets. It's been 2 years. Frank Lamark is a liar and a thief he continues to steal from the community. The Con-Artist is using RTA-Cabinets and Cabinets Direct to continue to steal from people. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS Thief!!! The location All Brite Kitchen 367 Georgetown Square, Wood Dale, IL looks closed and the phone is disconnected if you have outstanding cabinets or refunds you will not get it. This man continues to open new companies with different names to steal from innocent people.
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A  8th of Feb, 2015 by     Best Advice +6 Votes
Have to agree with JohnyGio, I call, and call and call...leave multiple emails and get zero response. The occasion I did get a response, it has been a lie. I have been told my refund is in the mail for 2 months now. When will I get it. When will everyone else with complaints are all over the internet get resolution?
Enough is enough
N  8th of Feb, 2015 by    -3 Votes
I'm now a repeat customer from shoprtacabinets,

This new kitchen I spent $8692.89 with them and you're not going to beat their quality for the price. Bottom line. I was hesitant, too, but the cabinets look fantastic. Solid Maple - EXACTLY like the photos of the finish.

They assemble easily. I will say that a couple (this is out of 20+ cabinets mind you) of the cam lock hardware pieces were bent, and one was broken. They were easy enough to manipulate, and don't affect the structure - just a quick countersink and a screw. So, further, I got the full-extension, soft close drawer glides.

This part of my first order wasn't included in the shipment (again, sizable order we're talking). Once I got a message to claims, called me back next morning and the brackets were on the way along with some free touch up stain.

Think I covered most aspects of how they do business.
N  8th of Feb, 2015 by    +5 Votes
DarcieM596, maybe you can put a call or email in for me. If it was so easy for you to get communication and response, maybe you can help me out. I have never ever dealt with a company as horrible as this one. Hard to believe one person can have such a good experience and the other dozen of us, that I have personally spoken with, can't get any positive response.
D  12th of Feb, 2015 by    -2 Votes
Customer: Silvia Selan

This customer has been refunded in full. Originally customer accidentally provided the wrong address for us to send a refund check to them. It was subsequently returned to us. We have then re-issued a check to them via Fedex which they have since received.
Thank you for your cooperation Silvia!
A  3rd of Mar, 2015 by    +4 Votes
I made an order on 11/6/2014. It has been 5 months and I have neither cabinets nor a refund. The last communication I had from the company was on January 7th and they said my order would ship next week. I have not received anything. I requested a refund and got no response. If you call the number 1-888-340-2227 you get a recorded message saying to email customer service. Customer service never responds. Also, the ticket submission system (another way to try and get support) has also been disabled. A legitimate company does not behave this way. If you look carefully at the positive reviews on the site, they are all form people who have made an order but not yet received product. We all know the company is great at taking orders and money. It is the fulfillment where it fails.
N  4th of Mar, 2015 by    +5 Votes
Frank, I see in your post that I do not have sufficient information to update my status for my refund. PLEASE tell me what you need to know to take care of this. I have about 45 emails with your "customer service" department regarding my refund including 3 that say you are going to process my refund and send it out next week, the first one was in July 2014. I ordered on March 14th 2014, my order number is 200000131, I really think I have been very patient and respectful and I wish you would please get this resolved. I sent my address and phone number again so feel free to call. We had been trying to refinish our kitchen before opening our house for fostering kids because I didn't want to have such a big project going on to save added stress on the kids, thanks for messing that one up for me.
A  17th of Apr, 2015 by    +3 Votes
WOW. Looks like I am not alone. I placed an order for $2, 354.00 in June 2014 and never received my order. I tried getting a hold of shoprtacabinets.com, but got a very vague response. I even went as far as to create a fake account to try and reach the company. It worked for a short time, once they found out it was me they deleted all my accounts and will not respond to my repeated emails. I cant believe how easy it is for Frank to take peoples money, and not deliver the goods, and then not even give the money back.
N  13th of May, 2015 by    -1 Votes
UPDATE...I would like to let everyone know that I received my full refund ($2500) yesterday in the mail. I ordered my cabinets March 2014 and was offered a refund July 2014. After lots of emails, some answered some ignored, my file with this company is finally closed.
N  20th of May, 2015 by    +4 Votes
Shoprtacabinets is a scam. Frank Lamark is no man, or he would refund everyone and close his doors. After numerous lying emails, I received my refund check Saturday. It bounced...and he wants to send another check...lol. Nope, I want a cashiers check overnighted. My only other alternative would be to have my guys go up there and get the cashiers check from him in person. I hate waiting, and hate waiting on douchebags even more. My $3275.62 will be back in my hands soon. I have open cases with my attorney general and the attorney general of IL. I also opened a case with the State Police. Short of just showing up, which is coming real soon, I have done about everything else. How can one little rodent have so many enemies, yet no one has trapped him? Does he hide in his house all day and sneak out at night? From what I am reading, the law is coming down on him soon, along with people like us...
N  20th of May, 2015 by    +4 Votes
Bugdout...wait til the check bounces, like mine.

N  21st of May, 2015 by    +4 Votes
My name is Tammy and my order is #600000113I. ordered cabinets and did not receive them. Have been emailing and calling everyday for my refund. was told on april 30th that a check would be received within 7 business days. It is May 21st and still no check. I have emailed frank and maria and world craft cabinetry and still no response. How does this man sleep at nite doing this to people and taking their hard earned money! How does he keep getting away with this.
D  20th of Nov, 2016 by    -2 Votes

Management Update


24th of Aug, 2010 by rodr - Customer Name is Ruth Rodriguez - This customer recieved all there cabinets as well as compensation for their inconvenance and pacience.

28th of Jul, 2011 by Looking to find! - After furthur review we have no record of any order placed by joe@mastercraftremodeling.com. The website mastercraftremodeling.com is also not active. We would need furthur information to solve this complaint.

19th of Apr, 2012 by Scammed by Frank Lamark - This fake post was made by Scott Ohnmeiss who is the owner of the people ferret website he listed. Scott Ohnmeiss makes his money as an affiliate marketeter making up fake complaints like this one and driving traffic to his website in hopes of making money on you if you click one of his affiliate links. If you would like to learn more about what an "affiliate marketer" does or hom he makes his money you can visit http://www.ipage.com/affiliate/ftc-disclosure.bml

7th of Jun, 2012 by MasterCraft Kitchen & Bath - Is a duplicate complaint from 28th of Jul, 2011 by Looking to find! - We have reason to believe this is also a fake review since we do not have any record of this customer placing an order with us.

13th of Nov, 2014 by Patryycja - Customer Name Patrycja Missiuro - Customer was refunded in full on 12-1-14 Proof of a refund is made public here: http://www.shoprtacabinets.com/pdf/Missiuro-Patrycja.pdf

23rd of Dec, 2014 by bdennison81 - Customer Name is Brandy Dennison - Customer was refunded n full on 1-5-15. Proof of refund is made public here: www.shoprtacabinets.com/pdf/bd.pdf

15th of Jan, 2015 by bugdout - Customer name unknown. But if you look at the thread this customer has acknowledged they received a refund on July 2014. Here it there statement: UPDATE...I would like to let everyone know that I received my full refund ($2500) yesterday in the mail. I ordered my cabinets March 2014 and was offered a refund July 2014. After lots of emails, some answered some ignored, my file with this company is finally closed.

19th of Jan, 2015 by silvia Selan - Customer name is Silvia Selan. This customer has been refunded in full. Proof if refund made: Refunded on 2-10-15 Fedex 807535174250

22nd of Jan, 2015 by Steve Williams1 - Customer name is Steve Williams. This customer has been refunded in full. Proof of refund to the public here: http://shoprtacabinets.com/pdf/330.pdf

6th of Feb, 2015 by JohnnyGio - Customer Name is Silvia Selan. This customer has been refunded in full. Proof of refund to the public here: Refunded on 2-10-15 Fedex 807535174250

8th of Feb, 2015 by fdaddabb - Customer Name is Frank Daddabbo. This customer has been refunded in full. Proof of refund to the public here:Refunded Fedex # 780239532012

20th of May, 2015 by Done waiting...time for action - Customer Name Michael Anderson. This customer has been refunded in full. Proof of refund to the public here: http://www.shoprtacabinets.com/pdf/380.pdf

Shop RTA would like to acknowledge these customers complaints have been setttled in full.

We take customer service very seriously and will work to great lenths to correct any issue that comes up.

If for some reason we have dropped the ball in customer service we would like to sincerally appologize to any customer who was inconvenanced.

Thank you!


Management Update

N  22nd of Nov, 2016 by    +1 Votes
Located this about Frank Lamark online, it makes me wonder.


CHICAGO - Illinois claims a Franklin Park businessman keeps taking money for cabinets he doesn't deliver, then changes his company name to duck complaints; click headline to see defendants in Cook County Court.
Here are the defendants: Click Marketing Inc.; In Stock Cabinets Inc.; Shop RTA Cabinets Inc.; World Class Commerce Inc.; Frank Lamark Jr., individually and as president of Click Marketing Inc., In Stock Cabinets Inc., Shop RTA Cabinets Inc. and World Class Commerce Inc.
N  28th of Nov, 2016 by    +1 Votes
this is Bugdout again and my refund check locked up my bank account for 8 days and the check was no good. I have still been trying to get a refund or cabinets and they stopped answering my emails again 3 months ago. I have filed a claim with the Illinois Attorney Generals office to try the legal system for my refund.
N  1st of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
Has any one ever been able to track down this slimeball frank lamark? I was ripped off as well. I would love to have an address for him so I can have a face to face meeting with him. Any help is appreciated

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