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[Resolved] All Brite Kitchen Frank Lamark - Cabinets / Theft

1 367 Georgetown Square, wood dale ILWood Dale, IL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 630-361-6670

Here I am back again on August 26th with no cabinets. It's been 2 years. Frank Lamark is a liar and a thief he continues to steal from the community. The Con-Artist is using RTA-Cabinets and Cabinets Direct to continue to steal from people. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS Thie[censored] The location All Brite Kitchen 367 Georgetown Square, Wood Dale, IL looks closed and the phone is disconnected if you have outstanding cabinets or refunds you will not get it. This man continues to open new companies with different names to steal from innocent people.

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  • Lo
      28th of Jul, 2011
    +5 Votes

    Yea...we are in the process of getting ripped off by him as well...We have about $5000 in cabinetry that we ordered from him and he no longer answers the phone... Any info how we can "find" him would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at

  • Sc
      19th of Apr, 2012
    +5 Votes

    Hi Joe, there's more information in my profile about what I went through. There's also a page online I found where research was done for someone else in the same boat as us:

    There's his contact information there, however not sure how new. He's apparently running his operation out of a UPS Store drop box and some sort of automated 1-800 # answering service, of course he never actually picks up the 1-800 phone, it's just a voice mail system.

    Let me know if you ever got anything back from the guy, so far nothing for us... no RTA cabinets and no money!

  • Fl
      24th of Apr, 2012
    -5 Votes

    This post has come to my attention recently and I would like to address it personally. This review is completely untrue. If any customer has any issues with any company I own, employee of mine, or any dispute at all, please email me personally at and I will address it immediately! The customers in these reviews have received refunds and or products. If you would like documentation to prove this please email me and I will gladly provide to you. Sincerely FL

  • Ma
      7th of Jun, 2012
    +4 Votes

    I am amazed that you would dispute this Frank. You are a crook who has ripped people off for years. People like you usually run and hide after stealing from others. You are being investigated by the Illinois Attorney General for fraud but I'm the one who is stating untruths? Here are a few links about this thief but all you have to do is google his name and you will find plenty of evidence of what I have stated.
    BBB link:

    P.S. We did get our money back but not from him. After trying to get our money back from him and listening to months of lies we had to make a police report and submit it to our credit card company and eventually were refunded the money through them. He did nothing to resolve the issue. A word to the wise-keep away from this man and any business he is involved in.

  • Pa
      13th of Nov, 2014
    +5 Votes

    I want to add to this thread, I have been scammed by Frank Lamark and who just stole $3324.63 from my bank account. I am going to keep posting this until he refunds me money.

  • Bd
      23rd of Dec, 2014
    +4 Votes

    Another scammed customer of, placed order for 2677.01 on 8/23/14 and never received cabinets or refund. Anyone that has been scammed I would be interested in talking to, my email address is I'm pursuing legal action against Frank Lamark.

  • Sh
      24th of Dec, 2014
    -2 Votes

    Customer 13th of Nov, 2014 by Patryycja was refunded according to our terms and conditions on the website. Here is the refunded check cashed by the customer

    We take customer relations very seriously. If a customer cancels an order we will process refunds according to our terms and conditions posted on our website

    If anyone in the future is inquiring about a refund please email us at

  • Bd
      3rd of Jan, 2015
    +4 Votes

    I have yet to hear a response back from my emails sent regarding my refund from or or even support tickets left at If you take customer relations very seriously, someone should contact me back regarding my refund of 2677.01 from my 8.23.14 order. The one I've been told since 12/8/14 that it was on its way.

  • Sh
      5th of Jan, 2015
    -4 Votes

    Customer bdennison81 has also been refunded. Proof of refund was attached.

  • Bd
      9th of Jan, 2015
    +5 Votes

    I will be happy to update this board as soon as I recieve the refund mentioned above. As of yesterday's mail, January 8, 2015. I have not recieved a check. The above copy attached is a bill pay printout from the online banking service of Citibank. The bill pay service through a bank cuts a cashiers check and mails it out for their customer. The processing time for this is normally 1-2 days and the mailing time would normally be first class and take approx 5 business days. Unless the business had NSF funds when the bank went to process the payment, then the bank would not send out the bill payment requested and the customer would have to start all over after the account is brought in the postive. The person getting the refund would never know and still assume that a check is on it's way. I know all this because I've worked in banking for the past 15 years and very familiar with this process as all banks operate their bill pay service similiarly. Frank, I will once again give you the benefit of the doubt and anxiously check my mail today. Will keep this board posted on any updates.

  • Bu
      15th of Jan, 2015
    +5 Votes

    I have been trying to get my $2500 back from this company since July 2014. I have been told 3 times that my refund was going to be processed and I would receive it in 10 business days. We ordered the cabinets in March 2014 so we could redo our kitchen before taking in foster children in our area. When we got close to the 5 weeks I was told my cabinets would be shipped we tore the old kitchen out to make the layout changes before the cabinets came in. We are still waiting for the refund so we can get our house opened by the state. There are 142 foster children in the system in our area and 65 are in groupe homes because there are not enough foster families...Thank you Frank!

  • Si
      19th of Jan, 2015
    +4 Votes

    Ok, I'm tryting to get incontact with Frank LaMark...

    please send my refund.

    i placed an order on october 1st and now its Jan 19, i sent numerous emails and left a million voicemails and no one responds. i have politely asked to please send my Refund and no one tells me the status. only in the beginning they said my order would be shipped the "next week" over 3 times. i had an account online and they have deleted it. i made an order for cabinets for my kitchen and two bathrooms. They charged the check and took the money from my bank but i still dont have my cabinets. And reviews on their website are way different than the negative reviews on BBB and anywhere you google. All i want is my refund., ive been without a kitchen and bathroom for over 5 months and they ruined my thanksgiving, my daughters birthday party plans and christmas, and new years. I have a 4year old and a 2 year old and its impossible to be without a kitchen or bathrroms. please email me back or call me.

  • St
      22nd of Jan, 2015
    +4 Votes

    I am in the same boat. 11+ weeks after order was placed. Finally got a response that said it would ship on week of 1/12. Nothing. Then claimed 1/19. 1/19 ended up being MLK day so they claimed that to be the reason they didn't ship. Then said they will ship on 1/21. Again nothing. I have been asking for a refund now with no response. Order #200000330, $2, 608.07

  • Sh
      2nd of Feb, 2015
    -4 Votes

    Hi, this is Frank (the person being "reported").

    I see the person who wrote the report goes by the name of "RODR" and lists Wood dale as a residence.

    After searching our database, I see we have only one customer in Wood Dale with the first name "RODR.

    According to our customer support records, this person has been successfully received their order in full over 8 years ago.

    More importantly, I'd like to extend a sincere apology to the customer who posted this report for any and all inconvenience.

    If someone will contact me with more details, I'll better be able to get to the bottom of where the ball was dropped in our customer service funnel. It would help improve customer service overall and I'd really appreciate it!

    As for the other people on this report the following is to update:

    bdennison81 refund was cashed

    silvia Selan: customer provided us the incorrect address to send their refund so it was returned to us. We have re-issued.

    Patryycja: Was refunded also in full and was cashed

    bugdout: not sufficient info to provide an update

    Steve Williams1: Just canceled their order last week and its our policy to issue refunds within 7 business days.

    If anyone would like proof these customers where refunded in full we would be glad to provide it to them.

    If anyone else has any other questions please dont hesitate to call us at 1-888-340-2227. Thank you in advance for your pacience since we do deal with hundreds of customers a day and we do our best to get to everyone as soon as possible.


  • Si
      5th of Feb, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Hi Frank,
    I would like to see proof of my refund...
    I'm still waiting for the refund... I sent you the correct address back on January 2nd. Which I don't know why you don't have the correct one in the system when I had sent you a "change of address" back in October 2014. How does it take over a month to send a refund... Actually the refund was issued back in mid December... I've been dealing with this headache and haven't had a kitchen or bathroom vanities for 1/2 a year already! You need to give a sincere apology to the other people on this report :( I've tried calling the number you posted but no one ever answers and left multiple voicemails and no returned calls. So basically that number doesn't work. I need you to send the refund via FEDEX already so I can have a tracking number.

  • Ma
      6th of Feb, 2015
    -4 Votes

    I have bought from 3 times now and have had nothing but fast.efficient, and actually very friendly service. I am a contractor who uses them from time to time (and I always recommend them to anyone looking at new cabinets/bathroom vanities) throughout the year(s) and never have had a problem. Even when I received a damaged cabinet one time out of the 100+ individual cabinets I've ordered from them over the years; they sent me a UPS label ( free of charge ... ) in the mail and all I had to do was slap it on my damaged cabinet and send it back; I got my new cabinet within days of sending my return back to them.

  • Ho
      6th of Feb, 2015
    -4 Votes

    We are Melisa and Gaswhin writing to share our experience in design and order placement with Shop RTA Cabinets
    Since January 12th Kara has been assisting us with our design and cabinet selection and she has been really amazing. She listened to what we wanted, and although my drawing ability is limited she created a design that was clean and just perfect for our space and for us.
    She has spent the last week working late into the nights helping us, answering a million questions, clarifying and explaining over and again all of the things we are trying to understand about this process.
    She is obviously great at what she does. Her ability to work with us and her patience as decisions were made and then changed is what kept our business with the RTA store.
    There are many places to buy cabinets for many prices and in many designs. We bought our cabinets from Kara because of how she was so dedicated to us, as if we were the only customer (we know we weren’t).
    We have many upscale rental properties and will be back soon to ask for Kara’s help. If the cabinets are as great as Kara I think we have made one of our best decisions in going with them

  • Bi
      6th of Feb, 2015
    -4 Votes

    This is now the 4th kitchen I have designed using since I first used RTA and became familiar with the product 3 years ago when long time clients were building a waterfront home in Virginia which had gone WAY over budget. I learned to make the cabinets work in the challenging design, and the result has been just beautiful, as well as functional. Despite working within a restricted budget, the quality of the kitchen in the million dollar home is totally "up to snuff" with any custom built cabinet. I know that our finished kitchen will be fabulous as well!
    To be honest, I did go to Lowes & Home Depot for a price on their lowest price semi custom line of cabinetry to use as a comparison, but my mind was already made up on RTA. The Lowes cabinetry was just a standard Shaker design, and nowhere near as complicated design with details plus did not include any cabinetry in the walk in pantry, pricing out at nearly $33, 000 (and a "kitchen specialist" who stated that I would never do it for less). The RTA cabinetry, predominately in painted/glazed linen, with extensive details and every option, plus the island and pantry in Shaker Honey, came to a total of about $15, 600 for a far more exciting, high end looking deign; granted, we have to have our carpenter put them together, so that might add about a thousand dollars to the cost, but the savings allowed us to get the appliances and granite of our dreams!

  • Jo
      6th of Feb, 2015
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  • Da
      7th of Feb, 2015
    -4 Votes

    I found out about while searching Craigslist for kitchen cabinets. I ordered samples of the cabinet doors that I was considering and was very impressed with the quality of the doors. Then I ordered just the wall cabinets, as I would prefer to do my kitchen in two parts. The cabinets arrived quickly and the assembly was as simple as it could be. I put four cabinets together in thirty to forty minutes. The cabinets are a very good quality and I am pleased with the product. I will be ordering the base cabinets after the first of the year.

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