Air-Tight Windows / Lack of professionalism, refusal to honor an agreement

I had a contract with Air-Tight to install 29 replacement windows and a door in the home I'm purchasing. I'm financing through FHA, so Air-Tight had to submit the necessary paperwork to get FHA approval. They did so without any problems. About a week before closing, my mortgage broker called me to apologize because he had misplaced one of the documents that Air-Tight had faxed...their business license. When we contacted Air-Tight to ask them to re-fax the license, the owner became very agitated, talking about "government paperwork, " and refused to resend the document. I explained to him what a bind this put me in...the financing/approval process would have to start all over and my closing could be delayed for a month or more. I even offered to pay him an extra $100 for his time to fax the doc, but the owner said that it "wasn't the money, it was the principle." He told me that it was my fault for choosing to work with an agency like the FHA. When I protested that FHA was probably the most commonly use home mortgage outlet in the country, he hung up on me. I think this is incredibly unprofessional and would not recommend this company to anyone.

I can;t comment on the quality of their work, because they didn't give to find out. But, I would be really hesitant to work with anyone that showed this level of instability. All he needed to do was fax his license and he turned down almost $12k in work because he doesn't like the government...something strange going on there.

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