AfniZombie Debt

Buying "zombie" and "false" debt from AT&T, MCI, and AT&T Mobility! We also need to file complaints with the companies that are selling our information! Accordiing the the FBI's definition of money laundering, these cases would seem to apply, here, because most of the monies they are collecting are NOT going to the original companies to begin with! Check it out on the FBI's website! Also I've reported the companies that have sold our information to the Attorney General's Office, Georgia State Consumer Protection Agency, The Governor of Georgia, and to Peter King, director of Homeland Security. Who knows who and where OUR information is being sold to! This is real scary! I've also e-mailed Nancy Polski, Speaker of the House, demanding that something be done about this! I would highly suggest we all take similar action! It may help change things to help secure our personal information! Good Luck everyone, our country is going where, and what's with the handbasket?
Macon, GA

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