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This breeder is constantly posting wait lists for several different dog breeds, taking hold deposits and then not honoring them. I asked her what my remaining balance was after my two hundred hold deposit was placed for a husky and she refused to deduct it. I was told it would be subtracted from the total cost when I placed it, otherwise I wouldn't have done that. So instead of having to pay $800, she quoted me $1000!!! Thank goodness paypal still had a record of my transaction and I also threatened a dispute, so she didn't get away with it. I asked some other puppy buyers of hers if this had happened to them as well. 3 out of 5 of them sent me her messages, ALL of them were being denied of their hold deposits too. If your wanting an honest breeder, steer clear of this one!

AFC Siberian Huskies

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    She blocked us on Facebook, would either let her cell phone go to voicemail or would have her husband send us threatening emails.

Jun 4, 2015
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  • Sh
      10th of Jun, 2015

    I bought a German Shepherd pup from her and she tried to say my girlfriend never left a deposit. Why's she still breeding, no body turned her in to the cops?

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  • Hu
      18th of Jan, 2016

    statement is not even close to being true!! no puppies from afc are even $800. and deposits are not $200. so there are 2 lies right there. also, afc would never ever refuse to subtract a deposit from the total price. more than likely, you put a deposit on a pup and tried to back out around time of pick up and tried to get your deposit back. deposits are no refundable with any breeder! please view their contract on their website, says right under the contract page DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE!!! there is no breeder that will refund your deposit if you decide to back out. usually deposits are transferrable but never refundable, with most breeders!! I bought 3 pups from them and have never had an issue. they are the only breeders I trust and the only breeders I would ever buy from! great people!!!

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  • Ha
      12th of Feb, 2016

    To the above commenter... They are the only breeders you trust? Lmao, wow, apparently you don't hold much expectation in a breeder. Amanda was cited by the state of PA for housing canines in unsanitary conditions... more specifically feces, unclean water and dogs housed upon dirt which is against the AKC breeder code of ethics. She is also actively breeding a sire who has cataracts then flat out lying about it to obtain hold deposits. Mind you. . She is selling those pups to breeders! She is also breeding emaciated dams and overbreeding every dam. She is breeding numerous breeds of canines. She requires spay/neuter by 6 months of age... that alone tells you she has no business breeding!

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  • Gr
      29th of Feb, 2016

    She is a horrible person to begin with. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY INITIAL DEPOSIT TO HER. She will NEVER return your money for any reason. You will need to dispute with PAYPAL as a fraud transaction. She has been indicated by court for countless of times. She will always make up a story to justify herself. NEVER EVER LISTEN TO THIS WOMAN OR BUY ANY PUPPIES FROM HER. She operated her business as PUPPY MILL.

    BEAVER SPRINGS — For a second time this year, a Beaver Springs woman has been cited for operating an illegal dog kennel.

    Amanda J. Henry, 33, of Ridge Road, was charged by the state Department of Agriculture following a May 22 visit by four dog wardens armed with a search warrant.

    Dog warden Chris Seiple said in court documents that Henry pleaded guilty Jan. 2 to operating a dog kennel without a license and four months later, when he and three other dog wardens visited her home again, they found 34 dogs on the premises.

    He alleges that more than 50 dogs had been a part of the kennel, known as AFC Kennel Siberian Huskies and AFC Siberian Huskies, during the year since her guilty plea and had been sold or transferred, despite Henry’s failure to obtain a kennel licence, court records said.

    Three of the dogs ages 3 months or older did not have a current or valid license and the wardens found an accumulation of feces, bowls of unclean water and large holes in the ground where the animals were kept.

    Henry is scheduled to appear at an Oct. 1 preliminary hearing before District Judge Lori R. Hackenberg on charges of third-degree misdemeanor operating a kennel without a license; three summary charges of failing to obtain a dog license and a summary charge of failing to keep a sanitary kennel.

    Henry, who could not be reached for comment Wednesday, faces a fine of between $500 and $1, 000 and-or up to one year in jail if convicted of the misdemeanor charge.

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