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horrible service...the first tech came out on March 27th to check the problem. He ordered parts and said they would come by UPS...finally got the parts and set up a day for him to come back. Then my husband had a medical emergency resulting in two appointments reassigned, finally we had an appointment for 4/10 in the afternoon. FINALLY at 5:30om the tech calls and says if we received the transmission...I said what transmission...there wasn't an order for one. The tech said, he wasn't going to bother coming out because we didn't have all the parts. I promptly told him that it's their fault and they need to do something. I called the 800# to complain but they couldn't help me.
On Monday, my husband, who is home on sick leave, got a call and was told the techs would be there again between 8-12. They came and used the parts that were there and said, they needed to order the transmission. The tech also said they would be back on Thursday (today) or if we prefer Saturday and to just call the 800# We did and found out again we were lied to. We can't get them out until Monday the 19th in the afternoon. My husband is extremely frustrated. If it weren't for the fact that he is on medical sick leave, one of us would be losing wages simply because of the wait time. That's three days of waiting. We have dirty clothes piling up because it will be three weeks since the initial call. We attempted to contact Sears home office but couldn't. OH and that reminds me...the first call to the original 800# on my contract which is in TEXAS, the guy scheduled me for whatever time it was and then when I called back because the number of the repair service didn't sit right with me, , , , I found out that the guy didn't listen to the address I gave him and thought I was someone in Texas. THAT WAS THE FIRST MISTAKE YOUR CALL CENTER MADE.
We have all the parts and now JUST SIT AND WAIT! Sent a complaint to home office...
We figured it would have been easier to buy a new washer and have it delivered and installed rather then to deal with this repair service.

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      11th of Oct, 2010
    A&E Repair - Pathetic Service
    A&E Repair
    United States
    Phone: 800-905-9505

    ( To start I have way more disappointment with A&E customer support then I do with the techs that installed the broken tub while being watched and timed by a QC lady. I would never use this service again since they feel no need to correct problems they make.)

    Called for service because our front-load washing machine was making noises and is under warranty.

    A&E shows up a week later and said they needed to order a new Half tub & new basket to replace bearings.

    Parts showed up at my house 3 days later.

    Called A&E to let them know parts are here and they made us wait almost another week to send the guys out to repair the washer.

    Day after the techs leave we turn on the washer to find out the thing is dumping water all over the floor.
    Called A&E again and was told it was just a loose connection they would send a tech out next week to look at it.

    I pulled off the front cover to see if it was a loose connection just to find ground wires hanging they never hooked back up and the side of the NEW half tub they put in had a chunk missing along with big cracks. (No pieces in the washer so it was broke when they installed it).

    Called A&E again and told them what the problem was and the lady got very rude and said it was not the techs problem if the parts were broke out of the box. (He installed them & this is no small piece or crack).

    They set up another day for 1 week later after I requested a different tech they sent out the same guy again. He looked at the washer said I'll order more parts and left again.

    Next day we get parts I called A&E again and was told they would send someone out in a week to repair the washer. I then asked the lady why it was that A&E's repair people took my washing machine from making a little noise to not working at all and it's taking them weeks to fix it?

    Without missing a beat she asked if there was any other appliances I would like them to repair when they came back to fix the washing machine they put broken parts in. I told her I would never use there service again.

    I have also called Maytag about this and was told once I purchased the machine it was not Maytags problem but the warranty service providers problem. (Spent $1000.00 for a washer that's always broke)

    The lady at Maytag told me they make a very good product and when I pointed out the 1, 000's of complaints on the Internet I was told "that's just people opinions and has nothing to do with the quality of Maytag".

    All I can say is think twice before you ever buy Maytag or use A&E repair. The customer service at both places is just simple pathetic and it makes no since that A&E can install parts that even the customer can see is broken and they don't feel the need to get the issue resolved with-out taking 2 more weeks to do so.

    Larry B
    Pigeon Forge, TN

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      11th of Oct, 2010

    Would like to point out that one of the original tech's came back today and installed the new parts by himself faster then it was done with two of them the last time. I pointed out to the tech that I had noticed the wires that didn't get hooked back up the first time and the fact that only one of the three screws that held on the front cover had been replaced after the first install.

    The tech took care of re-attaching the wires and replaced all the screws that were left out the first time.

    I am satisfied that this time he got the machine working and put back together the correct way.

    I still will not use A&E again because of the poor customer service you get from them when dealing with problems. When our machine first got screwed up at their hands it should have been top priority for them to get the problem resolved not leave us hanging for two more weeks

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      28th of Nov, 2011
    A&E Repair - UNprofessional, UNreliable
    A&E Repair
    United States
    Phone: 18009559505

    Service call scheduled on 11-26-11 between 8-12pm for 11-28-11, reminder call eve of 11-27, confirmation call 11-28.
    At 12:15 pm inquired to techs whereabouts "he'll be there at 2:30" at 3:20 I called again re. techs whereabouts,
    "oh, apparently the tech called in sick" Asked if anyone tried to call me, "yes, at 2:30 someone called but it was busy" [censored], havent spoken to anyone ALL day, I have call waiting, voice mail AND a cell phone. Best part is that when I did speak to a manager she tells me a person did speak to me at 2:30 to let me know no one was coming. My response "Really, when did we reschedule?" ...and thats when I lost it! Unprofesional, unreliable and quite unbelievable. Manager told me a Supervisor would call me between 4-4:30, It's 4:45...

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