Adorable Petz - Joe & Sylvia LozanoSelling multiple puppies with fatal viruses

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I got a malti-poo puppy from Adorable Petz in San Antonio Texas on Monday October 13th. My fiancé (now husband) picked her up from the breeder's house and brought her home to me in Austin, she was absolutely adorable, the perfect addition to our little family.

On Wednesday the 15th, she was having some diarrhea and wasn’t eating much, I thought it was probably just change of food and surroundings that might have made her a little sick to her tummy, but just to be sure we took her to the vet for a check up.

When we got to the vet he wanted to test her for Parvovirus, so of course we let him, and unfortunately it came back positive. He said if we wanted to try and save her life we needed to get her on an IV with supportive care immediately and we said lets do it!

Our vet assured us that she came from the breeder with the parvovirus because of the incubation time of parvo, we have a letter from our vet to prove this, along with our vet bills. When we called Joe & Sylvia Lozano to ask them what they were going to do about this they told us to bring the puppy back and they would treat her and/or give us a “replacement”.

First of all, Parvo is an incredibly contagious virus that is in your home and/or anywhere an infected puppy has been for about a year. This would mean that a “replacement” puppy would have it as well. Second of all, we weren’t going to take her off the IV’’s and treatment we had already started to drive 2 hours and start it over! Third of all, we had fallen in love with our sweet little Paislee girl and we didn’t want a “replacement” puppy.

So we went through with the treatment and even with only a 50% chance of survival she actually did it! She survived parvovirus! We picked her up from the vet on the Monday the 20th, and we didn’t even care that we had gotten a sick puppy, we were just so thankful she was alive!

So she slept at home with us Monday night and Tuesday morning she came to work with me, if she wasn’t at the vet she was with me. About the middle of the morning she started becoming very wobbly & shaky, she could hardly even walk on her own. I called the vet and he said bring her in immediately, so I did.

When we got to the vet hospital and saw the vet he said it is probably one of two things, either she was going have a very long recovery time since she was so small or she may have the distemper virus. Our vet said to just watch her closely and give her all the support we can, so we did.

After another week or so with multiple trips to the vet, she was diagnosed with distemper, she had all of the symptoms. Which there again, she had when we got her because of the incubation time. The vet said she had about a 5% chance at that point and we said if she is not suffering than were willing to give her supportive care forever.

Paislee finally passed lying in my arms on the evening of Monday November 3rd and we buried her the very next day. My husband and I were married on November 15th, what was suppose to be the happiest time in our life ended up being one of the hardest times in our life.

Since the passing of our baby I have been in touch with Joe & Sylvia Lozano to let them know what happened to her and they refuse to give us a refund, they said we should have brought her back when they asked us to.

I have posted my story, along with my contact information on multiple different websites and I have gotten many responses from people that too bought puppies from Adorable Petz and have somewhat of the same story as me. I have all of their contact information.

Adorable Petz is selling sick puppies with fatal viruses and diseases that are way too young to leave their mother. Not only are these sweet, innocent puppies suffering and dying but the poor people are suffering that are bringing a new family member into their home only to find out they are sick and probably going to die.

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  • Kr
      Feb 05, 2009

    Unfortuantly, regartless of what has happend to this puppy is not exactly true for all costumers of Adorable Petz. This story is very touching and my regards to the couple above. I bought a puppy from Joe and Sylvia Lozano July of 2008 and am happy with Princess till this day. She is a Malti-poo and a very energetic one at that. My puppy was never sick and is healthy as can be. If I haden't read this comment I would have thought twice of buying a puppie Joe. I love Princess and Im glad I have her with me now.
    Katy, Texas

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  • Kr
      Feb 05, 2009

    Tricky subject, guess you cant jugde a book by it's cover in both cases

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  • Ma
      Mar 17, 2009

    I also bought a maltipoo puppy from adorablepetz in November 2008. She was very sick when I picked her up at the airport & she died in my vets office less than 24 hours after I recieved her. The vet said she had severe neumonia & had to have it for more than 24 hours before she was shipped. That means she was sick before they sent her to me. We also found out that the health certificate they used to ship her was for a different dog because it was for an apricot puppy weighing 2 lbs & the puppy we recieved was apricot & white & she barely weighed 1 lb. The shot record that they gave us also proved the health certificate was not for our puppy because it showed the puppy being 7 1/2 weeks old at the time of shipping which means the puppy was not even old enough to ship. I have also found out that about 25 other people who bought puppies from adorablepetz before Christmas had problems with their puppies being sick & died within a few days too.
    Blairsville, Ga.

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  • Th
      Mar 23, 2009

    I too have been scammed! I had purchased a miniature poodle form Joe Lozano last year and was very healthy then he was stolen I had purchased him for my wife and kids, he was agreat puppie till he was stolen 2 months later I called Joe Lozano from adorable pets and purchased 2 german rottwielers from him. For one he made me wait about 2 and a half weeks when he said that he would be there that same weekend he had mentioned that some guy who turned to be "his father in law" had car problems well I let that go by when he called to let me know that the dogs were here my wife went to pick them up turns out that they have all the puppies with each other in a 2*1 fooot cage thre are about 12 puppies and you now what ### THAT MOTHER ###ER HES GONNA GET A PEICE OF MY MIND AND I HOPE YOUR READING THIS YOU FAT ### HOPE YOU READ IT ALL .

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  • He
      Apr 05, 2009

    I have to say that reading this complaint is like tellingyou my own story. We purchased a maltipoo from Joe and Sylvia back in February and we also fell in love with our little guy. After one week, he also experienced the same symptoms that were consistent with the distemper virus. We had Diego for two weeks before he passed away. It was a very traumatic experience for my four children, my husband and myself. We too were in the vet's office constantly and spending a lot of money in efforts to save his life. It wasn't until Diego started having seizures, that I finally realized that our baby wasn't going to make it. We were already in the animal hospital preparing to put him down when Diego died in my arms. Of course, Joe offered to "replace" him, but we weren't ready for that. I asked how could we be sure that another puppy wouldn't be infected, he said that he had a shot he could give the puppy and the puppy's reaction would determine wether or not it had distemper. Now I am not a doctor and I don't claim to be one, but if that was all it took then wouldn't they all be tested so easily. Needless to say, our experience with Joe and Sylvia was not pleasant. Now we are out a significant amount of money, a pet, and a desire to trust anyone that has pets for adoption. Unfortunatley, AdorablePetz is still in business and they continue to disillusion good people that want to take in and love these animals as part of their family. I hope that all the money they have robbed all of their unsuspecting customers was worth it. I am sure that their dishonest practices and the unprofessional way they choose to run their business is just what they want their own children to see and live up to.

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  • Ma
      Apr 09, 2009

    I also bought a puppy from adorablepetz & it died of neumonia in less than 18 hours from when I recieved her. You can read my story by typing in adorablepetz (no space between the words).

    In December I bought another Maltipoo puppy from a breeder in Nebraska named Peggy Sherman. The puppy was shipped to me in 24 degree weather & arrived perfectly healthy. He is now 6 months old & weighs 2 pounds. He has never had any problems. My vet said he is super healthy & came from a great breeder so now I am buying another puppy from Mrs. Sherman. If you feel ready to buy another puppy you should call Mrs. Sherman at [protected]. She gives a 2 year heath guarantee on all her puppies. Her puppies are raised in the house & under feet, (Not in cages outside like adorablepetz).

    Mary Spry
    Blairsville, Ga.

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  • Di
      Jan 04, 2017

    @Mary First of all I am so sorry abd heartbroken for all of you and those poor puppies...those breeders need to be shut down! I too purchased a maltipoo puppy from Peggy Sherman. He was flown to NY from Nebraska in Feb in a snow storm! He was perfectly healthy and had the sweetest most love able temperament. He is now 1 and a half and we are so in love with him. I highly recommend Peggy Sherman for anyone looking to purchase a puppy!

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  • Lm
      Jan 08, 2019

    @Mary Hi, I got a multpoo from Peggy too. He died recently from Lymphoma but had a number of health issues through the years. Did you ever visit where she keeps her dogs? I looked her up after I learned of puppy mills and found a link that on eBay that showed something since taken down regarding horrid breeding practices and/or where/how the dogs are kept? She has some dogs registered with AKC, but am wondering if anyone actually picked up the dog, seen her practice and dog environment ? Are the dogs kept with the mom... etc. I really hope she is a good one. [protected]

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  • Li
      May 02, 2019

    @LMB9 Just wondered if you ever heard back from anyone who's ever been to Peggy's place?

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  • Ma
      Apr 20, 2009



    Do not buy from!!! It is also Joe Lozano & Sylvia Guerra from! They use a different name, Phone number & email, but if you call the phone number it is Joe Lozano's voice on the voicemail message.

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  • Do
      Apr 24, 2009

    I to was a victim of Joe and Sylvia Lozano. Basically, it is similar to all of your stories. I purchased two puppies. One ended up not even being a ‘poodle’ it is a ‘mutt’. The other one died of parvo. After vet visits, a lot of money gone and several calls and emails, they did the same thing to me. Ignored me, told me that I was a liar, told me that the vets were liars, told me that my friends were liars, told me that it wasn’t their problem and refused any responsibility. Report them to the city of San Antonio animal cruelty division and the BBB. I know one person that was actively involved in a lawsuit with them, and the city of SA had obtained a warrant and confiscated all of their puppies at one time. I haven’t kept up with their case but at that time all of the puppies that were confiscated died of parvo. But it doesn’t matter what the police say, or what the vets say. Joe and Sylvia are never wrong (according to them). I would never, never, never recommend these people. What goes around comes around and I know that when justice finally comes there will be dozens if not hundreds of people shouting, Hurrah.!!!

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  • Da
      Jun 04, 2009

    joe you are nothing but a little wimp who has to use big words and dirty langauge to make himself feel bigger than he actually is.. You are one sick individual who breeds sick puppies and hopes by selling them for lower prices than his competitors that people will overlook the fact. Well seems we are ALL tired of your crap joe and sylvia, why dont you and your girlfriend/wife/whore lover pack your bags and move back to Mexico where you came from. GET a real job job where you actually have to make a HONEST living. Do you think you can do that? i doubt it. Also joe your threats i would love to see you in real life you little inbreed punk. I would so pulverize you for these threatning comments. Also hope you noticed never capitlized yours or syliva's name because neither of your names are worth the hassle nor the importance. Hope you change your sick lives.. you are sick people

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  • No
      Jul 05, 2009

    Wow. I didn't realize I wasn't the only one being scammed. I love the way that Joe responded to the complaints about his "business". The man can't even go a sentence without using vulgar language, extremely class guy.

    I went and picked up my puppy Sept 08 and not even a week later, my puppy too was diagnosed with Parvo. I should've thought twice when I saw all the dogs locked up together in the living room. I just felt so sorry for all of those puppies in such terrible living conditions in a very unsanitary home.

    Sylvia wrote on my contract that she would give me a full refund in 30 business days. When that time came around they ignored all phone calls and emails. They conveniently responded to an email that I had made up as a fake in order to get their address. I have yet to receive my money. I'd like another puppy, but after finding this site and reading about all the others that have very similar stories, I'd rather take my business elsewhere.

    Thanks Sylvia and Joe for taking my money, being untrustworthy people, and for setting great examples for your children.

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  • Ho
      Jul 05, 2009

    CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT HOW JOE WAS ON HOUSE ARREST WHEN I WENT TO PICK UP MY PUPPY FROM THEM?! Such a classy, classy guy. Their house was disgusting... his girlfriend/wife/sister had kids running around everywhere and puppies crowded in tiny cages in the living room- so sad, SO gross. On top of all that Joe was walking around with an ankle bracelet on and could only go as far as his front door. These people need to go back to Mexico and stop ripping people off. I hope your kids don't follow your lead, and that they realize what horrible people you are.

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  • Ab
      Jul 20, 2009

    I purchased a maltipoo from Joe in October and she's doing great. The vet did say that he thought she was too young to be away from her mother, not to mention she didn't have teeth yet! As a purchaser from Joe, it's partially our fault for the continuati0n of the sale. If, for some reason, you didn't like the conditions that the puppies are in, you were in no way obligated to further purchase the puppy. While it is very sad that many puppies have died, I am here to say that there are survivors.

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  • Ka
      Aug 02, 2009

    Wow i almost bought a pup from there THANKS!...sorry about your pup!

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  • Kc
      Sep 02, 2009

    Can't something be done by the police or somebody to stop them. We too bought two adorable maltipoo from Joe and they both died from Parvo about a week after we got them. After I called him and he said he would replace them when I would call back he would never answer the phone. My daughters were so upset about their puppies. This is really sad that any human being would continue to do this.

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  • Ju
      Nov 24, 2009

    I am so sorry about all the puppies that were sick. We purchased a Maltipoo from Joe in October. When we arrived to pick her up the puppies were in wire cages but the cages were clean and all the puppies looked well taken care of. Sylvia encouraged us to take our puppy to the vet within a week to have her checked out which we did and our puppy checked out fine. She is a healthy, energetic, wonderful dog that we love dearly and have had alot of fun with. I am sad to hear about the bad experiences that have happened, but felt it only fair to say that not all dealings with Joe and Sylvia turn out badly.

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  • Sa
      Dec 23, 2009

    I ACCIDENTALLY bought a cute little malti-poo in April 2008 when I saw them on the side of the road one day way over on the Far North side of town. I had little Princess for one week when she died from Parvo and God knows what other diseases. I too tried to get my $450 back from them, but was told I should have given her back to them so they could "fix" her. WHAT THE HELL?? you can't MAGICALLY cure a puppy that has PARVO! They think they are vets or something??? I was totally devastated. She was a surprise for my daughter but good thing I didn't introduce them yet. I was waiting for the weekend to show her to my 5 yr old daughter.

    I got her on Monday, took her for a check up on Wednesday, vet said she was good. Then on Thursday night I was up ALL night with her. She was vomiting, had diarrhea and was very lethargic. Friday morning I took her to the vet and spent the money on a test. Sure enough, PARVO. I went to their house, but sure enough, they were already moving out. It was the NASTIEST house I have ever seen! DIRTY, Smelly, FILTHY! I called the animal control dept on them because they had a large breed dog I saw in the back that was severely EMACIATED.

    By the way, you two SICK PEOPLE might want to get a dictionary to understand the words I use. What a serious group of APATHETIC, NON HUMAN, IGNORANT, UNCARING, PATHETIC, DEMENTED LOSERS THESE PEOPLE ARE!

    Animal Control already KNEW who I was referring to when I called to complain. He told me they have SEVERAL complaints against them. Boy, I wish I had known how DISGUSTING those people were before I fell in love with that puppy. They need to be given H1N1 and left to ROT in a tiny ### cage!!!
    See how you like that you stupid [censored]S! I don't have to resort to foul language to express my feelings. I have an education... something those 2 DAMAGED LOSERS never got!

    San Antonio

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