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1 OH, United States Review updated:

I got online this morning and found Adison High online diploma site. i went to it and filled out all the forms and did the test well as soon as i passed i got a phone call from a man named Dennis he was my councelor i guess but anway he told me i passed and i would be recieving a package with my diploma and everything in the mail for $299.00 i was excited and it all seemed too good to be true becuase the test was so simple and fast. well i told him i didnt have enough money on my card at this time to send it thank God because i found out its a SCAM!!! i called a local college and they told me it was not an accredited school and that they wouldnt honor the diploma from Adison because it wasnt even a real school. Its people trying to make a quick buck. Before i called the college i got online and typed in adison high school a scam and i found this complaint site. Ididnt know if i should believe the complaints or not untill i called the local college. Seriously I am a normal 19 ear old girl trying to get m diploma and really the last thing i needed was to waste 300 dollars. Thank God i didnt have money on my debit card. I reall am upset i almost lost 300 dollars like that for a fake peice of paper. I've just set up appts. with schools to get my diploma or GED in a local classroom. At leastnow i know im not a victim of fraud. I hope these people get delt with that is so horrible. DONT DO IT! If ou are still sceptuical dowhat i did at least save yourself i called a local school and got the facts.



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  • Le
      29th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    adison is what??? thats a good q? i was trying to get a state job and was told it was good no luck save your money and get your ged the state of maryland and virginia will NOT take it they say it a scam

  • Jo
      11th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dont go on the diploma.I was the first batch of kids to be put on it, Was the first year the diploma was run !.Its not properly organised they hardly told us anything E.G: - Didn't tell us that after a year we had to pick another course to do(1)/That if you fail one unit you fail it all(2)/That you have to do functional skills exam's(3).

    (1) - When I started the Diploma they did not explain to us that after one year of being on the Diploma you have to choose another course to go on one day a week so that leaves you with one day on what you originally desired !.

    (2) - Also a thing i was disgusted by once i found out was that if we fail one unit of work we FAIL! the Diploma all together.

    (3) - Didn't tell us that we have to undertake numerous Exams and do functional skills exams for core subject's ie- Maths, English, Science.

  • Mr
      25th of Feb, 2011
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    Try Liberty High School !!! WE ARE THE HIGH SCHOOL FOR ADULTS!!! Looks us up on the US department of education website. You can also find us at for our site. We have been around for over 25 years. You can also look us up with the better business bureau we have an A+ rating. If you have any questions about feel free to look us up because we are APPROVED through the Vermont state board of education. IF you have any questions email at to reach me I am a Senior Enrollment Advisor. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO LOOK US UP AND CHECK OUR CREDENTIALS WE ARE THE REAL THING. If you look on our site we have an alliances with popular colleges like Westwood College, Coyne Insititute etc... or you can call me directly on my line at 219-262-2324 ask for Mr. Ruiz.

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