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Acura / really bad services and scammed

1 9100 boulevard Taschereau, Brossard, Qu├ębec, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: (450) 659-1616

The Brossard acura dealer in the south shore, just south from MONTREAL city is horrible.

I brought my car to go change my tires and an oil change before winter comes. I specifically told them i'll be back for my car in a few hours because there were already 4-5 people ahead of me and the lady said it would take a while. After kept on calling them 4 times to see if my car was ready and being told they were too busy to answer, i decided to ask a friend to drive me back to the dealership to pick up my car. To my surprise, they didn't start it and told me that i left the car for the day and to be picked up tomorrow. I was like WTF was that?? I already told that lady that i would be back in 2 hours instead of mindlessly sitting there, and i also asked how long it would take. Does that really mean i would be back the next day??

2) SCAM~!!!
I spotted on the Roof of my Acura to have some bubbles popping out from the paint. I know that paint on cars takes longer for visible paint defects to be seen. Even though my 3 year warranty just ended 1 month ago. I brought it to the dealership, yet again Acura Brossard, and this guy served me, he was kinda old, white man (nationality unknown to me), with blond or brown hair and a lot of dimples on his face (i don't know if dimples is the correct term but i want to say is his face is not smooth or normal :P i'm a bit too harsh now). He i preferred speaking English as it is my first language, but he insisted on speaking to me in french cause he didn't know english or at least very poor english. Anways, i told him my issue and i said that its a paint defect. He came out with me to inspect my car. When he saw the bubbles, he told me that its not a defect. He told me that on the highway, a rock flew and hit it that caused a puncture and lead to the bubbles from the rain and sun. What pissed me off the most was he placed his pen in the hole and started to do mini circles in it. I was like WTF??~~!!

He referred me to ::::::::::::::::::

Collision CARSTAR Pro Expert
2753 Boul Matte
Brossard, Quebec, J4Y 2P4
Phone: [protected]

This place also inspected and told me that its not a defect and it would cost about 700$$$ to fix my roof. After that i brought it to 2 other places that my friend referred me to, one was a GM dealership, the other was another CARSTAR auto service. AND GUESS WHAT~!!?? they both said it was a paint defect and told me to bring it back to acura to fix it. So i brought it back to JeanTalon Luciani ACURA, where i originally brought it. They inspected it and did a more close check up since i told them and show them proof of the other 2 places i went. Then they finally acknowledge that it's a paint defect and repaired it for free.

What this means after all that typing is, ACURA Brossard is a rip off. I guess they have some kind of a deal with CARSTAR that was located close to them and they agreed to bring each other business by ripping off their customers.

What a major SCAM they are~!!! It's either that or they both have really bad workers that should be fired since they have really bad analytical skills. Stupid mistakes like that almost cost me 700$ and additional labor cost~!!!

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