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On May 24, 2011 I brought my 2002 Grand AM to the active green and ross location at 2115 sheppard ave east. I brought my car in for a simple 24.95 oil change. During the oil change, the guy at the desk comes back into the waiting room from the garage and tells me that my brakes appear to be seized. I told him immediately that there was NOTHING wrong with my brakes. My brakes were done about a year and a half earlier, both front and back, full calipers, rotors and pads. There was no rubbing, vibration, noise, reduced gas mileage or otherwise with my car in the last 3 months (I track my mileage every fill up and have basic mechanical knowledge to know the signs of brake wear). He was adamant there was an issue and told me to come look, he would show me what is wrong. We went into the shop and the mechanic and Manager are the front of my car which is up on the hoist. He tells me that my "tires are not spinning like they should when on the hoist" and that "it appears your brakes are partially seizing up". I again told them that there was nothing wrong with my brakes. He continued to press and asked me if he could do a brake inspection in front of me. I said sure and at this point he took off my tire. He then tried to tell me that my pads were worn down and that my rotor was "blue" and looked "extra worn". I looked him right in the eye and said that there was plenty of pad left (there was, I know what to look for as I changed the pads myself before) and the rotors looked fine. He was adamant and asked if he could do one more test to "prove it" to me. I said he could do the test. He then clamped the caliper head with a large pair of pliars. When he clamped the caliper in and then let go, the caliper was fine. However, the second squeezing he did, shot out fluid all over him. You should have seen his face at this point. He unintentionally broke the seal inside the calipers when he squeezed them in front of me!!! I then spent the next 30 minutes arguing with him (because he now said it wasnt safe to drive the car with that leak) over the repairs needed. He eventually agreed to repair the caliper and was NOT happy about it. I thought it was over. It was not. Fast forward to July 5th and I am driving home and my brakes FAIL on the highway!! I bring it into a different shop and they go through my brakes and tell me I have oil in my master cylinder which has damaged the seals in the entorie braking system of my car!!! The guy at aticve green and ross put oil, not brake fluid in my brake lines. ANY MECHANIC will tell you that if that happens, it is a disaster waiting to heppen as your brakes WILL FAIL, its just a matter of time!!! DO NOT GO TO THESE GUYS!! I have 3 other stories, 2 from that day and one from a few months earlier at this location that should have warned me not to go to them. They are either incompetent or they are trying to gouge people for repair work that is not necessary!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Pe
      Jul 07, 2011

    If you have a legimate complaint then I suggest you contact the Head Office so they can follow it up and investigate. You can contact them at 416-255-5581.

    Peter Steele
    General Manager
    Active Green + ross

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  • Sa
      Dec 22, 2012

    I know garages and mechanics have a reputation of being rip off artists, but this place is ridiculous. The owner named Art claimed he was giving me a deal compared to a dealership. He thought being charged $80 for a bulb change that I didn't ask for or authorize was a fair deal. I asked them to remove it and they did. While it was being pulled out, Art went on telling me how good they were at their job. After he put my old bulb back in, I checked the turn signal and it was just fine. No need to be replaced. I called him out for being a thief just as the mechanic closed my hood on his crow bar which he left on my motor. Then Art tells me that happened because I was watching him work and that I should have been waiting outside. Such stupidity and incompetence at work at this location. They took no responsibility for the unnecessary work, or the gross overcharge or the negligence in damaging my hood. THERE ARE LOTS OF GARAGES AROUND. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS.

    I spoke to another customer waiting in the front and he told me that the same guy (Art) took advantage of his wife because she didn't know what was wrong with her car. Changed her transmission fluid and coolant that also had no business being changed. This guy Art is a piece of work. He is exactly the reason why people don't trust mechanics.

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  • Ra
      Mar 07, 2013

    sachin your ### and lier thats why i kick you out -thank you art, i give a lot of free service and this way you thank me. and tobin with grand am you need to find job and buy car -thanks for stayin away from my shop

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