Ace LightersThey don't work!

M Review updated:

I purchased a 4 pack of Ace lighters. 3 of the 4 don't work out of the package. The one that works sometimes has given me a blister on my thumb trying to ignite it. What a total waste of money and poor quality control by Ace. Don't buy them. Buy a quality lighter.


  • B
      Aug 12, 2009

    At least yours didn't blow up like mine did!

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  • S
      Nov 03, 2009

    When they do work the flint and wheel wear out way b-4 the gas.

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  • A
      Jan 08, 2010

    I typically purchase ace lighters. Consistently, these lighters fail when the fluid level is near half full. I am not certain how many flicks that is, from level full to level half full.

    Clearly there is a problem in the flick mechanism after (X) number of flicks. Where's the quality control when this product is being manufactured. More specifically the wheel I am required to turn to receive a flame...freezes up and will not move. Again, this is not an isolated case, however it consistently happens as described.

    After experiencing this problem each time I purchase this lighter, now is the time to stop spending my money on this product, and ensure I share this when I .tweet so others know this is and issue. Has anyone received any feedback from the manufacturer?

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  • Q
      Apr 19, 2011

    I am sick and tired of Ace a script lighter. I willl never buy them again. I will always by Bic or get myself a lighter to refill. Right now I am using matches instead of these cheap lighters.

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  • M
      Jul 27, 2011

    if I need a dependable lighter I will buy a bic lighter, but because ace lighters are cheaper and come in 3 packs I buy them to use as flamethrowers because you can take the metal cover off them and twist the flame highth dial extra and the put the cover back on them to make a flamethrower. I agree that they suck as regular lighters because somtimes they have after burn and explode when you don't exspect it. I've had one explode while I was setting it down after I started a fire.

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  • N
      Aug 10, 2012

    When the top piece of metal comes off throw it away, two nights in a row my husband had them and one each night blew up out of no where, my guess is that after you light it the flame don't go all the way out and they exploded, well started to his and then caught on fire the first night and just a little while ago it started hissing and was still lit we had to put it out. Please DO NOT USE THESE LIGHTERS, they will burn your house down!!!


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  • D
      Jan 27, 2014

    they suck

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  • M
      Jul 01, 2014

    I just had an Ace Lighter to blow up in my hand. I went outside to smoke lit my cigarette and took the lighter away from my face and it blew up.

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  • R
      Dec 24, 2014

    I lit a candle with an Ace lighter that the flame cover fell off of. It barely had a flame and took several seconds to light the candle. I set the lighter down and took the lit candle into the room I would be sitting. Several hours later, I returned to the bedroom to find specks of soot on everything. I found a completely burnt area on my antique cedar hope chest where I had set down the lighter. There was a pile of ash and the metal bits of the lighter. It could have easily burned down my house on Christmas. I never considered that the lighter didn't go out when I released the lever and set it down. These are dangerous and need to stop being sold.

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