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I want to share my bad experience with Accor Advantage Plus.
Hopefully others will not be a victim like me.

It was started in a travel exhibition in Bangkok in 2008, where Accor group display their range of hotel.
I was interested with the offer of a membership of Accor group, they said that they'll give a compliment voucher to stay one night in any participating hotel in Accor groups Asia.
Thinking that Accor was a reputable hotel group, I bought the membership for THB 5, 500 (I don't remember the exact amount but it is around that number)

A few months passed, I almost forgot the voucher and the membership, but I found the voucher when I was reorganizing my working room.
I tried to book the hotel in Sofitel Centara Huahin, but got the answer that the hotel is fully booked until next 2 months. I was wondering, if a hotel could get such a good business, perhaps it was time for me to start investing in hotel business.
However, when I checked the hotel via an online hotel booking, it was apparent that the hotel still had plenty of vacant rooms (even I tried to pretend booking for a large group of visitors, surely I didn't finalize the booking because it will disrupt the hotel booking system)
I called the customer service for the card, and finally got explanation that the complimentary certificate was running based on certain allocation only, for the expensive hotel like Centara, (perhaps) they got only 1 room for every two weeks.
Well, it is not a hotel voucher (yes, they didn't write it as hotel voucher) but a gift, which you have to beg to get it.
Nevertheless, I canceled my vacation plan and sent a strong complain email.
Guess what? It took 1 week for them to answer? Can you imagine? They answered it after I sent the email for the third times.

After a few months, I forgot the case.
Today (15 August 2009), I find that the voucher will be expired by the end of this month (August 2009), so I try to book Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore.
Do I get it? As you can guess, NO.
The officer even suggests I plan my trip 2 months in advance. I ask him if he does the same, and he admits that he doesn't.
The hotel is fully booked and the only available time is not during weekend, hence surely I cannot use it.
I tell the officer that my voucher is almost expired and ask for exception; He suggest I extend my membership so that I can extend the voucher life time.
From this case, I understand that there is no room for negotiation, no tolerance for an urgent case.
Finally, the officer tells me to call the hotel directly to get the exception.
I try to call the hotel directly and get explanation that they do nothing with Advantage Plus except give allocation to some rooms to the company, if the rooms have run out, the hotel can do nothing.

Now, I hope that the reader of this testimonial will know that it is better to avoid the membership of Accor Advantage Plus unless you want to have similar experience like mine.

My membership number in that Accor Advantage Plus is [protected] 2

Actually I don't want to waste my time writing this case, but I think that I have the obligation to prevent other people to fall victim of that bad service.

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  • Ur
      Sep 05, 2009

    Fully agree with the complaint. The Advantage plus Card is a pure beggar card. Instead of as a good customer one is treated mostly like a beggar. One is delivered helplessly to the arbitrariness by Accor hotels and is delivered to the lazy Advantage plus office duo Mc Kenzie and Super Thai Kanchana in Bangkok. No support from this 2 Accor "executives" for the cheated and lied customers. This is the reason, why good staff leaf them ... and also the customers...

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  • Ba
      Dec 01, 2009

    False Promises by Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam Team

    1st case: I signed up for the Accor Advantage Plus card and have recommended 4 friends who have signed up as a result. These recommendations were done on the basis that my membership would be renewed for free for 1 year once 5 friends have signed up within 2 weeks of the recommendation (this restriction is already a big catch). On requesting the 1 additional free year membership with a 5th recommendation, this was denied. It was said that this was never promised, though I did confirm this after the 2nd recommendation. It is extremely unprofessional for Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam to make promises to get new customers at all costs, without committing to these promises.

    2nd case: a friend of my was offered to extend the membership in return getting the free night voucher from the first year extended, such that there are 2 nights available during the second year. On her request to book a hotel using these 2 vouchers, the Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam office called back saying that the free night can be extended. The phone call was made by another sales representative for no loss of face of the sales rep who made the promise. As a result of not being able to book the 2 nights, she decided not to extend her membership for a 2nd year, as the promise made in order to extend was not kept.

    The sales practices of the Accor Advantage Plus Vietnam team is extremely unprofessional, and dont be surprised that this will be in the legal courts soon. you better watch out what promises you make while making the sales calls. we are following.

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  • Ma
      Dec 12, 2009

    Well from the first place, nobody put a gun to your head to force you to buy the membership! if you have problem with any Accor advantage plus problem, lodge a complaint with the Accor advantage at the members website not ramble what u say on the web. To those who had a problem with it, just log on to it and send a email to them. for Mr Indra, Pls take note is that u bought it and basically forgotten all about it until u reorg your room. as a matter of fact if that place is fully booked, you can always go other place like bangkok, ching mai or even Bora bora

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  • Ri
      Feb 16, 2010

    I have had an Advantage plus membership for many years in September 2009 I received a phone call from Customer Service to say you have a free night that needs to be used and to ask for referrals, I was going to New Zealand I thought I would book in to the Mecure in Auckland for my free night.

    I logged into the Avantage plus memebr site it told me that I have a free night to use I booked it, arrived at the Hotel stayed there checked out in the morning and was told I did not have a free night, I disagreed with the receptionist, however I was told I was the lair and that I had to pay for the night, I paid so I could leave the hotel I had my 2 yr old grandson with me.

    I then received a phone call from my Saleperson at Advantage plus to renew my membership I told him what had happened, he asked the manager to phone me, he did not phone, I phoned him back, and chased him many times, I got a result to say that if I renew my membership they would reimburse my money. To get this I had to send a print screen of the free night that was still on my personal log in, I was told that I knew that I had used to many free nights, I am still told that it is my fault. I did not renew my membership because I felt it was a wrong, I should have got the refund regardless they are in the wrong.

    Well into the New Year I still had not got my refund one manger left the membership another arrived so it started all again. The new manager ... he did nothing.

    Another temp helped me out and asked the head of Customer Service to ring me from Sydney, he told me to renew my membership as he was doing me a favour and I should know how many free night that I have. He said it was my fault that this has happened I should have known that Advantage plus had made a mstake.

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  • Si
      Dec 22, 2010

    I just had an unsolicited hard sell phone call from these guys... I thought it was suspicious when they would not send me any of the information in writing. I am now inclined to never stay in an Accor place again just based on the attitude of the sales rep tp my rejection of the scheme.

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  • Kf
      Mar 12, 2011

    i was stupid enough to sign up with them when they called me up. when i realised that my free night was about to expire i booked it for a month after expiration (the only time i could take off). The system let me do it so i figured cool. When i arrived at the hotel i found out that my free night had expired. When i spoke to Accor's custom service they pretty much told me too bad, speak to our complaints department on monday.

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  • Ge
      Mar 29, 2011

    The Accor Advantage Plus is such a scam. I signed up in Australia. Everytime I wanted to use my free night (in Australia and China) I couldn't find a hotel with a free night room. The membership cost $300 AUD. I have now used my free night at the only hotel in Sydney that I could get to accept it (Airport Ibis) where you can book a room for less than $100 a night. So essentially I paid $300 for a $100 per night hotel room. All my family (5 memberships in total) are members of Accor Advantage Plus and can all report similar experiences. The member rates at hotels aren't even good. Often the hotels are advertising better rates and packages with breakfast for less than what you could get booking through Advantage Plus. After 9 months I still haven't booked a room at the Advantage Plus members rate because it's always possible to get a lower rate directly with the Hotel.

    Also when I joined they gave me the added 'Bonus' of a $50 Accor dinner voucher, out of the 3 hotels that I stayed at prior to it expiring none of them were participating hotels! I challenge anyone to find a list of participating hotels. Even the hotels themselves can't produce any information about participating hotels. 2 of the Hotels staff claimed they had never seen such a voucher presented to them.

    My parents who referred me were supposed to get a bottle of wine at their next check-in at an Accor Hotel, apparently that is only participating hotels as well because they have never actually been able to get the bottle of wine.

    I was just searching for accomodation in Melbourne and was able to book 2 nights over Easter at the Hilton (5 Star) for $30 less a night than the Advantage Plus rates at the Novotel on Collins Street (4 Star).

    As you might have realised already I won't be renewing my membership and my family and I are spreading the word that this is a total sham!

    I'll also use this opportunity to point out that the Novotel Forest Resort at Creswick is one of the worst Accor hotels that I have ever stayed in. The customer service is terrible. On checkin I had to wait 5 mins for the 16 year old receptionist to finish his what was clearly a personal phone call, that was after I had to park my car 200 metres away at the bottom of a hill because the 'valet parking' I had paid for was non existent. We had to attend a wedding at 4pm so arriving at the hotel at 2pm expected to be able to checkin to our rooms but were unable to until 3.30pm because cleaning was still in progress!! The hotel is very modern with a golf course and could be a really marvelous place to visit but it is severly let down by its Staff. The most senior member of staff that I seen is behind the bar in the restaurant and when I commented are you the only non-trainee in this hotel he just smiled!

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  • Ro
      May 02, 2011

    It's really a scam. They use the name of Accor to say that they have a promo, buy 5 cards and get the 6th free. But I don't need that much cards. So she'll say ahe will take care of the rest for as long as you allow her to charge to your card while she pays in cash. She gives a free meal like a pizza and pasta for that. But when you're convinced she's worth the trust that' also when you soon realize she's not paying you back for what she's charged to your card. These telemarketers! Report it to their office and sure they will arrange a meeting. But will tell youbit's a deal between you and the agent. Yeah! The agent whom I thought was professional enough to be an Accor employee. Claiming she's a regular employee who will not run away. Now Accor fires her - where do I get my payment Accor???? Your employee said it's your promo... frustrating. Accor could have at least made sure I wS paidbin full before firing her. Do they even recognize it's a wrong doing of their staff? No! They tell me to be careful with my card. That person was using your Accor office phone and fax and venue to transact with me! Now it has nothing to do with you? Pay me back my hard earned money!!! Grrrrrr...

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  • Am
      Jul 13, 2011

    I thought it was just my bad experience with Accor here in Fiji (things like that happen in Fiji) but find this is not the case. I have had so many bad dinning experiences with Accor (and as I don't travel a great deal this was my main purpose for purchasing the membership). Good food can be hard to find in Fiji and I thought that the 'French' might take s0me pride in what they serve up to their customers. NOT SO!! Bad dinning experiences are always disappointing because nobody goes to a restaurant to have an unpleasant experience. Being served bad food is one thing but being treated like ### for pointing out the fact take the complaint to an entirely different level. This happened so often that I stopped even trying to use my membership card. Just wasn't worth it. I agree the whole thing is a scam but surely it will come back to bite them. Lets hope so. Fiji member...ex member. Does anyone know of a complaints contact that will have impact?

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  • Ad
      Nov 06, 2011

    I believe that people on this bad complaints about Accor Advantage Plus actually need to listen to the phone call when they call you to sign up they say "book your free night in anyone of our 4 or 5 star hotels and to also let u know it is subject to an allocation" so i dont know why people are saying bad things about this memebership learn how to use the free night before making any futher comments i have been a member with accor advantage plus since 1999 and the membership has been wonderful i always book my free night in advanced at least 3 months cause i know Accor Advantage Plus has a lot of members and obviously every member wants to use there free night on a saturday night at a 5 star hotel so i always book prior not 1 month before they have been nothing but excellent to me and i would RECOMMEND ANYONE TO THIS MEMBERSHIP! GREAT SAVINGS & GREAT BENEFITS its a FANTASTIC DEAL WITH ACCOR ADVANTAGE PLUS :)

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  • Su
      Jun 05, 2013

    I would like to bring into your notice the problem I faced during my stay in your hotel here in Hyderabad, INDIA (HICC).
    The Receptions staff is so bad and ill-mannered. They have not been taught how to talk to guests. We had over 10 rooms booked and lost key for one of the rooms and when asked to replace they key, they simply refused and got into an argument. And above everything this was around 3:00 AM in the morning. And finally he says: Your room is cancelled now and will not hand over the keys to you. Can you believe this. When asked to call the manager or any senior person, they man said he was the most senior person there. His name was Mr. Madhunithini.
    Horrible staff. There was no training offered to staff.
    We have organized over 5 to 6 grand events at the venue in last 3 years spending lakhs of rupees. We never expected such a bad hospitality. At last the bell boy wasn't allowed to carry my bag to other room's guest who have been waiting for 15 minutes. The luggage was very much lying in the lobby and there were people who could have carried but they didn't. Finally it was me who delivered two suitcases to my other guests.

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  • Ju
      Nov 20, 2014

    Received a wonderful gift of an Accor gift card for going above and beyond at work, I was looking forward to a night in the city to celebrate and the work Christmas party sounded like the perfect time to plan this, a relaxing night or two away form it all no need to rush around.

    well after looking on the website and checking availability I proceeded to the checkout, only to find that you cannot use gift cards on their website you have to book through Accor, so I rang them to book only to be put on hold for over 10 minutes while they tried to book the room, they finally found the hotel and YES there was availability, I told them I had a gift card and they proceeded to put me on hold again to double check... then suddenly the room is not available anymore.
    When I asked why, they said that their allocation of gift card paid rooms for that night was already reached, when I questioned this and said that the gift card is cash - Money that has already been paid to Accor and failed to see what this had to do with anything I got the run around.
    Very Disappointed and would never stay at another ACCOR associated hotel again - their gift cards are not worth the plastic they are printed on if you cannot use them to book any room, I would have been better off telling work to give me cash - we buy a lot of gift cards as rewards for staff and would never buy another Accor Escape card again. Bad form and Customer service was poor.

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  • Le
      Apr 08, 2015

    I purchased this membership only a couple of months ago and when they sold this membership to me I was told that they guarantee that their website is the cheapest by 10%,

    When I booked my stay on the membership site Accor Advantage Plus I checked other site just to compare so that I new for sure at this was the cheapest and I found out that it wasn't the cheapest agoda and the sofitel were a lot cheaper.

    When I contacted Accor to claim there guarantee of if you find it cheaper anywhere on a website they will give you your stay for free. When contacting them they back treaded and said there was a computer website malfunction and would honour this guarantee all they offered was the difference in a hotel credit voucher.

    who on holidays stays in there hotel, I prefer to eat with locals and see the country we are in and only sleep in our room.

    So please don't be suckered in with this membership there guarantees mean nothing!!!

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  • Sh
      Jun 03, 2015

    Booked Accor groups Ibis Gare Midi, Brussels through, paid in full before reaching Brussels, also paid the city tax of €9.50 for 2 days stay, but when I returned home, was horrified to see they've charged me €69.50! This group is a thug! The don't answer complain mails as well! Beware!- [protected]

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  • Yo
      Apr 07, 2016

    I Send to Hotel since March 31, 2016 but now no action from GM Hotel reply back to my email : [protected]
    เรียน ผู้จัดการทั่วไป โรงแรมโนโวเทลหัวหิน ชะอำบีช รีสอร์ท แอนด์ สปา

    ผมชื่อนายอดชาย ศึกษาชาติ ผู้จัดการศูนย์สัมมนาและฝึกอบรม มหาวิทยาลัยสุโขทัยธรรมาธิราช กลุ่มผู้บริหารได้เข้าพักที่โรงแรม 9-11 มีนาคม 59 ห้องพัก 2213 ในวันเดินทางกลับ ได้มอบเจ้าหน้าที่โรงแรมดูแลกระเป๋าสัมภาระยี่ห้อ Chanel สีดำ ที่ให้วางไว้จุดล้อบบี้ก่อนขึ้นรถ เพื่อทานอาหารกลางวัน ก่อนเดินทางกลับ แต่เมื่อจะมานำกระเป๋าขึ้นรถจากจุดวางที่จัดไว้นั้น พบว่ากระเป๋าสัมภาระเกิดความเสียหาย (ดังรูป) ด้วยเวลาอันจำกัด จึงยังไม่ได้ติดต่อประสานกับพนักงานโรงแรมไว้ และด้วยเพิ่งจะได้ทีอยู่และมีเวลาติดต่อกลับท่านมาครั้งนี้ จึงขอความกรุณาตรวจสอบข้อมูลให้ด้วยว่าเกิดจากสาเหตุใด ถ้าเกิดจากความบกพร่องจากเจ้าหน้าที่ ทางโรงแรมฯ มีนโยบายชดเชยค่าเสียหายให้อย่างไร

    จึงเรียนมาเพื่อโปรดตรวจสอบ และแจ้งข้อมูลกลับให้ด้วย จะเป็นพระคุณยิ่งครับ เพื่อความสะดวกขอความกรุณาทางโรงแรมฯติดต่อผมโดยตรง ไม่ต้องผ่านผู้ประสานงานการเข้าพักของหน่วยงานผมนะครับ เพราะเขาไม่ทราบเรื่อง และจะยุ่งยากในการติดต่อกันครับ


    ยอดชาย ศึกษาชาติ

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  • Ba
      Sep 07, 2016

    This is a very old forum indeed. But what i wanted to say is that even after many years of complain I don't think they have "changed" their corporate culture much. I had a very bad experience with their sales consultant recently. I myself was an accor advantage plus member for around 5 years and I've decided against renewing my membership this year due to a few valid reasons, at least to me. And I believe as a consumer we have a choice on how and who we want to spend our money on! First of all, the restaurants in the hotels that I usually dine in and used the card had a change in ownership and no longer managed under Accor brand hence I cannot use the card anymore. Secondly I travel less to the places so it doesn't make much sense to me to "pay" this membership fee for the 2 nights "free stay" which I don't foresee myself using anytime soon. So I made it very clear to the sales consultant that I won't be renewing this year and boy what a nightmare! Besides being constantly bombarded by phone calls for months and last but not least was even "threatened" at the very end. It started with non-stop talk and reasons on why I should renew to "begging" me to renew in order for her to reach her month's target quota to finally threatening me and trying to guilt me into giving in by saying she already "renewed" for me and that she'll have to cancel out of her own pocket and question my conscience in making her do so!! Incredible! Accor, you've certainly lost a customer in me. I was just planning on not renewing for this year but could do so again once my travel plans are in placed in the future. With this experience, I don't think I would ever want to part with my hard earned money to companies who has ZERO basic PR sales training!

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  • La
      Dec 24, 2016

    Indeed an old forum. I had a bad experience with Accord Advantage Plus recently myself. To see if I am the only unlucky one only to find many simple complaints as me and it seems this has gone on for years.

    I got a telesales call to buy into the program with all the hype, free night, discount, elite status the works. Okay I was planing some long over due vacation and a little treat me over a new job. Only to find I can never book a room with them using the free nights! Not ever! I change plans push back date to 3 months and still nothing...

    My account manager that sold me the program was very sympathetic and tries to the the hotels on my behalf and shuffle things around as best she could. I even went the route of okay, no free nights get me a room and I'll use the upgrade... By this time my account manager left the company and I got a new person on my account who didn't give a damn to my story. You have to book in advance she said... I been trying to book 4 months in advance, how long exactly you expect me to book in advance during midweek low season? No reply to that statement of course... I gone back to get me a room and I'll use the upgrade option. I was told that there is no guarantee upgrade, I get it when I am there if they have one... Why would I do that when I can just book a room else where for less and know what I get? No reply to that either.

    I gave up, I think I given them many chances to make it work but they did nothing, the person who tried left the company... When I told them I had enough I want to cancel, I was told I had so much time left to use the membership. I kindly remind them that if 4 months you can't book then probably I never will. I'm being told to send a full package back to them for a full refund. I will see if they actually will refund. If like anything else they do, I don't expect them to keep their promises.

    My advise is that this program is only worth it if you like their restaurant, expect nothing from hotels offerings and do not call them if you can't do it on your membership website they won't do anything only ask you question that makes you feel like you're stupid and can't work out which button to press.

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  • Se
      May 28, 2017

    If you are on business and travel like hell you do not have time to will say something with "f.." and will check where you can get similar deals better and easier. If someone like you started to write - it is actually a rare case.
    I even cannot remember another case where I was complaining...may be 15 years ago? I wrote my first complain for all the years about AccorPlus yesterday. And all what you write I can confirm...and AccorPlus/Advantage hasn't changed from the time when you brought up your complaint. The guys working there are the ones who let me think that the entire ACCOR-system is like this. How much is the loss for the ACCOR group? Losing me (and the colleagues and meetings I assign in the hotels) might mean around 15.000 to 20.000 / year. Nothing which will worries the Accor-Management. Sad story.
    Sebastian JS

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  • Pm
      Jun 12, 2017

    My Classic Card has been locked and nobody in customer care can tell me why, I'm on my 3rd call and 2 emails, always promised to be resolved within 48 hours, no feedback, no action, nothing - waste of space, going with IHG group, Accor appear a totally amateur organisation lacking true professionalism and customer service and I echo the previous complaints about accor losing another customer

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