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AcaiBurn / what u should do to stop futher charges from acaiburn..

1 South Australia, Australia Review updated:

ive ordered acaiburn product throught on 27th april 2009 and received on 13thmay 2009...a week after ive ordered the product i read lots of complaints about this company...i cancelled my order through the live chat ang get my cancellation number and rang the insider secret cancellation number and get the cancellation code for this package...however until right now im not able to contact the comprehensive Ebook for cancellation...ive tried many times and ask the live chat for the correct number but nothing seems i decided to cancel my debit card...and this is the best way to avoid futher charges and im not worried be in the safe part just cancel DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD FIRST AND THEN CALL ALL of THESE CANCELLATION NUMBERS AND SEND THE PRODUCT TO THEM BEFORE 20 DAYS AFTER U RECEIVED THE PRODUCT...AFTER 14DAYS IF U DONT SEND THE PRODUCT WITHIN 16 DAYS...U WILL BE CHARGED THE $59.95 FOR ACAIBURN AND $9.95 FOR EBOOK AND $4.95 FOR INSIDER SECRET...hope this will in the process to send back the bottle after 2 days received it...but to avoid any charges i cancelled my card immediately after i noticed lots of complaints about this company...THE CANCELLATION MAY TAKE WEEKS TO SETTLE SO PLZ CANCEL UR DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD IF U ARE TOO WORRY FOR ANY FUTHER CHARGES...HOPE THIS WILL HELP.

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  • Ro
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    Acaiburn also deducted AUD$80+ every month from my credit card since May 2009 till now. Their website is BOGUS, and I cannot contact them for cancellation. Is cancelling the credit card the only way?

  • Da
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    OK so I have just been charged like many of the others on this board

    if you are from the the UK like me

    here are the numbers you need to call- its best to call via SKYPE since it is free, also keep a note of the date you called and the cancellation numbers they give you

    ACAIBURN 1 800 659-3588

    INSIDER SECRETS 18664073685 also may show up as VH ACCESS or worldclubfitness on your statement heres an alternative number to call 1-888-332-2707

    EBOOK 18664176059 this may show up as
    HEALTHMEMBER on your statement, it is also known as weightloss resources a
    here is an alternative number to call 1888-779-5303

    You may also see these companies appear on your statement

    My fitbalancer this company is also know as My Diet partner
    call this number 1-866-779-0323 to cancel or mail below (I just called)

    once you have cancelled you should get an email from the company keep these, as you can pass these onto your credit card company- but you must cancel all the above memberships otherwise the credit card company have to pay them.. my credit card company are useless I have had to chase up all these companies myself

    hope this helps

  • Da
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    do you know which number it is to ring to get improve health to stop charging my card? i cancelled with acaiburn but improvehealth have taken money from me still.

  • Da
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    Hi danielle21

    if improvehealth has shown up on your statement the long number next to it is the phone number, add a 1 to the beginning of the number and call them via skype (its free), I did a quick search for them but couldnt see anything on the web. These ppl are B@R%rds! I cancelled my acaiburn membership and the 2 other things they signed me up for, but now have a new company taking money from me, its only £5 pounds thank god, but who knows how many affilates acaiburn gives our details to..

    anyway hope this helps

  • Un
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    Hi - go to your bank and have charges reveresed as disputed. I've had the same thing happen and had to cancel credit card, I live in Western Australia have returned product still haven't been credited as promised, this has been going on for about 4 months now.

  • Li
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    Like all of you I also signed up for the free trial in early October. I received my bottle of Acaiburn & little booklet about a week later. Wasn't aware anything was suspect until I decided to check my credit card balance online prior to my statement being posted out for the coming month. Straight away I saw a company name I didn't recognise "Accesscleans" with a whole lot of numbers after it. They had made an Unauthorised transaction for $90 Aus. The original authorised transaction for the trial offer came from a company by the name of BetterDTox. I immediately cancelled my credit card & would advise anyone to do this as their 1st course of action. It looks as though these scammers pass on your credit card details without your knowledge even though they claim their site is safe. Normally I don't use my credit card direct on the net. I usually use Paypal sites but this one time I relented. My mistake but never again. I may not get my money back from these thieves but at least they won't get anymore. As for the product, I doubt if it works. The statement that Acaiburn put out which begins " if there was some confusion about your subscription" is on many sites where people have written in to complain. They trawl the internet actually looking for blogs about their disgusting product & try to make themselves sound legitimate & caring & ready to help...What a joke! Why is it that so many people are having trouble contacting them & those who have managed to get through have only done so by persistant effort of investigation. On the booklet I have, there is no address or phone number, web address or anything to say where the booklet or product came from. Have you noticed where it says "thanks" at the bottom there is no name. I'm surprised that this Julie Parkes who by the way seems to be the voice for this scam, is game enough to walk outside her front door. She's had her face plastered all over the net for this product so it amazes me that somebody who has been ripped off hasn't physically harmed her. Only a matter of time, I guess...would love to be a fly on the wall that day

  • An
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    I feel bad that there was some confusion when you placed your order. Complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That said, we do know that mistakes happen all the time. We do our best to avoid this by providing our Terms of Service on our order page right next to where you enter your credit card. We also have a separate link to our TOS from our home page. Did you take the time to read them before you placed your order? If not or if you are confused, I'd like to help you out.

    I invite you to return the unused portion of your order so we can end our business relationship. If you are still covered by 30-day guarantee we will refund your money right away. We take our money back guarantee very seriously.

    I'd also like to invite you to contact our customer support team, which is available 24/7. You can either call us at 8/8/8-591-(2190) or use our Live Chat online support service. The Live Chat link is on our Contact Us page. It can help you out with most of the most common questions and concerns we receive.

    We believe that we can work this out so that everyone will be happy. I can't wait to hear from you

    Thank you,

    (Andrew Thompson)

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