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ABS Business Consultants / Stay away

1 United States Review updated:

Had a fast talking business consultant in my office...again promising big improvements in operating efficiency, marketing, taxes...on and on. I smelled a rat. After being too polite and saying no, I did a check after they left and find they are no different then IPA !!

We had an IPA hustle job almost take $20k from us 2 yrs ago - this co will stop at nothing.


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  • Sc
      13th of May, 2011
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    If ABS calls ... RUN!!! RUN as fast as you can!! Don't do business with these guys. IPA head John Burgess is still in charge although it is officially his son Tyler Burgess. They kept most of their employees. Same office. They are con men through and through. Walt Master is their smooth talking salesman. Don't believe a word he says. He is lying! Dan Danzig is also involved in the scam. Sexual harassment, prostitution, fraud they've done it all.

  • Sc
      13th of May, 2011
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    ABS was called IPA. They also have many other business names.
    Check out links above.

  • Th
      21st of May, 2011
    -1 Votes

    In 2005 I went through the training at IPA and found it to be a very rewarding experience. I went out into the field and went on 8 business analysis appointments of which 4 agreed to consulting services. Unfortunately I had a car wreck and some health issues while on an assignment. I was fired by my manager at the corporate office and as has been stated I was not paid most of my commission because I was in that 4 week window. The expense stipend is not enough to cover expenses as was promised. But even with all of that said you would think I would have hated my experience at IPA but it was the best learning experience I have ever had from any source. Yes! They are high pressure and Yes! They push their people hard! But if a business owner is mired in the pain of being overwhelmed by their business in order to help them they must realize their condition. I had 6 of my 8 visits with businesses include my findings report being accompanied by tears and anger. They realized that they were headed to Bankruptcy court and their families would be ruined. 4 of them choose to take the positive step of letting the IPA consultants come in to their businesses. Two business owners after crying (One tried to through me out after I gave him an ad I tore out for a bankruptcy attorney) decided they would try it on their own. After I was fired and recovered I had the opportunity to be in PA where both were located and they both were out of business so they were not able to correct there bad management. Of the four that accepted services I know one is still in business in Michigan and has opened 2 more stores so IPA must not have hurt. One called me after seeing me speak in my current business and said he thought I was great after (Even though I was more than likely one of the few people to make this architect cry and admit he was not perfect) my visit but the consultants did a fair job but were not as good as he hoped for at the start of the project. He did pay a total of $55, 000 to IPA. He hired my firm to advise his clients on security planning in regards to disaster relief. The other two I do not know what happen to them. But business is tough and some people can't make the corrections themselves and IPA fills that need. Even though they might be aggressive and have problems they do help some. I wonder it seems many people on here are like myself and have been fired or had IPA maybe take money out of services they wanted to bill the IPA client for but the client choose IPA. But it is understandable if you are not up to the job and they make you realize your own failures a person gets upset and blames the messenger. I wish IPA had not fired me I loved the job but I can never repay them for the tools they gave me. Since leaving IPA I have partnered with Intelligence and Counter Intelligence former officers to form a security and threat assessment business that caters to helping companies put together disaster plans to keep operations going in disasters, Corporate security, threat assessment, DOD contracting, IT security issues and other things that help medium to large companies be ready to act to anything that may try to hurt their revenue stream. I could not have done this without the training I received from my trainers and John Burgess. I still remember a short conversation I had with him and his advice I use to this day. Business owners that hire IPA and then complain maybe they just can't accept the changes necessary to make their businesses survive. Complaints about their collections activities are just plain dumb. If a business signs the paper work that is very clear then stops paying for worked performed they need to be aggressively pursued up to the constraints under the law. You may scoff at IPA saying many complaints are from people that owe money and laugh that off but what if someone owed you money would you just write it off and bend over? If so lend me some money and I am sure John Burgess might take a loan to if you start making them. Many times I have thought about contacting IPA and offering to partner with them to offer our services to businesses for disaster planning, security analysis or other services businesses need to ensure their survival in a disaster or terrorist attack. Because I would not be ashamed of their representatives selling our services because how else do businesses know about the platforms that are out there for businesses unless they go market it. Someone mentioned sending businesses to the SBA well that would be great but a business that is about to hit a wall does not have time or the mental ability to wait weeks for SBA to offer help one hour at a time. So give IPA a break and lay off John Burgess for his problems in life like being disbarred or lawsuits. Because we all make mistakes you might not be surprised to learn I was disbarred from the practice of law. I made mistakes we all have but if a person is out there fighting for success we all might make a few. The government does I hold a security clearance so even the government looks at the whole person. I have always found I learn more from people that have lived a real life and made mistakes than from a person that has never lived. The same is true in Business. Sorry for this rant but I just happen to come up on this web site while flying back from Iraq and it got me thinking what I owe IPA for the success I have had since being fired. Instead of hating and dumping on IPA for trying to help small businesses why don't all the downers go out and help small to medium size businesses. If you can't then maybe that is why you left IPA and just shut up! If you would like to get pissed at me email me at

  • Si
      19th of Nov, 2013
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    First, Welcome to Canada ABS, and they are annoying. They call me every week and offers me a "free" consulting. I say no then they hang up on my face. But they will call back! I never want them near my business, they sent a fat ### here to leave a dvd to me and he asked me to check it, but i never will. this cd may contain a rat or something. I dont trust them, and please do not t0o. they are harrassing people.

  • Sc
      12th of Mar, 2015
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    .Well they had to change their name yet again, they have hurt / ripped off as many Canadian Companies as they could under ABS IPA STA etc ...

    Their are so many complaints about the many many companies that are or have been setup by the same people, they continue to rip off as many companies as they can in Canada. Google them !

    This company is a scam.
    Now call ESS.
    Enterprise Service Solutions
    Enterprise Service Solutions ULC

    They also are known as : ABS SMS IPA ROI ISI STA

    Google: any of these with "scam" after it or Google: "John Burgess scam"

    We have laws in Canada, if you've been ripped off then report them to Consumer Protection Agency.

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