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After purchasing an Christmas present for my son, (who has now changed his mind), I was disappointed today to learn that this store doesn't allow returns (only in store credit). After discussing the problem with the sales person, and explaining that the lack of return policy was never mentioned or posted anywhere in the store, I was informed that it was on my sales receipt. What good is it to put it on the sales receipt, if the only way to find about the policy, is after you have purchased the item? I have contacted BC Consumer Protection and am waiting for their advise/decision to pursue.
I have been purchasing gifts from the previous owner of this store for the past ten years, but unfortunately the store has just recently changed management and name. My son and I have always enjoyed visiting with the previous owner and purchasing a variety of different items that all young boys dream about. I am extremely disappointed with the situation, lack of resolution and overall handling of the complaint by the current store owners. Because of the lack of an acceptable resolution, I have and informed the current store owner that he have just purchased $300.00 of the wrong type of advertising.
In this day, in the age of online shopping, Wal-marts/Best-Buys and Future shops, I am reconsidering my support of the "small businesses" in Kelowna. I miss the days of store owners appreciating your business, and long for a sales person who would understand the concept that the best customer, is a return customer. Sadly, I will no longer be included in the latter group.

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  • Ca
      Dec 22, 2012

    Good to know. Will not shop there. As a business owner, I think customer service is key and a "no return policy" should be stated to customer before purchase. I also do not understand not taking back unopened merchandise within an acceptable time of purchase. Bad idea. At the very least let the customer know VERBALLY if there is no return policy.

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  • Na
      Dec 30, 2012

    I have had nothing but great experiences at this store and admire what the new owner has done with the space. There are all kinds of great toys and the owner is always willing to work with his customers. Apparently you didn't do your research. If you've been going to this store for so long, then you would know that there has always been an in store credit policy. Sounds to me like you spent too much money for Christmas and now you're trying to bully the small business man into giving your money back. ABC is a great store and the owner is extremely accommodating. Go and check it out yourself if you don't believe me.

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  • Ab
      Dec 28, 2013

    Hi there the same thing happened to someone I know. My sister bought a truck wasnt told anything about return or exchange in case her boyfriend wanted a different model. As After looking myself online there a so many models to choose from, different battery and engine models. I just got off the phone with my sister, she says she went their with her boyfriend, they would not allow an echange to upgrade to a more expensive unit because it had been opened.

    I am going to to into the store myself but it sure sounds like the owner is very stubborn and unwilling to help his customers. This was to be a surprise gift how as she suppose to know all the differences... She was crying on the phone she did get a refund but had to pay a $34 fee. So she basically lost that money for nothing. Super disatisfied. She tried her best, wanted to buy from a local store figuring she would get alot better service and help and this is what happens. Guess its better to go to best buy and save the extra $80-100 and buy from a big box store as this owner has no compassion.

    I will be forwarding this website to my sister and her boyfriend and im sure they will both tell you about their poor experience at abc hobby kelowna, bc.

    I may write another review after I got in their myself. Sounds like a horrible place to go from the story i have heard!! Unbelievable someone would get treated like that. Especially when like an above poster there was no mention of return or exchanges not being allowed. Is that how you run a business, its about serving the customer and letting them know what they are buying and the policies that come along with it...isnt it...guess not at abc hobby kelowna.

    2nd review to come

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  • Fi
      Jan 09, 2015

    I have always had excellent experiences with customer service in this store. The owner is always willing to help find that specific part you need, and if they don't have it they order it in quickly at no extra charge.

    I don't think 2nd hand experiences counts for much. There is always two sides to every story at the best of times. By the sounds of it, people who have actually been into the store completely disagree with what you have been posting. Lets hold off the judgment and slander until you have a first hand account of the customer service experience.

    My .02

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  • Ke
      Jan 03, 2016

    We have had nothing but great service from this store. This is one small, locally-owned business that I am very happy to support. The owner is always friendly and has been a real help in tracking down specific items, ordering in models and supplies when he didn't have exactly what we wanted in stock. He also allowed me a refund on an unopened kit when it wasn't what my husband wanted. Perhaps the flexibility of the policy has to do with the attitude of the customer.

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  • Ca
      Jun 06, 2016

    I called and ordered a part for my traxxas slash and a few days later went into the store. The poor employee went through massive amounts of boxes.. dumping hundreds of parts on the floor to find my order. When unsuccessful, I was given more expensive after market upgrade for the same price. I later returned to purchase a 1/24 scale Losing 4x4 Rally RC for my daughter. I had first inquired by phone to see if it was in stock.upon arriving, another employee had sold it moments before... the owner apologized profusely and ordered one and gave me 25% off their cost (not retail) if that is not above and beyond every step of the way I don't know what is...

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