Abbott Nutrition / dishonest and unethical conduct

The following is an accurate and true summary of Abbott Nutrition's dishonest and unethical conduct that damaged the business of Phoenix Intelligence.

Phoenix Intelligence P/L is a media management consultant and auditor operating across the Asia region since 1992, and has a history of consulting to Abbott Nutrition in Taiwan.

In February 2017, Abbott Asia/Pacific approached Phoenix to provide a proposal for auditing services in Vietnam. This proposal was provided to Abbott Nutrition Vietnam on February 16 and contained confidential information on services and strategies (business secrets) that were the intellectual property of Phoenix. The cover page of Phoenix's original audit proposal and revisions to address additions to Abbott's brief were clearly marked "strictly confidential" and the confidentiality section stipulated "any information provided between the parties should be treated in the strictest of confidence". These proposals were supplied to Abbott on the basis that Abbott would respect the implied confidentiality of Phoenix's confidential information.

Abbott's disreputable behavior between February and June 2017 is summarized as;
1. Repeated misrepresentations on March 8 and 9 designed to falsify Abbott's intentions on approval of Phoenix's proposal and setting the audit's timeline for the purpose of keeping Phoenix involved to assist with insight and expertise on additional services arising from the project's expanded scope, and serve as benchmarks that ensure submission quality from Phoenix's competitors to advantage Abbott.
2. Copying and publishing 33 items of confidential information stolen by Abbott from Phoenix's audit proposals in the form of;
(a) An audit brief issued March 21 that disclosed an objective nominated in Phoenix's proposal as Abbott's primary objective and listed all 10 Phoenix service descriptions (and objectives) to frame the project's scope, which was distributed to competitive audit companies,
(b) A [protected]@A document issued March 23 by Abbott in response to queries from competitive audit companies that restated the objective referred to in point 2 (a) above as well as 3 of the 10 service descriptions (and objectives) and disclosed Phoenix's strategy for recovery of retained rebates which was distributed to these competitive audit companies, and
(c) A revised audit brief issued April 21 by Abbott that contained 17 verbatim and reworded service objectives and strategies reproduced from Phoenix's proposals for distribution to competitive audit companies.
3. Denial of any responsibility for financial losses incurred to Phoenix as a result of Abbott's unauthorized disclosure of confidential information from the audit proposals in reference to decreased competitiveness and exclusivity, diminished service value, reduced new business opportunities, and lost revenue.
4. Failure to act in an honest, fair and ethical manner in violation of Abbott's stated code of business conduct, resulting in aberrant behavior that caused recurrent breaches of confidentiality and trust.
5. Approval of intimidation by Abbott's lawyers (T&G Law Firm) who, in an email dated June 13, threatened defamation proceedings unless Phoenix abandoned compensation claimed against Abbott.
6. Consent to use of unlawful means by Abbott's lawyers (T&G Law Firm) in an email dated June 26 that demanded Phoenix sign false statements to retract the truth regarding Abbott's dishonorable practices, a demand that was supported by the threat of unspecified litigation in multiple jurisdictions considered to constitute extortion.
Points 4, 5 and 6 above demonstrate Abbott's preparedness to compromise a code of business conduct by degenerating into unprincipled and illegal practices to avoid financial liability for its dishonorable behavior. While applicable laws in Vietnam impose inadequate penalties as compensation, Abbott apparently believes that it can operate dishonestly and unethically with impunity wherever punitive deficiencies exist.

Mr. Douglas Kuo, General Manager of Abbott Nutrition Vietnam regards the above misconduct as a "misunderstanding". Abbott's senior global management represented by Mr. Miles White CEO, and Ms. Heather Mason Executive Vice President, are both aware of the above mentioned behavior and have chosen to remain silent. Abbott management's failure to address dishonest and unethical conduct supports and enables further injustice.

Abbott Nutrition is a healthcare company with unwholesome business practices and cannot be trusted. Abbott Nutrition has operated outside behavioral norms of business ethics and legality to benefit itself. The purpose of this complaint is to alert consumers and suppliers to Abbott's dishonest and unethical conduct as a matter of public interest.

Nov 23, 2017

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