AARP Health Insurance / no prorated refund after passing away to spouse.

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My elderly godparents have AARP as their supplemental insurance.
Premium is due on the 5th of each month.
Premium was paid on the 5th and my godfather passes away on the 5th.
When I called AARP on the 6th to notify that my godfather passed away and inquired that the premium be prorated since there was a least 20 days that he will no longer have any more medical bills.
The girl informed me that in the state of PA there is no prorated refund. They basically just keep the money.
I understand that every company is in business to make money but this feels very wrong to take money from my godfathers spouse that is already going to have difficulty making ends meet on one social security income.

The desired outcome is: The prorated monthly premium should be refunded to my godmother.

I am very apprehensive to list my godparents names since my godmother still needs insurance and afraid that she will be dropped.

Nov 17, 2017
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      Dec 16, 2017

    The state of PA may not have anything to say about it but Medicare might. I don't know if AARP is their secondary or if they were on a MedAdvantage plan but, particularly if they were on a MedAdvantage plan, I would think that CMS would have something to say about it. As a MedAdvantage plan they are basically acting as agents of Medicare and if it is something Medicare doesn't allow, then they may not be allowed to do it either. Just a thought.

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