Aaron Catering Aaron Manitoff / cheating on 1099 employees

1 Fortune road, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 5612024739

Last December i got my teen age son a job at Aaron catering in Wellington Florida
owner name is Aaron Manitoff.
Aaron was a rep in AN a multilevel, whom i found later that he had lie to me and deceive me and and many people that i had helped joining the ACN SCAME.
My son had worked for Aaron Manitoff sometimes over 17 hours a day
Aaron had paid him 9.50 an hour on a 1099, no taxes withheld, no social security was paid by Aaron catering to the IRS.
he treated my 19 years old son as a contractor while he was paying him by the hour.And my son was his on site every day getting paid by the hour.1099 IS NOT FOR HOURLY EMPLOYEE
The abuse and the head games Aaron had played with my son has come to an end when Aaron Manitoff decided to hold my son salary for 2 weeks.
Finely he had paid my son over $ 300.00 less that he really earned.
My son took the money and quite
Aaron told him that the only reason he has had the job was because my son was a JEW
There many violations in this company Aaron Catering which will be aired in the next few days.
Shame on you Aaron Manitoff and shame on the way you treat people.
I am a father Aaron will never be (he is still trying to come out of the closet)And a father has to protect his son from evil such as Aaron Manitoff from Aaron catering wellington Florida
Also it is time to come out of the closet.
Workman comp will be on this case within the next 72 hours.

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