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So this is what happens, you are AAA member, you are on the road and batteries goes bad, you call AAA Roadside Assistance & you have to replace your car’s battery & you are stuck with very poor quality AAA battery.

Few years back I was in same situation and I got my car battery replaced by AAA & just in few months battery went bad a guy came and replaced my battery, later I got a new car so this other car became my emergency or second backup car, I was driving it just two or three times a week just to keep it running.

One day my car was totally dead so I called AAA, a guy came and jump started my car telling me if you don’t drive your car a lot battery will not charge properly, make sense, I left my car running for three hours, so far so good!! One day again my car was dead again, so I called AAA this guy came and jumped started my car and told me to not to burn my car’s gas instead gave a card a AAA certified or something place that these people will check my battery for free and charge and everything, this was total scam, he said your cars alternator is bad and OEM would cost $550.00 but we will save your money and get you this for $450.00, when I said no, he asked me $ 50.00 for labor charge (AAA Roadside Assistance driver was from “1350 Monterey Pass Rd, Monterey Park CA 91754” and recommended me to “All Car Specialist - 330 S Del Mar Ave, San Gabriel, CA 91776” ) Result I complained AAA and they said they will take this seriously, Wow!!!

This time I took my car to local car repair shop and they told me this is your battery that is bad. Cool, so I called AAA, this guy came back and told me your battery is fine, but then I explained him he asked for original papers, my bad luck I was not able to find them, so he told me he cant do anything and left.

I called AAA back I talked and talked and talked, its their battery but this person told me AAA don’t keep records so I need to have papers. Great AAA!!!

I called back and again talked and talked and talked, she said she will speak to her supervisor and try to look for papers in archived records, great AAA cant do anything to battery with AAA sticker and numbers on it. But she said she can send someone for second opinion if battery is bad, a guy came from Montebello this time checked and told me this battery is bad and gave me record.

Today I called AAA again and told them finally your technician gave bad battery report after calling them for five times, as he said apologies and will take care of things again. I told them I don’t have paapers so make sure because it so much of time wasting, he said this person will take the battery number and help you.

So this guy came “same guy who sent me to this fraud place from “1350 Monterey Pass Rd, Monterey Park CA 91754”, he said he needs to test the battery again also he asked me for papers, I told him I have already spoke to AAA, he said he cant help.
So I called AAA again talked and talked and talked, he spoke to the driver and said will be sending approval soon. So I waited 30 minutes passed this person laughed and told me why don you complain!!!

So I called AAA again and after endlessly talking this person told me she can only take complain and someone may get back in 5 to 10 business days, and this guy left leaving all my car open!!! I saw him grinning while he left!!! Beware of AAA!!!

If you are in bad situation get towed it to decent place and get battery replaced!!!

Dec 16, 2014
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      9th of Jan, 2015

    I went through a similar ordeal recently with AAA down in South Florida. My truck battery went dead so I called AAA because it was one of their batteries and I was still under their 3-year warranty. When the technician arrived, he did his test and said the battery was bad because it got discharged or some BS excuse and was NOT a manufacturer defect. So I asked if I was eligible for a new battery since it was still under the 3-year warranty and he said that I could buy a charger and charge it or buy a new battery. WTF?! After he said that, I told him to get his tools off of my truck and to leave immediately and that this service call was a waste of my time and his. I was about to cancel my membership, but decided to keep them only because I may need them for roadside assistance, but I will never buy another battery from them again and will tell anyone else I know not to either.

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