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A Solid Gold Sound / Non-payment

1 Mon City, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 724.986.3152

~~ I'm another dj who is owed money ($700 ) by these Kentucky
'Whiz-Kids' who post slick, glitsy internet ads, lure in naive Brides,
take their money and then scramble to find any dj / videographer to
cover the event ! Here's the kicker: Once they have your money they
have no concern as to who will do your event and then they seal the deal by NOT PAYING anyone for their work. So if a couple has paid them $1, 500.00 for a dj /videographer.They keep all the money and
refuse to pay their vendors.These thieves even went furthur in my case: My Bride was kind enough to write a testimonial about how well I
performed dj services at her wedding last month in Pittsburgh, Guess
what ? They are using that Testimonial BUT have refused to pay me !!
Here's what we can do : Email Officer Jim Ryan in Ky. he will help us This Officer is launching an investigation !!!

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  • Dj
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    I'm also a DJ and I'm in the same position that you are. I have there addresses for the Louisville location and the Edgewood Ky location I sent out two certified letters to each location on Fri 12/18/09 and also just two regular letters on the same day. So I know how you feel they owe me about 600 dollars But if we all get together we can bring this company to a stand still because they have been doing this to alot of people and still getting away with it.

  • Lv
      17th of Jan, 2010
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    Our company just did a last minute job with less than 24 hours notice for a wedding that Solid Gold backed out of even though they already were paid in advance by the bride and groom. According to the couple, they were told that their Solid Gold DJ was in a terrible car wreck and would be unable to DJ their wedding. Also, the couple told us that they had never spoken to or met this DJ before their wedding and had the impression that Solid Gold was a local company with an office in their NE Ohio city. The couple booked us directly over the phone that evening calling from their rehearsal dinner, picked music and filled out an online planning form that evening on our website, and spoke to our DJ late that evening to review their details so they could go to bed that night without this major worry on their minds. They even told us afterwords that although they only dealt with us for about 30 hours total from when they called us frantic to the end of their reception, they got better service and attention than they ever did from Solid Gold.

  • Ns
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    neil starkey here,

    i have done alot of reasearch! im flooding the internet with this message. im gathering everyone i can, to take action!!! i have an attorney ready to go on this. it includes customers and employees. could even include your company as for you have takedn damage resulting in loses. we need really need all the fire power we can throw at these criminals! take a look at this and please let me know what you think. the kentucky attorney general is a spear head along with edgewood police!

    i have done some reaserch on this Ron Doyle and found some interesting things!

    below are some links, i think you should take a look at. if carefully looked at there is a alot of links between john kruer and ron doyle. theres two sites ( that i have even paid for to get more info on certian people such as beth kruer and ron doyle

    i have had contact with john kruer and, apparently, john kruer is feeling the heat. i sent him these links. john kruer keeps calling me about once every hour. i just let him keep filling up my voice mail. he swears the BBB has false information!! YEAH RIGHT! beth kruer will throw you for a loop, she's johns wife, he even told me she is, and she ran amear llc, the entity that ran a solid gold sound when ron doyle owened it.

    as far as randy blankenship i only can get ahold of his secretary. they claim ron doyle is filing for bankruptcy but cant provide a case number, (not legally obligated) which i thought was public records anyway.

    heres John kruer's personal number 859-653-5102
    try calling this John Kay i get a busy signal all the time 800-352-6760 sensory sound
    randy blankenship wont talk to me! i keep on calling! 859-823-5351
    i cant get a hold of ron doyle!!! who now owns priceless djs

    please contact

    *Kentucky state attorney general Maryellen Mynear

    *James Ryan
    Edgewood Police
    385 Dudley Road
    Edgewood Ky 41017

    i thank you for caring and appreciate your time and efforts toward these criminals!

    neil starkey
    6563 monument ave
    portage IN, 46368

  • Tr
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    I paid in full over the phone and the night of the reunion, June 12th 2010, no one showed up from the company. The phone number I was given, had been disconnected when I called that evening, when I realized they were late. I have since done some investation...complaints like mine go back on this company since 2004. Several people from Colorado that have listed complaints on as well as people all over the country. I was lead to believe it was a Colorado based company. They said they knew of the hotel and had done many events there. I called the number of the original owner John Kruer (859-653-5102), ...he said he sold the company in 2008. Rob Doyle, continued to use the name of his company. The second owner, Rob Doyle, shut his business down end of May 2010, but never called or refunded any money. I have contacted the BBB of Colorado, of Ohio and Kentucky...(as they both state are where they work out of, and both state have compliants on their BBB site on this company. I have attached a letter from the BBB of Ohio in reference to this company. They are presently going to start an investigation as they have 90+ compliants and 38 in the last month. John Kruer has called my house approximately 10 times. He wants me to amend what I posted on the internet. I said, I just want my money back and he said he couldn't help me. His last phone call stated, that he had an idea how I could get my money back. I have not called him back. John Kruer is still listed as the owner of the Parent company, by the BBB of Ohio. I posted on the internet,, he takes your money and then you don't receive any services. He said to me, people get sued for saying what you did on the internet. He said, You are ruining my reputation and family name. When I asked about similar complaints from customers that go back to 2004, he said his business cannot be accurate all the time, his main business is weddings...I have the recordings on my phone if anyone is interested. The number for this business in Colorado has been disconnected, however the number for the business in Arizona is active and they called me yesterday...I spoke with Jerry...(480-831-0801) I only talked to him about doing a party, just to see if it was the same company...I believe it to be...I am wanting to find out who the owner of this company, since the owner cannot be tracked down at this point. I am contacting the Attorney General's office of Arizona and Kentucky as well. I am also contacting my credit card company...The BBB of Ohio article on A Solid Gold...Leaves Brides at the Alter is very detailed at what this company has been doing to consumers, unfortunately it is too big to DateLine...Today Show...this company needs to be exposed!

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