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A Solid Gold Sound / Scam

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John Kruer runs the scam. If you hire this company for your wedding videography, you'll never see your video or your money! I promise you, you'll regret it if you send A Solid Gold Sound 1 penny! Please learn from hundreds, maybe thousands of other people's mistakes. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true!

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  • Am
      18th of Nov, 2009
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  • Ns
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    neil starkey here,

    i have done alot of reasearch! im flooding the internet with this message. im gathering everyone i can, to take action!!! i have an attorney ready to go on this. it includes customers and employees. could even include your company as for you have takedn damage resulting in loses. we need really need all the fire power we can throw at these criminals! take a look at this and please let me know what you think. the kentucky attorney general is a spear head along with edgewood police!

    i have done some reaserch on this Ron Doyle and found some interesting things!

    below are some links, i think you should take a look at. if carefully looked at there is a alot of links between john kruer and ron doyle. theres two sites ( that i have even paid for to get more info on certian people such as beth kruer and ron doyle

    i have had contact with john kruer and, apparently, john kruer is feeling the heat. i sent him these links. john kruer keeps calling me about once every hour. i just let him keep filling up my voice mail. he swears the BBB has false information!! YEAH RIGHT! beth kruer will throw you for a loop, she's johns wife, he even told me she is, and she ran amear llc, the entity that ran a solid gold sound when ron doyle owened it.

    as far as randy blankenship i only can get ahold of his secretary. they claim ron doyle is filing for bankruptcy but cant provide a case number, (not legally obligated) which i thought was public records anyway.

    heres John kruer's personal number 859-653-5102
    try calling this John Kay i get a busy signal all the time 800-352-6760 sensory sound
    randy blankenship wont talk to me! i keep on calling! 859-823-5351
    i cant get a hold of ron doyle!!! who now owns priceless djs

    please contact

    *Kentucky state attorney general Maryellen Mynear
    [email protected]

    *James Ryan
    Edgewood Police
    385 Dudley Road
    Edgewood Ky 41017
    [email protected]

    i thank you for caring and appreciate your time and efforts toward these criminals!

    neil starkey
    6563 monument ave
    portage IN, 46368

  • Ma
      3rd of Aug, 2010
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    Paid $800 for a Videographer and he never showed up. The company kept making different excuses and stopped taking my calls. They never refunded my money and claimed to have gone out of business. I see they are up and running again trying to steal more money from unsuspecting couples. PLEASE do yourself a favor and don't throw away your hard earned money and ruin your wedding memories!

  • Ph
      6th of Mar, 2011
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    You are totally right about A Solid Gold Sound being a scam. I booked a DJ and Videographer through them in April, 2009 for my son's wedding in Norcross, Ga. Paid everything upfront. They sounded so professional on the phone, returned my emails promptly, and of course, promptly took my money. The DJ did show up, however, he was no dressed appropriately. However, thank the Lord he did at least show up. The videographer also showed up and shot tons of footage of the wedding. About two months after the wedding, I began calling and inquiring about the wedding video. Every time I called, I was told it was being edited and would be mailed soon. After I began to question them about their business on the phone, they stopped answering the phone and eventually took down their website. This will soon be two years ago. I had an attorney write letters to them to no avail. I was able to talk by phone to John Kruel who told me he was a "born again Christian" and would try to help me get my video. Said he had sold the company. Believe it or not, he did call me back and say he was working on it, but it never came. Please tell me how I can join a suit against this company. I want to warn everyone against using this company.

  • Se
      16th of Sep, 2011
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    A Solid Gold Sound DJ/Video Services is a nationwide Internet DJ/Video company ran by John Kruer with home offices in Kentucky.

    I contacted this company back in June to contract their services. At that time I PREPAID IN FULL the total due for the services I was to receive on my wedding day. The first incident that took me back was when I had called to inquire about their services and got a disconnected signal for the # listed for the Kansas City # on the Website.

    I then called the 1-800 # and told the representative about this which he replied "I will have to look into that". They later took this # off the website. I also found out later that this company contracts local DJ's and had no local office. I then called a few weeks later to inquire about the free gifts offered on the website. I told the phone representative that I had never received the "Free Gifts"(money saving reports & countdown to wedding date clock)that was advertised on the website, at that time the representative laughed at me and told me he would look into it. I never heard anything else on that. Once I had my song list complete around 75 songs from the companies list and around 30 that I added. I faxed and emailed the list to their office. I then waited until 6 days prior to my wedding to call their office to ask when my DJ would be contacting me. I was told 7-10 days prior to my event. When I told the representative it was 6 days out she said "OH, well let me give
    you his # so you can get ahold of him". I thought ok I will contact him instead of him calling me? I then called and spoke to the DJ who then told me he never received any info on my event from A Solid Gold Sound and he would have to call in and then get back to me. He did return the call later in the evening stating he had spoke with their office and after discussing it he was going to "pull me out of the fire" by doing my event, at that time I asked why was I "in the fire" to begin with? I was told that he was already booked for the day of my event but was going to cancel it, to do mine. I thought this strange considering I had PREPAID IN FULL MONTHS AGO. The DJ then asked me to send him my song list. I told him I had already sent it to their office twice and thought he could get it from them. He then went on to tell me how "unreliable" their office is and would prefer if I sent it direct. I told him I would, and arranged for a follow up call the next day. I called the Solid Gold Sound office the next morning to discuss how unhappy I was with the service so far and just wanted to get this done. I was told by their office that the DJ was a good DJ but was rather "full of himself" and he DID have the song list I had sent. I then called the DJ and he told me "no" he had not yet received it, and asked again if I would send it to him direct. I sent him the list and everything seemed to finally be headed in the right direction. I spoke with the DJ again the next day(3 days before the wedding) and arranged to bring the 8 or so songs he could not get, and told him if he needed anything else to let me know. This brings us to the wedding day. The DJ showed up on time to the event and the first thing we went over was where he would set up. After we got that cleared up he then asked about power, the owner of the establishment showed him where the power was located(about 30ft from the set up location). He then asked the owner for an extension cord! Even the owner was laughing and said "well the professional DJ's usually have an extension cord". Well the DJ had some sort of excuse for that. But the owner was nice enough to loan him one and he began to set up. Prior to the ceremony I asked the DJ if he had the ceremony music ready? He looked at me and said well no. I had discussed this with their office weeks earlier about him doing the ceremony music. And was told that's fine he would do it. That's why I paid for him to be there a half hour prior to my ceremony. Well regardless the DJ finished setting up, played a little easy listening music prior to my ceremony then got to relax playing no music for about 30 to 45 min during the ceremony. Once the ceremony was over and we came back to reception area the DJ then began to play some music. After about 20 min or so my new wife asked why he had yet to play one of our songs from the music we had selected. When I approached him and asked about this he told me "Well someone last week spilled a drink on my laptop so I'm using this backup laptop" I asked what this had to do with my songs and he said nothing, he would get some on for me. After the Wedding Toast and Bouquet & Garter tosses, we danced to our song (that I had to bring, that is available on I tunes). This was about 45 minutes of what I actually paid for. But soon after my wife again approached me and said she had heard this same song 3 times and had yet to hear a song from our play list! This was over half way through our event. When I went to the DJ to ask him why he was playing the same song he had played 3 times now he also had an excuse. He told me that someone from the event he had done prior had walked off with one of his patch cords and he was having to mix everything by hand? I asked again to just play some of our songs. After about another 20 min or so we finally got into our song list. Considering our event had been going on for hours I thought this to be completely unprofessional. Our song list finally made it into the play list with only about an hour remaining of music. After that I was more focused on attending to my guests and my new Bride. The DJ packed up and left exactly at his scheduled time. The next day when my wife and I discussed the entire day she said the only thing that she would have changed was the DJ. When I spoke with many friends and family they all said the same thing "Your wedding was beautiful but that DJ was awful" I agree with them.

    I paid this company IN FULL AND IN ADVANCE for a what I was expecting to be a good job. It was most certainly not a good job.

    Since my event I have contacted their office to ask for a some sort of refund all I have got back are rude defensive emails. The [customer service] (link: was horrible from the beginning and the DJ was awful. The entire staff was unprofessional and rude.

    I hope that anyone who is looking for a quality DJ stays clear of this company, after searching for complaints on this company(something I wish I would have done prior) I found many many complaints on them. The national BBB office gives this company an F rating which is the lowest possible.

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