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991homes / Rip offr

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I have been taken for $3000 by a rather shady real estate broker who operates locally. I responded to an ad

on Craiglist for 1844 Golden Arrow Drive; the price and terms were VERY attractive and I made an appointment to see it. On Sunday, my

boyfreind and I met with "Gil" and viewed the property; we loved it, and were advised by Gil that we should make a deposit right away, and

he would send us our contracts via e-mail that afternoon. At no time did he contradict us when we discussed the monthly payment ($799 in

the ad). He gave us the account number of his business, 991home llc, and suggested we just do a simple funds transfer since we banked at

Wells-Fargo as well, and said we'd have the keys the next day (after the paperwork he was sending was faxed back signed, of course). He

seemed so sincerely happy for us! Since we have lived in a weekly for over a year, and the home was so appealing (thats factoring in what

his ad CLAIMED were the simple terms) we were happy and excited and made the critical mistake of doing the transfer in the amount of $3999 an hour later. No, we didn't research 991homes first; hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

When we received the contracts by email, the first thing we noticed was the monthly payment was $999, not $799; then I read the contracts

themselves and knew I would be a FOOL to sign them. The terms of the lease were completely different from the ad; several of the terms

were so completely unreasonable I was horrified. That aside, we had discussed with him at the property the fact that a) we had saved

several thousand dollars to buy a home b) that although we had a pre-approval from Wells-Fargo for $78k, we knew we could get better

terms with better credit (my boyfreinds score + my disabled roomate's score=0) and c) $800 a month was all we could afford, he never ONCE

said "oh, the rent is $999." Furthermore, one of the terms was that in 24 months the place would be reappraised and THAT was the purchase

price; another stated that if the rent was even 1 day late, the rent would increase 5% and we would lose our option! I immediately called his

cell and sent an email to say no deal. I had no reply, so I sent a polite request for the return of my money.

An hour later, rather than calling me, I got an email containing a receipt for the money as "non refundable holding deposit"! We aren't ***;

had we known it would be non-refundable, WE NEVER WOULD HAVE PAID IT! Plus, less than 8 hours had passed since we met at the property...and he told us then that he was just hurrying because his kids were in thhe was e car and he was spending the day with how on earth was the property "held" when clearly it wasn't EVEN IN HIS AGENDA to broker anymore that day? Furious, I called and texted

wanting to know if he was REALLY keeping our money. A bit later he called me and said he could refund 999, the first months' rent, but the

other $3000 was not returnable. I told him that since he never told us it was non-refundable, and the ad had claimed the $3000 was a down

payment on the option- no mention of it being a "deposit" of any kind- it was completely unfair that it was being kept. He said he'd call his

partner, and get right back to me; when he called back and said no again, I said "well give me your FULL name, and your partner's, so I know who to sue." He replied that the contracts were still good until tomorrow and we could sign them so our money wasn't 'lost'..again I asked for

names (which were curiously absent from the paperwork, other than 991homes) and he said "I don't HAVE to give you that information, and

I'm hanging up"

Upon researching 991homes, I discovered that nothing about this 'company' or the people invoved in its administration; the homepage was "under construction" since 2009; there is nothing to be found but links to ads that have already been deleted or removed. please help me stop these people from preying on families that desperately seek homeownership.

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  • Db
      12th of Nov, 2010

    If it were me, I'd call the local police dept and have them arrested for fraud and larceny. Then call the BBB, Dept of consumer affairs until you get your money back! 3, 000.00 is ALOT of money to not persue legal venues.

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  • An
      30th of Apr, 2011

    Don't feel so bad. He got my wife and I for ten thousand. He was selling a place that he had claimed was his own, but in fact only had an option on. He defaulted on his contract with the original owner and we are out everything. He changed his address, cell numbers and location. Dissolved his company. Claims he has a partner, but most likely he took his 991home holdings and put them into someone elses (ie, maybe his wife) name. His apparantly has done this many, many times. He did offer to give us a partial rent credit twards another house that was a "former" 991home llc property. Of course, it was a smaller property, smaller home, and several hundred a month more. In addition, he was not going to cover any moving expenses or legal fees. Same as above story, never calls back, always claims he is with the kids except when you offer him money. If he gets into a tight spot, he starts crying saying he did it for his kids. Very difficult to work with once any paperwork is signed. Goes by Gil, and Gilbert Fuentes. We have hired legal representation. It should be interesting to see how it plays out. Personally, I would rather see him in jail.

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