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905-413-8586 ONTARIO / Unsolicited phone calls!

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This company calls all the time and will not tell me the company name and continuously asks for sensitive security info about myself. He also uses an automated answering message when calling. I called back and the person in question was extremely rude.


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  • Jm
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    This company called and asked me to press a button to connect a call I believe they were trying to scam me to connect to a 900 number for $.

  • Dh
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    I have been receiving 5 - 10 calls a day from this phone number. They have gone so far as to call my sister who doesn't even live in the same city as I do and ask her personal questions about me. The woman I spoke with claims to be calling from Capital One in regards to a balance I owe, but I don't even have a Capital ONe credit card.

    Does anyone know how to stop these calls?

  • Ha
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    I had the same phone call this morning , but did not pick up as I was asleep. I don't pick up calls from numbers not in my phone book. If important, they'll leave a message... and this number didn't so i googled it to check the area code... and it appears to be from Canada. Well beware everyone...

  • Mo
      20th of Oct, 2007
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    I did some web research on this company. Follow this link:

    The direct office number of Daniel Elmalem, President of "Global Credit and Collections" is listed as a New York number (even though it is a Canadian number calling us): (716) 626-6313. Hit *67 on your cell phone and call him. He cannot trace you. Tell all of your friends to call him. Check out the officer bio page and find other numbers to call, preferably at their homes! Give them a taste of their own medicine! Here is the bio page:

  • Ge
      20th of Oct, 2007
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    This number asks to "hit any key" to contact them. I am trying to find out if it is a scam and how to let authorities know to put them out of business. Similar numbers that did the same are 559-0078-8451 and 208-004-5712.

  • Zh
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    I hate the number to call me!

  • Jz
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    Fed up with these people -- they should be arrested. It's all a big scam - Somebody has to stop these people!!!

  • Mi
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    I want these ridiculous calls to stop. My son, who is 11 years old is not a debtor. We have told them they have the wrong number and person. How do I get them to stop!!!

  • Ke
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    I've been getting these calls daily on my cell phone for weeks now. Quite annoying. I usually don't answer but just did as my brother calls from same area code. The automated message was muffled. Wish I could block them from calling.

  • No
      24th of Feb, 2008
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    This company calls at least five to ten times a day, either very early or very late, they are extremely annoying, I would like to find a way to stop them. When I do pick up, it is a machine. Please stop them someone!!!

  • Ke
      7th of May, 2008
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    This number is pertaining to unresolved debt, ex: capital one credit card, write a letter to them requesting them to cease and desist, address is.

    Global Credit & Collections
    300 Int'l Drive
    PMB # 10015
    williamsville, NY 14221

  • Sh
      14th of May, 2008
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    Well Folks. I just had to pay $4.41 for 3 calls that I made to this phone number. I know its not alot of money, but it ticks me off. My 8 yr olds cell phone was ringing, not kidding at all hours of the night and early in the morning. I'm talking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in the morning. During the week and weekend. When he would pick up the phone, from waking him up. He would answer, nothing would happen. Well it was really bothering me. We all tried to answer the phone. It would make weird noises, but no one ever said anything. So I called from my cell phone. Still nothing would happen, no one said anything, just sat there. I had no idea I was calling Canada. There would be no reason for a collection agency to call my 8 yr old son & especially at those hours. Something needs to be done...

  • Sh
      22nd of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Mr. Daniel Elmalem and the dear Martin Sugar are not the most "upfront" people I have ever dealt with. They bought my father's company, a small collection agency in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada about 10 years ago, and then renegged on paying for the company based on a number of "shortcomings" which, in most cases, we showed the court to be untrue. I beleive that they just did not want to pay. Yes we had to sue them to get paid after my father who sold the company to Elmalem with Sugar following behind, slid into to depression, was told by Sugar that he would not be allowed to stay on what Sugar thought at the time was his company's health plan). When Sugar and Elmalem finally served notice that they would not pay for the company that they were now running my father committed suicide). Danny and Marty were, of course, very sorry for our loss! This company is now Global Credit.

    They treated my father like a dog, in my opinio, and I doubt I would offer assistance to either if I found them injured at the road side.

    If anyone would like suggestions for dealing with improper contact and conduct from a collection agency in Ontario, please contact me by email (used to work with my dad for many years and can help you set these "gentlemen" straight).

    There are a lot of ### in the industry but there is only so much that they can legally do and only so far they are willing to go depending on the dollar amount in question. Many of the collector punks who call will lie and try to intimidate you. Don't get upset, drop me a line as I would ENJOY helping out!

  • Ch
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    Called back to back from 2 separate phone numbers. Will not answer and did not give any details on whom they were just to call back some phone number within a 48hr time period. I have no unresolved debts so I know this call was not for me probably for the Sophia Garcia chick I keep getting an astronomical amount of phone calls for.

  • Di
      15th of Mar, 2010
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    I finally got an answer at the Canada Office and they tell me that my phone number is not on there system...DUH! Then WHY do they keep calling me? I filed a complaint with the national Do Not Call reigstry on this number 905-413-8811.

    I am calling there toll free numbers and leaving messages for them until they get back with ma dn remove me from their call list.

    This is my business phone they are calling and it is driving me crazy.
    GLOBAL International Inc.
    1490 Denison St.,
    Markham, Ontario
    L3R 9T7

    Tel. 905-479-2222
    Toll Free. 1-800-563-4929

    Call them back folks!

  • Ta
      24th of Oct, 2010
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    the phone number 1-905-413-8639 has called me 12 times over the past month, over 50 times since May. They are trying to get me to release personal information regarding someone I know. I have phoned them twice now, threatening them with a lawsuit against harrassment calls, but then they call me back claiming they are not harassing me. Her name is Mrs. Bowden, and I think she may be a little thick. Since when am I responsible for paying someone elses debts? I didn't sign anything and I'm under no legal obligation to help out an unethical collection agency by providing personal information regarding someone else. If they have personal financial dealings with me, then suw me, otherwise stop calling me at 7:30 a.m. on a saturday! I wish I had their personal phone numbers - I'd start calling them all the time!

  • Ra
      22nd of Aug, 2012
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    The people at Global Credit & Collections Inc. (Canada) are clueless. They have accommodated my debt with CIBC (student loan) and yet they wait for just over 2 years to make contact with me again. They defaulted on requests and demands for things I was asking for like, "why do I have to pay them and not CIBC directly", a statement showing what I paid and what was still owed and complete copies of my application documents. After giving Global Credit 3 chances to reply I got half of the application document and a statement that only went back one year even though I had been paying it off for longer. They defaulted on my demands so they lost any opportunity to make money off of me. I know that collection agencies buy your debt at a fraction of the total/full value and make you pay the full amount plus interest to make money off of you. I'm turning the tables on them now.
    I have gotten calls from them at anywhere from 7:20am to 4:30pm (MST) recently and I agree it is annoying. They are ignoring my letters by doing so and it will now cost them as I will be billing them for my time from now on (as stated in my last letter sent via registered mail).

  • Th
      25th of Aug, 2012
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    Go to debtor boards dot com - folks on that board help a lot with these kinda crap. they sue and win a lot against CA.

  • 47
      17th of Feb, 2016
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    This number is a collections number used by CITI-FINANCIAL or CITI-BANK

    It is a collections number. Strongly advise to block this number.

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