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Bottom line: these folks shipped late, they cannot assure proper handling of a temperature sensitive medicine, and have no desire to put this right.

I ordered 2 10ml bottles of Caninsulin from 77canadapharmacy on July 4, 2011. I paid for the insulin and express shipping, and the product notes for Caninsulin said to allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

In the last week of July, as my supply was running low, I called them and was told that:

The 2-4 weeks was actually the time the product would spend in transit.

The product had been shipped July 15th, and that it was not possible to ship express from the UK even though that is what I had paid for.

Since insulin should be refrigerated, and according to the product brochures I got with it previously, had a maximum room temperature shelf life of 28 days, I expressed concern that the product would be bad. The call center's response was essentially: "Too bad". Not for the last time, they promised to have a manager call me.

I went to the vet and got my cat started on 100-unit insulin because I was running out of the Caninsulin and could not count on the delivery dates or on getting usable product.

I called again before the product finally came today, August 11th. The export declaration says it was actually shipped August 5th, and the stamp says Royal Post Airmail. So either they are lying to me or they falsified export documents. Neither is behavior that I want from someone handling my medicine. Would you?

My vet won't even take the medicine to use on charity cases. I sure won't put it in my cat. I'm out 173 bucks. All I got was this knowledge that I share with you for free: Stay away from 77Canadapharmacy!

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  • Lo
      Aug 27, 2011

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  • Ch
      Mar 17, 2014

    I ordered Donnatal at the price of 90 tabs for 139.39 and then the second time that I ordered it they said that the price had gone up to 353.76 I thought that the first price was just to get me to order from them and the second one was what they really charge this was a rip-off.

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