7‑Eleven, Inc. / 7-eleven inc. corporate office complaint

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This case is about former corporate employee of 7-Eleven inc. Dallas Texas (Information Technology) corporate office, who during her employment with the 7-Eleven inc. faces a situation about her personal information which get’s accessed from un-authorized 3rd party contractor, which then contractor uses the information to verbally disclose front of other co-workers. Plaintiff then, discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, along with discovered about the dozens lost and stolen laptops, with was not safeguarded by securities guideline. Dozens of lost and stolen laptops contained PII (Personal identifiable Information) for former and current employees, which were (NOT PROTECTED) BY such as Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) as per the internal security policies. Plaintiff, highly believed that her personal information was being misused, due to her personal information being disclosed front of other co-worker.

Plaintiff, faced negligence in employment for reporting security breach’s, thereafter made many request about making sure that her information is protected. Defendant’s management breached their duty, and tried cove the situation, by false statements. As result’s to reporting discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, management retaliated against her, provided false statements about security policy, ignored her complaint’s, mistreated her, interfered with her FMLA rights, retaliated against workers compensation claim, discriminated against her toward her health conditions, gave her silent treatments, Plaintiff faced insult from defendant’s management, plaintiff was held hostage and was asked keep silence, or else Plaintiff was threatened to terminate for reporting security breach to federal departments, management’s interfered with her “Employee rights”. Never the less, plaintiff was “SUSPENDED” from her job duties, upon plaintiff complying with the management request. Plaintiff, made many request to management respect to getting her job duties returned. Defendant’s management ignored her complaints. Plaintiff struggled suffered majorly from management adverse actions; along with indentify theft and invasion of her privacy. Due to her job duties being suspended, plaintiff gave her 2 weeks constructive discharged notice. Plaintiff was fired through her “home via electronic email address”, defendant’s refused to let plaintiff collect and return rest of her personal belongings and failed to perform exit interview, plaintiff was black listed and was asked to stay away from “all” employee’s of 7-Eleven. Never the less, plaintiff was REFUSED TO REHIRE without a reason. 2/2015 plaintiff was fired through her via email address, 4/2015 defendant’s management sent UPS to her home, delivering some of her personal items. 6/2015, plaintiff is still struggling to recover rest of her personal items, which included holy Muslim Quran, and rest of her valuable items. ( what a shame about keeping former employee QURAN JUST to punish her for making security breach complaint)...

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