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3i-Infotech Ltd. / Non-payment of salary, pending relieving letter, excess dues being levied without any reason

India Review updated:
I resigned on 4th August, 2007 as software trainee and had a bond of 2 yrs with 3i-Infotech Ltd. On breaking the bond before 2yrs, one was required to pay Rs.100000/-. I paid the amount and I got relieved on 7th September,2007. On relieving, I was told that I would get the salary for the month of August and a week of work in September (year 2007) would get credited to my account by the end of September. Till date 2 months had elapsed and I have not yet received the salary. During this period, 3i-Infotech Ltd. levied dues of Rs.4738/- on me and did not give any reason for that. And said, that on payment of dues I would get the Relieving Letter but I did not get the Relieving Letter either. After a few other requests for Relieving Letter, I was again asked to pay Rs.2267/- without which the Relieving Letter won't be provided to me.

Further, 3i-Infotech Ltd. now says that no salary is due to me. They continue to extract money from me without any reason(I have the CFO clearance of no dues from Chennai), they are not paying my salary and they are not issuing me the Relieving Letter - even though they say that its ready.

Beware of this company!


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  5th of Nov, 2007
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  5th of Nov, 2007
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Till now, I was not getting any replies to the mails sent to 3i-Infotech Ltd. It was only today (after 100s of mails) that I received response to one of my queries from the HR in Chennai. So far, the picture is not yet clear.

But, it seems to have started progressing in the right direction. If 3i-Infotech Ltd. justifies the dues being levied on me, pays the salary due to me and issues me the Relieving Letter then I would have no grudges against it and would even consider withdrawing my complaint from complaints-board.

I am waiting with fingers-crossed.
  23rd of Oct, 2008
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Not a new Thing..
  9th of Apr, 2009
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i am also not geting salary from march2009, , because of no projects ..they told me that we dont have work for u..
  17th of Dec, 2009
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3i Infotech is a very bad company ..they wont give salary much they will treat as a labour...so guys dont spoil u r life by joining 3i
  25th of Dec, 2009
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They are bunch of crooks, specially people like Sharad Vajpayee
  18th of Feb, 2010
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I really agree ... it’s a ### company they hire people sell in market and after we are been used they throw them. Please never joint 3i-infotech as it’s a very bad company no polices people have very evil thinking. I really say anyone after reading this comment still has a plan to join them it your wish as you are going to spoil your wonderful life.
  28th of Jun, 2010
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3i Infotech Counsaltancy Service Limited is Very Worst Company.The Salary Increment is Very Low.And then PF Amount is Not yet. I Have Resigned My Job In 5 Months Ago but Not received on My PF Amount. This is Very Worst Company. So Do not Join This Company
  2nd of Jul, 2010
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Very true. both ICICI bank and 3i-infotech are fraudulent. 3i managers are the worst part. They treat you like servant and slaves. Even if you leave the office at 2 a.m in morning, hey expect you to be in office at sharp 9:00 a.m. It really sucks. Dont join that company. Nothing is good. Lots of politics inside. In the name of appraisal they talk so much and give rewards in words itself, only after we get our increment we will know the secret behind the rewarding words. If you ever want to see a demo of a hell, u can see there. REcently they were given this award * 3i Infotech wins the "WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces 2010" Award. I really dont know HOW MUCH THEY PAID TO GET THIS AWARD. It the most-worst place to work. TEchnically also you cant grow beyond a certain height, they will try to put under their feet to supress your growth. 3i-thumps down.
  7th of May, 2012
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Yes it is worst company.
  20th of Mar, 2013
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3i Infotech
BSE: 532628 - 20 Mar 11:10am IST
6.08-0.22‎ (-3.49%‎)
  20th of Mar, 2013
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the company has gone to an end...worst management & place to work with your colleges & seniors. no idea when the sallary comes in your a/c .lot's of illiterate guys in CFO who don't have a knowledge of MIS & have lack of communication amongst them...really sad for the company progress in future
  22nd of Mar, 2013
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do share trading at your own risk...
  6th of Nov, 2014
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Really 3 i infotech are the number one cheaters
i am software engineer. and worked for 1.8 years in 3i infotech payroll
and i had resigned on sep 2014. till now they didnt provided my releiving letter.
this is the ### company blooddy fools ###ers

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