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24 Hour Fitness / misleading, dishonest, agressive, rude,

1 7600 Greenhaven Drive #15 , Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 916-399-8181

I went to 24 hour fitness on 09/04/08 to recieve information about a gym membership.

Upon recieving that information it was assumed id be purchasing the membership that day, which I had no intention of doing as I didnt have the money.

I was encouraged to leave a small deposit to start the membership and informed that I would have 5 business days to cancel this membership for a refund. I wrote a $25 check and gave the manager (Amanda kukuk) permission to deduct the dues and the remainder of the fees ($130.12) if I dedcided to keep the membership.

Due to the fact that I signed up for the membership on the 4th I assumed (And was never told anything different) that my 1st day of the 5 days would start the following day. I returned on the 11th, which would have been the 5th business day, to cancel. I was informed that my 5 days where not business day but literally 5 days so I wasnt entitled to a refund of $25. I accepted that and made it clear that I would not be charged for the enrollment or any other dues.

That turned out to be untrue. I was charged 130.13 on 9/26/08 for a membership that I never used and cancelled with in 5 business days.

According to customer service I was right in my thinking but 24 hour fitness considers saturday to be a business day so I was 1 day late. That I know should have been revealed to me from day one.

After speaking with amanda kukuk it was the worst customer service experience ever. Obviously I didnt read every inch of the fine print (And even the 5 business day clause didnt state saturday was a business day) but the fact that I was working with the club manager i'd assumed i'd be getting honest service.

These are the issues.

1. I only wanted information and just getting up and walking out on her was the only way I was going to be able to say no with out being to rude.

2. 5 business days? In the state of california 5 business days means monday-friday. Amandas response was that I assumed wrong and signed the contract and there was nothing else I could look foward to recieving.
(Dishonest, rude, and misleading)

3. At this time I am unemployed. I plan every penny and my health is a concern which is why I wanted to get the membership in my new city. I am now out $130.00 for a membership I never used, honestly came back to cancel on what I believed to be the 5th day and am now treated like a rude ignorant person for thinking that there are honest good hearted people.

Amanda kukuk-club manager:

-mislead me as a customer.
-treated me with no respect, compassion or dignity.
-gave me the rudest service, with an issue she helped to create, id ever recieved in my life.
-ruined 24 hour fitness' image in my mind, and I will be sure to tell everyone of my experience with them.

I dont know what submitting this complaint will do but I am very upset by this treatment. The attitude of a manager to a customr who is only being honest and respectful should only at the least be the same. Rude, condicending, disrespectful, dishonest behavior should only be exhibited by ignorant people, not people with any amount of power... Or does that mean they give power to ignorant people?

I spoke to one person who was very kind, the membership manager kim. Only after speaking with her did I recieve a call from amanda with a whole other attitude attempting to partially rectify the problem. Which again was her choice. She still chose not to refund the full amount. Just a portion.

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  • Fa
      21st of Nov, 2008

    You are an idiot. You are the type of person that blames everyone else for your stupidity! Grow up and learn how to deal with situations like a person with at least half a brain.

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  • So
      7th of Mar, 2009

    1) Why would you go to a fitness club that is NOT FREE when you are unempolyed
    2) Why would you ssign anything if you had no intention or money to pay for it. Did it not say contract! Dude YOU WROTE A CHECK!!! That's punishable by law if you don't have to money to cover it. Illegal!!! Check California law.
    3) All contract "back out clauses" start from the day the agreement is entered into. Not the next day, hello. And unless stated 5 days are 5 days. Maybe the 24 HOUR FITNESS name would have been a clue that it would be 5 days, in a row, 5 business days (their not a bank honey!) and no dear 5 business days in california state is not monday - friday. Where do you get your info!
    4) you acted impulsive and you want someone else to bail you out and take the blame. I bet day one you knew you couldn't afford it but just thought it would go away or maybe mommy and daddy would bail you out. Grow up

    There are so many businesses out there with truly bad practices, why waste the space on this board for false complaints. If I had been the manager I would have sent you to collections!!! Not let you off the hook! Maybe even sent the check you wrote to the DA's office not returned it to you. She gave you a partial refund, seems pretty nice to me, she didn't have to give you anything at all PER THE CONTRACT YOU SIGNED!!! Are you that weak minded, Yeah I guess you are, " "I couln't just walk out" Please!
    Grow up

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  • Ma
      21st of Feb, 2010

    While I believe that this person could have been more proactive (why wait till the very last day if you knew you weren't going to do it?) I will say that Amanda Kukuk *is* one of the most unhelpful, inconsiderate people I have ever had the displeasure of coming into contact with.

    The majority of the employees at that particular 24 hour fitness are unhelpful, extremely rigid, and have zero concept of the idea that customers, particularly in the current economy, are people to be valued and appreciated. When you see it coming from all the employees, it's clear that the attitude is coming from the manager, and if you've ever talked to Amanda, you'll immediately see why everyone at that club could care less about providing a good experience.

    By contrast, if you go to any of the other clubs in the area, almost without execption, the people are wonderful and helpful, and no doubt that, too, comes from having good club managers.

    My guess is that Amanda is pushy and rude, but probably intimidates people into buying memberships (and pushes her staff to do the same), so her sales numbers are probably good and 24 Hour Fitness management likely doesnt' care how awful she is once they've gotten money. Maybe if enough people see this and start voting with their feet and going to other clubs or other fitness chains, they will eventually get the message.

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