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212-244-4517 / Unknown phone number

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The [protected] number called my house today, 2/13, around noon. I let the machine get it, and they left no number. I pulled the number up in Google, and found another site like this one. People have been getting calls from this number where someone chants their name over and over again. The number has been linked to a clothing company and website in New York. At 4PM, they called back, and I answered. They asked to speak to my wife. I told him "I know who you are, I know all about your little business and website, you need to quit f****** calling my house." He said "swearing isn't necessary, maam." I told him not to call my f***** house again, and called him an a****** for good measure!


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N  29th of Jan, 2007 by 
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Wendell Maness of Top Shop North is not an honest person and lied to me.
A  1st of Feb, 2007 by 
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Same thing - they called me at 4:36 MTN time, no message. I called back, the number was busy. Then I tried Kahn Lucas Lancaster, they said it wasn't their number anymore and they didn't know who or how anyone else had gotten control of it, and sorry for the inconvenience. Weird. If they call again, I'll answer and post anything I find out. Just curious how they got my cell number....
A  1st of Feb, 2007 by 
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This number came in on the cellphone -- unknown everything. Called it back :212-244-4517 and line was busy. Thank you Jason for spending the $20 to find out who it was and posting it on this site. And yes, when we are registered with the National No Call Registry -- why and how are they obtaining the phone number? I might answer next time instead of waiting to see if they leave a message and see what it is all about.

2nd post: called 212-244-4500 and indeed, it is Khan Lucas Lancaster as a business....
A  1st of Feb, 2007 by 
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They called me from 1-212-244-4517 on jan. 31 at 1:48 pm too! They asked me is hollianne there? and i said no thinking it was someone else lol. but i just told them they had the wrong number and she said ooo ok sorry and hung up. I came back and looked the number up on the internet and alls i could find was this website. What do these people want?
N  5th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I received a call from the same number... 212-244-4517 but I didnt get to the phone in time. They didnt leave a message so when I called back it said the number was disconnected and I tried back one more time but it was busy. Guess they were trying to call some more people lol. (Received call Feb. 5th,2007 @ 2:17 PM Pacific Standard time)
A  5th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I got a phone call at 212-244-4517 @ 7:32 pm central time...does anybody know who this is...i called back and its saying all circuits are busy and then says announcement and rattles off a bunch of numbers... anything?
A  6th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I just got my second call in two days from this number. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I did, however, call the main number that Jason provided (212-244-4500) and the lady said that the number in question (212-244-4517) was disconnected about two weeks ago and that it must be someone else calling. Yea, right! I suggested that Khan Lucas complain to their telephone company and she assured me they had.
A  7th of Feb, 2007 by 
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The call came in at 4:26pm 02/07/07. They asked for me by name. I then said who is this and they hung up the phone. called Kahn Lucas Lancaster at phone number 212-244-4500. The lady that pick up the phone stated and I quote " It wasn't their number anymore and that they are working with the local police to find out who it is." She also gave me a website and stated that the person or persons might be using this to stay anonymous. The web site is http://www.spoofcard.com.
N  10th of Feb, 2007 by 
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Wendell Maness of Top Shop North "In my opinion" seems to have a problem telling the truth and being completely honest with people. He did not tell me the truth - he leaves out important information to the degree that it misleads people. My ethics and his seems to have a wide difference in whats right and wrong. If he talks to you and his eyes flutter really fast its a sign he is not telling the truth. I am sorry I ever met him. Get everything in writing if you do business with him so you can take him to court if you have to.
A  11th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I don't know who has the # 212-244-4517 & certainly am not going to pick up on a number I don't recognize. I have received calls the past couple of days from this number. They do not leave a msg & I'm not about to call them back.
A  12th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I received a phone call from 212-244-4517 (new york) and a lady asked for me and within 8 secs we were disconnected. When I went to call back. It said it was an incorrect number and to dial again. I put it into the search engine and I was taken here.
A  15th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I got this call just moments ago. I answered and it sounded like it was clicking over and rang another line. Finally after repeating HELLO 3 times, a woman said, "Hi, Could I speak to Frederick?" After I said it was me, they said," Are you still looking for work at home?" I said, "I am not looking for work at home, I am looking for OFFICE work". She said, "Okay" and hung up. I should have asked how they were under that impression and where they got my number.
N  15th of Feb, 2007 by 
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Me too this is the 3rd time they call me in 2 days when i i pick up it sounds like i called somebody i immediately hung up the phone? might this be a company that charges your phone bill if you pick up?
A  20th of Feb, 2007 by 
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This number called me yesterday. When I answered the phone, it took two hello's and I got " I am jealous". What the H*** is that supposed to mean. I just found all this on the internet. I tried to call back. but of course the line is busy. Anyway, someone should not be allowed to use the phone. The company that it belongs to should investigate. Has anyone asked for that?
A  28th of Feb, 2007 by 
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I got a call from this number today,(212-244-4517) maybe about a good 15 minutes ago (4:35PM Hawaii time). I missed it and when I tried calling back, the line went busy. I'm glad I found this site and I'm happy that I didn't get to the phone in time. Does any one know where this is coming from? What the heck?
N  1st of Mar, 2007 by 
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I got another call today from the same number around 3:50 PM (Hawaii time). Do these people call every day??
A  13th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Caller ID spoofing is a service that allows a caller to masquerade as someone else by falsifying the number that appears on the recipient's caller ID display. Just as e-mail spoofing can make it appear that a message came from any e-mail address the sender chooses, caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to come from any phone number the caller wishes.

Several service providers offer caller ID spoofing, including Camophone, Spooftel, and PI Phone. To use Camophone's service, a customer pays in advance for a certain number of calling minutes. To set up a call, the customer opens a Web form and enters their phone number, the recipient's phone number, and the number chosen to appear on the recipient's caller display. Camophone then patches the call through between the caller and recipient phones as stipulated. Some other versions involve the caller dialing a number to access the service and then dialing the phone numbers.
A  22nd of Mar, 2007 by 
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This number just called me 3 times! I didn't pick up at all, and they didn't leave a message. Annoying, to be sure.
D  18th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Wendell Maness, of Missouri, is not a truthful person. He lies.
A  3rd of Feb, 2008 by 
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This phone number belongs to a "work from home" marketing company. If you see a "crazy like a fox-work from home" ad on tv and access their internet site, with your contact info they will call you. I used the fake name Orville Rhondo, and they called from this number asking for him. So its a "work from home" marketer that advertises on tv.

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