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To the comments from people who are wasting their time bashing this company:
Pathetic. Get a business degree and maybe then you'll understand the definition of compensation. You're not paid for something you don't sell. It's sales, it's not that tough to understand.
I've come to notice that the ones to complain about their checks are the ones that are do not perform. You come to work, you do your job, you get a paycheck. Keep complaining, thinking people should 'avoid' this company. Check your pay stub when you start a retail career-you're charged for uniforms as well.


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      1st of Jul, 2014
    20/20 Companies - Misleading and cheating on pay check
    20/20 Companies
    Fort Worth
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    At first I was excited to work for this company. I was hired to assist T Mobile with a new product launch. I would go into stores and introduce this new product, educate about the service, and train on using the system for the product. 20/20 claims to hold large marketing contracts with Samsung, Verizon and other large accounts; I was on the T Mobile brand.
    It was a 1099 position in which I would be paid mileage and an agreed amount per store visit. I was given a list of stores and a deadline. I was told when I complete that list I would be given another. According to Ryan Lumbley "There was no shortage and plenty of store visits to complete" and "those who work hard will be rewarded upon completion of the project".
    The first list I got consisted of 24 locations within about 100 miles of home and I had a month to complete. So my list was completed in 2 days. When I asked for more locations I was told I had to go over to the next state and complete about 60 locations.
    I was the only marketer in my area, why did the marketing plan not include 100's of other locations in my state? The product was geared toward Latin Americans. There were several locations being missed but, I later learned 20/20 only did there marketing plan with an old zip code data base system "John Fontana" About ¼ of the locations did not exist. T Mobile was really being Ripped Off as well.
    They would still pay mileage and hotel and an increase amount per store visit. Long story short the hotel they put me in was nasty, high crime location and very dangerous. The locations I was sent to were also in very high crime areas. In which my car was hit twice by drunks. One of them almost attacked me. I tried to get help form management but my plea was ignored.
    Once on my way home after driving over 200 miles and an 8 hr day, my manager Leo called and said “T Mobile really wants these store visits completed fast. If I finished covering the area for them I would be paid double.
    So like an idiot I worked through the night and into the next day. I only stopping once for a quick sandwich and completed over 20 store visits. Only to be told that was incorrect that manager was fired here is a new one and you won’t be paid.
    Over the course of a few weeks I drove over 8000 miles. During this time I discovered even more about how the company conducted business while fighting for my pay. Of course, the more questions I asked the more my pay was cut short.
    The only thing that mattered to management was notes being made in the system so they could send T Mobile a bill.
    The pay was held 2 weeks behind and then started direct deposits every Friday. When the deposits started I noticed they were short. I was only paid half of what I was due. The “expense check” was to be mailed (this was my pay for mileage). The few I received were incorrect. After a bunch of text messages and emails later, I finally got a little more of what I was due to be paid but, not all.
    It has been over a month since I quit working for 20/20 companies and I still have not been paid. Ryan Lumbley, Travis Gault and John Fontana just continue in ignore the issue.
    I had complete loss of time with my family, damage done to my car and unnecessary stress. Working for this company put me in danger and cost me money. Everyone should beware of this company and stay away. Possible Employees, contractors and affiliates should take a close look at their representation, reputation, and cost vs profit analyses if they choose to do business with 20/20 Companies.

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