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Compass Bankwill not honor thier customer's checks


My mother wrote me a check for my birthday. Long story short... I wanted to cash the check & was near the bank it was written on. I went into Compass Bank, the bank the check was written on. I handed the cashier the check & my driver's license. She told me that I would have to pay a $7.50 fee to cash the check because I did not have a bank account at Compass. I told her I banked at another bank & would not pay them $7.50 to honor a check written by one of their customers. I told her I had a check written to me that was to be drawn from their institution & I wanted her to honor that check. She refused unless I paid the fee. I did not cash the check. I refuse to give Compass Bank a dime to honor their customer's checks.

It is time that we, as consumers stand together & let the banking industry know that we are not going to put up with their extortion methods any longer.


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    Shannon36535 Dec 10, 2009

    ok so i agree and i am a compass customer. I mailed a friend a check to pay a bill for me and since she didnt have a bank account she drove 45 minutes to the nearest and they told her the same thing. That is so stupid cause the check was only for 25.00

    i agree that banks are just freaking greedy... what is so special about you not having an account there if I DO. it is my bank ... why cant they even attempt to call me and verify i wrote the check. dont charge the person doing me a favor just cause she chooses not to do business with you on a regular basis.

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