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Compaq Presario review: Bad product, poor after sales service!

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12:00 am EDT

I purchased a Compaq Presario on January 12, 2017 from Walmart in Jesup, Georgia. On Wednesday, April 4, 2017 my computer stopped working. I called the customer service department in an attempt to correct the problem. I ended up making three telephone calls which total over six hours (the majority on hold). The only phone I have is my cell phone therefore, each time my cell phone battery would die before I could complete the call because I spent so much time on hold.

When I finally spoke with someone I was told that the motherboard in my computer was bad and would have to be replaced. I was given two options, (1) mail my computer to Compaq and wait approximately 20 - 30 days for it to be returned; or (2) purchase an "In-home" warranty which would allow someone to come to my home and fix my computer. In an attempt to get my computer fixed as quickly as possible, I purchased the "in-home" warranty.

After purchasing the "in-home" warranty, I realized that my computer came with a one year "in-home" warranty. I questioned the gentlemen that I was talking with and he advised me that the only warranty included with my computer was the 24/7 telephone service. I attempted to explain to him that the box on my computer states: "Includes one year "In-Home" Warranty. The fine print states that "On-site services will only be provided if the problem cannot be corrected remotely." To some $140 may not seem like much but I am a single mother with two children and I am disabled. I live on a very fixed income and $140 is grocery money that I don't have to spare.

I have called and emailed everyone and everything I can find attempting to find a person to speak with regarding this situation. I have not received one response to my telephone calls or emails at this point. I am not happy with the customer service and I am very upset with Compaq & HP's lack of concern over a customer's complaint.

First of all, my computer was less than three months old and it should not have experience these problems but if it did it should have been repaired by HP with no expense to me. Secondly, no one should have to spend so much time on hold waiting for your customer service reps to answer the call. Thirdly, the customer service reps were rude. The became agitated when you could not understand them but they don't speak English well. Lastly, my computer included the one year in home warranty and I should not have been required to purchase the in home warranty to have my computer repaired.


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Oct 30, 2007 12:00 am EDT

Purchase a Compaq Presario SG2053IL (Product No.GB252AA#, Sl.No.INI-7110QGJ) in April, 2017. The machine malfunctioned in September, 2017. Company's technical services partner inspectedthe machine and reported that as the motherboard was damaged/burnt free replacement not possible. The machine was very sparingly used with UPS connectivity and all required precautions for educational needs (maximum 1 hour use per day three/four days in a week). Informed the Company and the company is not ready to replace the motherboard free of cost. Before purchasing the Compaq machine, we were using a Acer P-3 for seven years with no complaints. The problem with the Compaq machine definitely has to do with manufacturing defect. Would like to have this taken up with proper authorities. I am also seeking legal counsel locally. Thanks & regards.

Mar 27, 2008 9:31 am EDT

I called compaq because I was having trouble logging in with my password, and the rep tried to bribe me and tell me it would be 49.99 to receive any help for this. She did collect my serial no. to my computer first, before telling me this. Then when I spoke to a supervisor, he told me it would be 59.99 to receive any assistance with this and that if I received help from anyone else besides them it wouldn't go well because they would have to break into my tower and they would damage it. This is to make a long story short, the whole time the rep and sup. were trying to bribe me, and now I don't know what they'll do since they have the serial no. of my computer. Do not buy compaq computers, they won't assist you unless you pay them whenever you call in. This isn't the first time this has happened.


I wanted to let anyone who has dealing with HP to know of the fact they make up policies for customers as they go. I had nothing but issues with this laptop and it had to be serviced several times. The last time it was sent in. They failed to return it to me. When I called to check on it. They said since your computer was in our warehouse for more than 30 days we have recycled it. Which means the computer that was still under warrenty is no longer mine and they do not have the ability to return it to its owner. I will be suing this company in cival court for the purchase price of the computer since they have my property and have failed in good conscions deliver to me. they had my computer for several months with the faulty driver and then stated they wouldnt fix it due to water damage. There was no water damage and I was ready to prove that so I asked them to send it back to me and they failed to do so. When I called to check on why I hadnt received it they explained they have recycled it the computer was less than a year old. So be careful if you buy an HP product. The customer service is horrible and they are not skilled to answer your questions and stray away from a script in which they are given and further more their call system will be of no help to you if you have aq serious problem. I called corporate offices which you get transferred to a manager of tickets which is just a glorified customer service agent who has more experience at covering hp butt. They enforce policy which is not written anywhere in the contract of warrenty or service repair slips. Which I have everything including the slip which you send in with computer for reapair staqting do not contact me by email since this is my only computer. So what do they do they email you. They dont call you send you a letter. They just hope you will go away. Bad Ethics will destroy a Company and HP you are well on your way to having a bad name and people avoiding your product even if it was free.

Aug 12, 2009 10:01 pm EDT
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Dear Sir, I have written letters dated 19.6.2017, 02.07.2017 and
18.07.2017 on the above subject.

It is further submitted that upon my complaint dated 19.6.2017, there was
some enquiry from your Pune office Ist by Mr. Durgesh (Mobile No.
[protected]) and subsequent Mr. Sanjay. But Mr. Sanjay for the reasons
known to him played a role that my compliant will not be entertain and
accordingly when I tendered laptop to M/S Syscon at Goa on 17.7.2017, they
said the laptop is OK and regarding problem of left side slot out from the
laptop it is told that Ist give a letter that the laptop is Ok then M/S
Syscon will see what he can do for that.. Accordingly I forced to take
back the laptop in a defective condition. I also informed that to remove
the defect is necessary as it will carry out of country but no cognizance
have been taken and in a defective condition the laptop was carried

When my son who is using the said laptop came in India, I approached to
your representative M/S Simtecs Computronics Pvt. Ltd. at Goa they
immediately said that Cd Driver is defective, whereas M/S Syscon forced to
carry the same in a defective condition, and therefore the said CD Drive
was replaced vide Tag No. IN [protected] on 06.1.2017. Please take necessary
action against M/S Syscon for their act to force me to carry defective

As far as problems of left side slot out from the laptop, which is
creating lot of problem to carry the laptop which is basic character of
it, no solution is given even by M/S Simtecs Computronics Pvt. Ltd and my
son is carrying the same as it is.

Besides the above said problems I have tendered my laptop to you for the
following occasion for various defects -

1. Mother board is failed and requires replacing the same. An indent
was placed and on 19.06.2017 the mother board was replaced under service
tag no, INO 1283326.

2. While replaced the mother board, it was not fitted properly and thus
note book was not booting and therefore required to go again to authorized
service provider at Mumbai, because at that time the note book was in
Mumbai, M/S Kay Impex Pvt. Ltd. on 26.07.2017

3. For problem with scroll lock key, on being shown to dealer again on
24.12.2017 the key board was replaced on 27.12.2017 vide tag no INO

4. Again on being problem, as shift key was not working and a blue
light was persisting, the Hard disk was replaced vide tag no. INO 2674663,
on 29.12.2017

5. Again on being problem with the speaker, reported on 09.05.2017 the
same is replaced vide tag

No. INO 3021749 on 13.05.2017.

6. Again on being problem in CD drive on 02.06.2017, the same was
replaced vide tag no. INO

3189118 on 03.06.2017.

7. CD Drive again replaced vide Tag No. IN [protected] on 06.1.2017

From the above you will agree that I faced lot of problems with the said
laptop and still there are problems of left side slot out from the laptop,
which creating lot of problem to carry the laptop which is basic character
of it. With the past history of the said laptop and with the so many
problems occurred in it again and again I am sure that I was sold
defective piece of laptop and therefore I once again request you to
replace the same or refund the amount. Please note that after being
purchased care pack your company failed to provide the required service
and therefore you are liable to pay compensation also, which please note.

Aug 11, 2008 2:03 am EDT

I purchased a Compaq Presario C765TU vide S.N. CND809130M Laptop on 14-06-2017 from COMPUTER ZONE (A Unit of Digital Equipments), Shop No. 2, Durga Vihar, S. P. Verma Road, Patna (Telephone No. [protected]) Vide Retail Invoice No. Retail CZ584/2017-08 for cash for my wife. At the time of purchase, the vendor told us that the product is compatible with both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Since I preferred Windows XP, I asked the vendor to load the XP operating system. The product has been working fine, except for the inbuilt microphone, which is not working since the beginning. This is pertinent to note that I purchased the product mainly for voice chatting, as I also obtained Broadband Connection from BSNL to enable the same. Ever since I got the connection, I have not been able to voice chat with any of our relatives, since the person on the other side is unable to hear our voice. This problem persists even with external microphone.

In the meantime, I visited the service centre of the vendor thrice, who told that the appropriate driver for the product is not available. It will be made available shortly. On Saturday 10th of August 2017, I called up the HP Call centre at [protected] and complied with all the instructions provided over phone while I was online with broadband. But even after one and half hour the call centre was not able to solve the problem.

I visited the HP service center, Vendor’s Service Centre and the vendor for resolution, but all of them were not able to solve the problem. I approached the vendor for replacement of the product with the new one which is compatible with the XP, to which the vendor denied. I am in a mess as I am unable to do voice chatting with our relatives and friends. I do not want Windows Vista as an operating system as I am much more conversant with Windows XP.

I am at a total loss, because the purpose for which I bought the product, is not fulfilled. I want either my money back or my laptop replaced with XP compatible laptop.

Jul 12, 2011 1:55 pm EDT

I called CompUSA and said I wanted to return the computer and buy it the next day in order take advantage of the tax break. I was told that I could return it and that they would give me a gift card (I paid cash $578 including a $200.00 rebate) in order to hold the merchandise for me to purchase the next day.

I returned to the store the next day to buy the computer with the gift card, only to find out that they could not find the computer after searching for 45 minutes.

The store manager told me they would give me an upgrade for no additional cost. When I went to the counter to pay for the computer the total came to $528.00 with only a $100 rebate. That left $150 on the gift card

I told them that I wanted my cash back since I paid cash originally and only did what I was advised to do buying the gift card. They refused to return my money.

In order to save $45.00, I am now out $150. I feel as though I was duped into buying the gift card as a means for CompUSA retaining as much of my money as possible.

I will use any means possible to get my money. I am a retired grandmother and live on a pension.

Oct 23, 2007 12:00 am EDT

combo drive was changed twice by the company but still i am not satisfied with the present

Dec 18, 2009 4:19 am EST

My compaq Laptop C765tu is also giving same problem - while voice chatting my sound is not hearing at the other end. Can anybody provide solution which is compatible to Windows XP. If I reload with vista or any other advanced Operating System it will work? Please let me have your valuable advise> K.M. Satish Kumar (email ID : [email protected])

Jul 30, 2009 10:14 am EDT

I also face the same problem finding that my microphone, both external and integrated is not working at all although the audio driver and every settings have been appropriately installed and set.

I also use XP as my windows system and I bought the product in Indonesia.

Can Compaq help me to solve this this problem immediately by sending solver tutorial to my mail : [email protected]

I really appreciate if you can provide good service to the customers.

Thank you.