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Companies Inc. review: charged 6,500 without any Service and delaying the refund

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We about to start a business, we ask that company to make us business offfice , build corporate credit history ,EIN, they asking for 8,060. It so happen that our cards has a credit limit. we still have the balance, they said that they cant render any service. we have to pay for the balance. We decided to cancel it next day. That companies say ok they will cancell it. Its July and now Nov. They gave lots of reason they said that they just gonna send a check ,but no check was send ,so we decide to file dispute ,they said but they didnt granted it. I was wondering why . I ask the card company here in Japan ,the reason why is bec, they render service , They said that they cant render service I still need to obtain the balance. Why they gonna denied my despute.
I been asking them if they do something to the company ,they not responding or sending us any document here in Japan. Every time Im talking to thenm its in processing of the bank , they just said tht they will refund the money. They keep on alibying to delay the refund . I call them again They said that they will get 10% of the amount for the procesing of refund.. I dont think if they need to get 10 of the amount, since its their faul they keep delaying it.
Is anybody could help me..
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