Commonwealth Edison CompanyUnfair business practices!


I am a business owner and my mother got very sick. I had to close my business so I could take care of her. The bills for the business fell behind.

I received a notice from Com Ed stating that they were going to disconnect my service if I did not pay my bill. My mother just passed away recently and I contacted Com Ed to ask them if they would work with me so I could open my business back up and send them money until I was caught up. They said that there was nothing that they could do for me because I was a business owner. I had to take all the products out of my store so nothing would go bad and prepare for disconnection. I closed my business for good because they would not work with me. All this because they would not work with me and told me they were going to disconnect service and they ended up never disconnecting my service. Why did they do this to me? I do not understand why they did not work with me and now after all this time the service never got disconnected. They caused so much grief in my life and I am afraid to open my business back up again for fear of not knowing if they will disconnect service and I will loose all of my products. This is unfair treatment and I have a right mind to talk to a lawyer about this.

When my business was in operation they came out to check my meter each month and pushed my dumpster against the back door of my business so we could not get out. This had to be reported 3 times until someone finally listened. They did not take this complaint seriously nor did they listen or have any compassion.

In closure, they want to raise our rates for what? NOTHING in my book!!!


  • Di
    diana Nov 10, 2008

    I want to know what give the right to Comed to treat customer like they are dirt, just because we don't have the choice to go with another company like we do with the cell phone and home phone they think it's okay to be a jerk to me for no reason i have the service for couple years and never call until today 11/10/2008 to ask why my bill is higher then use to and to put the service under my name becasue vefore was under my friends name. What i get in return a nasty mean ugly person in the phone when i ask if any onelse can help she reply hang up and call make the line again. Then i call second time hoping to get better customer service but was very similar then the first one. i would like to know where i can complaint about this, I never complaint this is the first time in my 39 years the i really took my time to write about i normaly let things go thinking may be that person has more issue then me in her life but the tratment was so horrible so i want to go to next level i really want that person fired.Help me...

    Thank you

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  • Ad
    AdB2 Aug 23, 2009

    my wife and I had our businesses, and last year both of them had to close down due to financial circumstances. We then didn't have our incomes that we used to have. well, we had the bills piling up and... COMED slaps us with a disconnect! After the fact, we caught up on the payment, but now we are a "risk" customer, whatever that means! We were always prompt on our payments before this, never late, and this is how the energy hogs thank us! We had to pay $100 on top of the monthly, even though we are still under financial distress. thanks alot COMspecialED!!!

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  • Fr
    Frustrated with ComEd2 Oct 19, 2009

    I, too have had such a hard time with ComEd. their representatives and supervisors are very mean, rude and not at all compassionate towards their customers. If there was another energy company, I would transfer without a second thought! We (the consumers) are already going through enough to try and keep our heads above water. None of us need the arrogant attitudes and remarks from an electric company during our financial struggles. I pray for another energy company to come along.

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  • Di
    DisgruntledPerson Dec 11, 2009

    I AGREE COMED IS EVIL!! My complaint to the Better Business Bureau is below.

    I initiated an account with Comed in August 2008 under my address which is *******, Apt 1. For 11 months I was billed as Apt 1 only to find out that, according to Comed, Apt 1 is the unit below mine. I found this out when Comed cut my power in the midst of the hottest week of June for three days. The issue was resolved when we notified Comed that they had my unit backwards with the unit below mine. Comed then finaled my account and began a new account, listing us as Apt 2 (even though our address is Apt 1). In Sept 2009 we received a bill for the usage past what we paid for over the course of the months they were billing the wrong apt in the amount of $226.07. I called to have this removed as it was their error and they refused. I emailed through their website three times and they responded twice with wrong information about the issue. I then received late fees for this past due amount (keep in mind I've been paying for my current usage). I then received a final notice that my power will be shut off if I don't pay in full by 12/14/09. I called and asked to speak with a Supervisor and the rep flatly refused repeatedly. She said a supervisor would call me back, which has not happened. I have no money to pay this entire amount and now am afraid my power will be shut off b/c of this mess. I complained again to Comed but it is clear they know they can do whatever they want b/c they can threaten to cut my power and I have no where else to get it from. Please consider this complaint and respond with any actionable items that I can pursue. Disgruntled customer,

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  • Na
    Natalieg Jul 12, 2010

    I just had a horrific experience from ComEd. This past weekend I had my power turned off completely for 48 hours. My husband and I lost our jobs last year. We are barely making ends meet. My husband missed 3 payments with Comed. They turned off our power without notice at all on the hottest day of the week. My husband tried to call and explain that he is working on making the payments and we have a small child living with us. They refused to help and told us unless we can come up with cash to pay by 6 pm on the same day our power will not be turned on. For 12 years we have been making payment on time and never caused any problems. This is the first for us and they could not accomodate us with anything but rudeness. I had to leave to stay at my mothers for a few days. My husband had to borrow money to pay by 6 pm and he did. They still did not turn our power on. We had to wait 48 hours. Heartless [censor]. I wish these companies would not monopolize so we can choose who we want to get our power from. I will post these messages so the public can see what we are dealing with.

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  • Je
    jen derosa Aug 05, 2010

    I was out of power for 36 Hours. There was A storm but Everyone but 1 Block was restored. I lost 300 In food that I had to replace. My basement flooded had to throw everything out. And then 2 weeks after all that I asked com ed for A 1 day extention to pay my bill. I told them I would have paid my bill But my money had to replace all our food. They said no pay or Off. 1 day was all I wanted. If ever A power company comes to my area I will dump them so fast. They are A cruel Company. I hate them.

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  • Kn
    knotof04 Aug 08, 2010

    get a windmill, generate your own electricty. Then bill Edison, for powering their grid... I HATE COM ED. I would rather have no power AT ALL, then have THEM...MONOPOLY...NO... W.T.F. theyre worse than Comcast. Maybe the Amish had it right all along... As we oggle and snikkker at the passers by, to supper they head by the candles light. Go ahead and sit in your florecent sunshine, and be dependent on everybodyelse.While others fight, your fathers...fathers fight. Everybody has choices

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  • Ph
    Phunkyd Aug 26, 2010

    Comed can rot in hell. You try to pay your bill on time, with no job and a 2 year old, it is hard to make all your payments with out one bouncing or being too late. ONE payment gets returned and now they want to disconnect you, so you call to make a payment and guess what? They have blocked you from making ANY online or phone payments FOR A YEAR!!!

    So they want your money, but they will not take it. You give them a perfectly good credit card number, and they wont take it. So you ask to speak to a supervisor, and they tell you there is a 1-3 DAY WAIT FOR A SUPERVISOR TO CALL BACK.

    WHO IS RUNNING THIS COMPANY???? Who makes a decision to BLOCK payments on an account? What kind of business practice is that? No wonder they are always trying to charge more, THEY WONT TAKE PAYMENTS.

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  • Lo
    low income senior Sep 26, 2010

    To ALL of you that have been victimized by corporate injustice in any form may I suggest that you get in touch with Citizens Utility Board ...a.k.a. CUB. If you are not already a member. ONE of their current activities is to prevent Com Ed for raising their newest raise in rates. They will be able to help you.

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  • De
    dee3020 May 20, 2011

    com ed cut my power off because of charges they added to my account from another account. the two account have the same names and but the ssn are diferent one is me and the other my son but they insist its me how can they do this if there is clearly diffirent ssn. how can the not check . i contacted the illinois comerce commission and they are no help they believe everything comed says. comed told them that there was no such accounts but told me therer was then i had to put them on three way so that the icc can hear their lies. what can i do? i thought the commerce commissions is there to help things like this they still wont turn on my power im about to lose my mind im not going to pay something that im not responseable for

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  • Fe
    FedUp4U Jul 28, 2011

    I am aggravated with ComEd! They say they are a not a Monopoly in my area, but there is no competition for energy distribution here in Northern Lake County, Illinois. That, by legal definition, is a Monopoly. Their customer service is incompetent! The upper management provides no leadership, and take no ownership beyond stuffing their pockets with customers money. The rest of Illinois businesses are doing more with less to maintain marketplace under competition...ComEd just lobbies congress to allow rate increases. This Monopoly should be legally taken down.

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  • Fe
    FedUp4U Jul 28, 2011

    Let me add: We were out of power for 5 days this billing cycle. Called to notify them where the line was down. Took 5 days saying it was not their line. 26 houses in my subdivision lost refrigerators of food during all this. They could have had it fixed the same day if would just listen to their customers. While crews awaited deployment just South of Chicago ComEd's administration hired crews from external states to come help. AND the bill arrived yesterday 25% higher then last month. Place these building blocks on top of the fact that ComEd's Central Air Conditioning Cycling service installed the switch incorrectly and blew out my Central Air Compressor this spring. Their customer service told me that filing for reimbursement would just be a waste of my time!?! I have some choice names that would not make it through the filters here!

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  • Rm
    R.M.W. Jan 11, 2012

    I agree ComEd is horrible!! I had rented an apartment 2 years ago and phoned them to let them know I will not need their service at my new address and disconnect the current. They never disconnected my service and now are trying to charge me over $500 for service I didn’t use. Their response after several months of fighting now that I have to use them again “it’s under your s.s. number so it‘s your bill” the other statement I like “we don’t show that you phoned” OF COURSE I PHONED!!! Who wants to pay this company anything more than they are due! I am sooo upset since they are disconnecting me because of this, I have to set up a payment arrangement with these jerks so my kids and I aren’t in the dark during the winter. Someone somewhere needs to do something about this company it is horrible they are able to be rude and treat people this way!! Shame on them!

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  • Jo
    Joseph Janowiak Apr 27, 2016

    Yesterday afternoon, (26 April 2016) in Round Lake IL, two of your employees come on my property and start hacking down my bushes to gain access to the electrical box. I was mowing the lawn and stopped to ask about what they were doing. Common courtesy would have been to discuss this with me, being I was in plain sight. All they told me was, that people should read the sign posted on the box about planting shrubs around their structure. The bushes were there when I purchased the house and I don't make a habit of crawling around on the ground reading small signs. You people need a class in etiquette...

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