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We bought a spa-n-a-box and within just a short period of time (during warranty), the unit went bad. We had to pay shipping for a replacement unit to be sent to us (after 30 days). The unit has been running for almost 60 days and has gone bad again. According to the company, these products are long lasting for several years, yet we can't get one to last for more than 45 days. Each time, if we want a replacement, we have to pay almost $90 for shipping. We were willing to do this the first time, but after receiving two bad units (and each one had a different defect), we are fed up with this product and the level of customer service we have received. We have asked the company to either send us a free unit with free shipping, or to give us a partial refund of our $1, 000 paid for the spa. These have been rejected. We will not buy another product from this company, nor would we ever recommend any product made by Comfortline Products.


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    Charlie broker Oct 02, 2008

    Comfort Line Products is one of Americas truely discusting companies. They sell thier products (in my case I bought a Spa N A Box) but they don't sell parts or have service depots. Their warantee is only for a few days!
    Once it doesn't work - too bad.

    I can't believe companies like Home Depot sell these products.

    Buyer beware!


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    bells Oct 04, 2008

    I agree 100% with Charlie. We have had nothing but problems with our spa2go- so very disappointed and angry with this poor product and poor company

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    5ofus Jun 21, 2009

    I had the same exact issue with my spa. A year later, I hauled the whole thing by the curb to be trashed. All the back and forth I've gone through the company, I'd say was not worth it and was a waste of time nor the money. I will never do business with this company again.

    My thoughts:

    They repair or temporarily fix the units and ship them back out. Each unit looking more worn than the next. When you call they make it sounds like something that you did, hard water or a wire burning out and I've heard it all and after awhile you get tired of all the excuses and stop investing in a never ending cash cow.

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  • Co
    Colly Aug 19, 2010

    You know I thought the same thing too but the customer service is wonderful there. I finally realized not everything is in the manual and you have to contact their customer service department for more information. And come to realize that this just may need to be serviced sometimes. After I got the proper chemical maintenance I was good to go!!!

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