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Color Me Shih Tzu review: Stole My Stud Dog

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Having been long distance "friends" with this Breeder for almost 3 years, I invited her to my home in June 2015. We Co-Owned a Stud together that she had in her possession, that I wanted to use, after she had used him for 2 litters. She still owed me 1/2 the cost of this stud and 2 picks from both litters at this time. She was and still in BREACH OF OUR CONTRACT TOGETHER! I paid for all her expenses to bring the stud to me from PA TO AZ. When she returned she asked if she could take one of my BLUE/CREAM Stud boys home with her as he was intimidated by my main stud and she thought she could mate him with her small Blue girl in July. July came and went and she did not use him with her girl, so come August I asked for him to be returned. She continually told me she would set it up with a Pet Nanny to do so and to date 11/20/2105, he is still with her. So I sent a friend to pick him up. NOW she is denying that he is MY DOG, although he went to her home with all the documentation that he IS MY DOG and she still would not give him to my friend to return him to me! I have found out the hard way that this woman is a liar AND a Thief! STAY as FAR AWAY from her as you can! She does not know HOW TO BE HONEST! In addition, SHE STOLE MY BEAUTIFUL DOG! and NO the authorities WILL NOT HELP, as it is a CIVIL matter. I need to take her to court and you can BET, I WILL! I have also found out that she has gotten away with things such as this her entire life, but NOT THIS TIME!