CityTwist / VisionamicsFalse Statements

This company makes false and misleading statements regarding open rates, click-through rates, and coupon redemption rates. So much so, that RevTrax, their coupon hosting partner will no longer do ANY business with them.

If you feel you were scammed, please contact your local US Attorney’s office.


  • An
    Anna Mayer May 26, 2011

    I am quite pleased with their service!

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  • Cc
    cc25 Jun 07, 2011

    just go with
    they are the best

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  • Pa
    parlight Jul 17, 2012

    Citytwist sets clients up with google analytics and actually trains dealerships and advertising agencies on how to read the results of campaign stats and traffic on google analytics. There really is no misleading data at all at this point. A client sees what they get.

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  • Go
    Golddoor Mar 26, 2014

    They are a life saver for my business. Our sales increased 27% after the first email campaign!

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