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Christensen Cavaliers review: Pet breeder

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Christensen Cavaliers is a scam. They are taking multiple applications and deposits for the same puppy! My boyfriend and I fell in love with this breed after visiting with other breeders, and have been struggling financially and could not afford a pup. We have been saving and it would have been terrible as we were nearly scammed by Christensen Cavaliers. Thankfully I realized the scam and was able to communicate with a few others who had contacted her, who also said she refused to talk on the phone, didn't respond, or was incredibly rude. The application is a front so she can steal the deposit. Please go to your local Cavalier club or a reputable breeder who is established and doesn't price gouge like Jenica. Jenica Christensen is located in Auburn, California and operating under Christensen Cavaliers.

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Jul 13, 2021 2:19 am EDT
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I can also verify that this review is false and defamatory. Rhonda Mink Carroll of Ruby Hill’s Precious Paws/Kingdom of Cavaliers in Indiana and Sarah Silva of Dawson’s Cove (previously Paxton’s Precious) are running a puppy mill scam with puppies bred at their puppy mill in Indiana. They breed multiple breeds of dogs and mixed breed “designer” dogs. They pretend to be based in California because no one wants to buy from an Indiana puppy mill. They are very good liars, but the puppies arrive sick.

Jul 12, 2021 8:56 pm EDT

This person is under investigation. She is a fellow breeder who writes false negative reviews about her competition under different names. Her claims are completely false and this is why she is currently under investigation. Please contact me for actual reviews from actual customers.