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CreditLine Millionaire and it's owner Chris Wise is a fraud. I base that statement and opinion on the fact that when I worked with Chris he could not produce a million dollar line of credit for himself or anyone else.

My consulting firm was contracted by Chris to handle business development but the more I learned about the company, the more problems I discovered.

He doesn keep his word, he cant pay his bills and he cant follow through on the things he claims. These are factual statements that I can prove. CLM owes my company money and he has refused to pay past employees and contractors. The reason he could not pay me what was owed is due to the fact that he ran out of money- the CreditLine Millionaire didnt have any money or credit to pay his obligations. He cant even qualify for the credit programs he claims to pay his own bills.

The strategies he uses are borderline illegal and in many cases would be sanctioned if an Attorney General ever found out about them. Chris even acknowledged to me in person that his shell game, using empty corporations and thinly velied business entities to obtain credit from banks would be declined if the banks ever caught on to what he is doing. He will set up a corporation with other peoples credit lines and assets being "lent" to the entity and then you pay huge fees to "own" the entity to take to a bank for funding. Then all parties involved split the enormous fees you pay them and take a percentage of your funding- if you get it.

In fact I have put in a request with the Colorado AG to look into the deceptive sales practices, dis-honorable refund policies and ability to actually fulfill the company claims. He has only had a couple of students even complete his course and his own company doesnt qualify for the credit lines that he claims he can get for you. Most of the students I encountered while working with the company dropped out and asked for refunds because the information was so bad and they realized it was worthless. Chris repeatedly denied refund requests claiming the student had not fulfilled the agreement. Ask Him to produce a list of satisfied refunds he has processed.

Chris will no doubt try to rebutt this and claim this is just sour grapes however, ask him to put his "money" where his mouth is...ask for actual student references where he has gotten them over six figures in actual credit. Better yet- ask him to produce documentation that he has ever done this for himself. Call his "credit references" and see if they hold water.

Check out other posts on the [redacted].com. Creditline Millionaire is just another in a long line of seminar companies and "gurus" to claim to have secret information that you can only get through them but in fact they are frauds and push allot of smoke and mirrors to fuel their claims and their sales. In doing so they cause allot of damage and dashed hopes to many good intentioned people.


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    Real Quiet May 18, 2010

    The Washington Dc public records show that a notice of foreclosure proceeding was initiated on March 17, 2010 against property Mr. Wise owns in the District and located at 1314 W Street NW. Mr. Wise is a well traveled crook and a con artist who grew up in Lanham Maryland. A simple search of the judiciary case search pages in Maryland show Mr. Wise was involved in growing a large amount of certain controlled substances as well. That of course was before he hatched up a computer and IT consulting business which was a fancy cover for yet another fraud. It was called Wise Point Solutions and they focused on helping people plug their computers into the electric socket and configure their printer and replacing ink and toner cartridges all for substantial fees. Why he even roped investors into a real estate ponzi scheme controlled by a simpleton friend of his. I guess when Mr. Wise discovered there were few pigeons left that were so stupid as to not see his con game, he pulled a "Baltimore Colts" and left town in the middle of the night. He is a total windbag and a fraudster.

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  • Dr
    drh5977 Jul 29, 2010

    I guess my main question is why the "credit line millionaire" drives a beat up 1993 Pontiac Grand Am?????

    All kidding aside, I met Chris several years ago and knew he was a con immediately. He tried to do some stuff with me and I simply said no...

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  • Jo
    johnf1 Mar 22, 2011

    signed up for his service and realized I got scammed. the million dollar credit line program he was advertising didn't exist and the credit partner program was "put on hold". tryed to get my money back and would grant a refund eventhough he advertises you'll get a 100k creditline guarantee or you'll get a full refund. would like to do a class action suit against his company.

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