I just had a very unpleasant experience with the company After ordering a home tablet, DHL appeared at my door asking me to pay VAT. The site is entirely in French, good translation, I do not doubt for a moment that the trader was directly in China and their prices were HT So I refused the package and returned to the sender. So I contacted them. The latter, under the pretext that in general terms it was indicated that there might have to pay VAT in addition to the reception, I refuse to pay the entire product! While on the home page of their website they put Vant the slogan "100% or 100% refund staisfait" and in their terms and conditions it is clear that they reimburse the return:

[Quote] Article 11: Warranty and right of retractation (Money Back Guarantee)
In case of a retractation, ChiniStore allows the buyer 7 days (article L121-20 of the Consumption Code) to warn us from the reception date of the package. You can contact us by mail at sav(at) or by filling the contact form.
During this period of 7 days, the buyer will be able to request a refund or a product exchange. In the case of an exchange, if the value of the exchanged article is lesser than the value of the new one, ChiniStore will reimburse the customer the difference. If the value of the exchanged article is greater than the value of the new one, the difference will have to be paid by the customer. The Customer is in charge of the return fees of the exchanged product and the delivery fees of the new product, hence the delivery fees will be added to the value of the new product, except that if the return results from a mistake from ChiniStore. [/ Quote]

It is an order made on 20/07/2013 # 005699 (MP4 Gadmei P81 4GB 8 inch 1280x768 Full HD 1080p) € 89.90 € 24.50 + shipping = € 114.40

Here is the email exchange:

[Quote] Hello,

I just refuse the package to DHL because it my present an additional invoice (VAT) from 17 euros! It was never agreed that I still paying 20% ??more on the product and it is nowhere stated that this is the case, and if this is the case it is not displayed clearly.

Thank you to reimburse the article.

cdlt. [/ quote]

[Quote] Hello,

Regarding taxes: This is normal, and indicated in the terms and conditions of sales, in section 9, you agreed when ordering. Indeed, it is normal since all imported from outside the European Union must pass through customs. By cons it is possible that the package pass customs without being checked, in fact given the large number of packages can all be controlled and therefore taxed. [/ Quote]

[Quote] I'm sorry, but it must clearly indicate next to the price that is VAT and do with the total! I find it more than the limit! And besides, I suspect that you voluntarily ométiez to display visibly lower price!
In all cases the package is refused, thank you to repay the amount paid. [/ Quote]

[Quote] We are based in Hong Kong products have no tax here, maybe this is mandatory in France. Nevertheless, it is stated in Article 9 that there may be customs fees, you have validated by checking the box. We can make a gesture by paying you 10 euros on the purchase if you aceptez the package, here is the phone number for DHL [protected]. Otherwise, we can not refund the shipping and went back the product. Thanking you for your understanding. [/ Quote]

[Quote] It is in this case clearly warn off your products there are additional costs.
For the rest I'm sorry but your site is very clearly noted "100% Refund! So I'd be 100% refunded! Shipping included, the entire sum. If you refuse I file a complaint to advertising misleading and I open a Paypal dispute. I also will spread this matter all the French and American scam sites.
I await your return.
MErci [/ quote]

[Quote] ello,

Again, you check to accept the conditions of sale I gives you an image that must surely remember something without checking this box you could not access the payment:-image of the check box on the Site-[/ quote]

[Quote] And again, it is clear that every time you buy something on the net we will not spend 30 minutes to read the Terms and again this kind of surprise is not trivial, so we did not expect. I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you. So if you do not want that people do have, you clearly put next to the item to be added VAT because it is the first time I buy something on a site that seems French and I have this surprise! 20% more!
So the last time I ask you to apply well put on your site before your communication, namely "100% satisfaction or 100% refund!" [/ Quote]

[Quote] We are not in France but in Hong Kong, and sell all over the world, we have customers all over the world as well as African American. When you accept the general terms of sale all this was said inside, when you import a product in France, it is possible that customs controls package. You deny our second new offering, which shows your bad times while adding threats. No refund will be made if the package will not be returned, so please accept it and return it to us if customs will destroy it. We've talked with our agent Paypal, which we out indicated that if the client validated the Terms and refuses the package upon receipt, no refund will be made [/ quote]

[Quote] You honestly think I'm in bad faith? Your really I ordered this product just for the sake of you think back? Come on! Get serious! I consider myself to have done!
So for your benefit package is refused when he returned to the sender, so I do not have to accept it and return it! So you will receive the package! At this point you apply the information that is on your site [/ quote]

[Quote] Again you accept our terms and conditions before ordering everything was provided inside. We therefore expect you to return the package to be able to repay you. Thanking you for your understanding. [/ Quote]

[Quote] I never denied the return postage. But on your side you said that you would not take the costs went! And anyway when you say 100% refund it does not need explanation! So we will see if you apply what you put forth on your site and communicate. Usher has confirmed that your communication was unequivocal: it is 100% 100%
So thank you to apply what you call [/ quote]

[Quote] You are the only one willing to insist you not see what is written in general terms of sale, with another person as "limited" about 1 year ago and has lost its dispute despite all the threats received . Again you will receive a full refund. To you to return the package to us and pay back. [/ Quote]

[Quote] For the DHL package is that references to the address indicated on the sender of the parcel, the parcel does not pass my hands [/ quote]

[Quote] In this case you make a mistake, you will be asked to pay the return shipping DHL, please call DHL to get an estimate of the cost of a return from Paris to Hong Kong for a package of 1Kg. And we will remove that amount from the refund. I think it will not be many on the refundable amount. Finally you will still require to pay customs fees have not been paid. So here we are preparing for our by our record with our Paypal agent, wait for the decision of their arbritrage. all this will be settled on Paypal, and we will see the end of this story. I ask you score well on the forums that taxes are set out in our Terms that you have read and agree to check the box and made the purchase. We are based in Hong Kong and have no obligation to write tax or VAT on our site, customers are not only French, but around the world, and certainly do not have your mindset, you believe in the center of the world and to impose your rules on shops located outside your borders. I think people will share things between you and procéduriés offensive customer who has no dignity and that we are doing our job in the rules and respect.
[/ Quote]

Me 7 days after the return parcel received by ChiniStore
[Quote] It is now 7 days. In accordance with your terms this is the last day regarding refunds for returns. Thank you to carry it or give me your position on it, that I may know the suites I would give to this case. [/ Quote]

[Quote] As I had told you and in accordance with our General Terms of Sale, you refused to received the package because you do not want to pay the customs fees (although we suggest you have to pay 15 euros), although you have accepted in good conscience by checking the box. In this case the decision was taken to Paypal and have no obligation to refund. The same fees returns are not free, and have decided to steal our identity and our DHL account asking to return the package to us. This has, of course fees:
[Img] [/ img]
[/ Quote]

That's where we are ...
What are my options?
Thank you


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    grantfrank Sep 07, 2014

    The buyer is at fault and the Chinese firm has been reasonable. Every one knows you have to pay import taxes this should not come as a surprise. You were offered some money back and you refused. I hope paypal rule in the Chinese firms favor.

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