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R Aug 05, 2019 Review updated:

So i went shopping over the weekend for tax free weekend. I purchased two shirts that i thought would fit my son but after trying them on they were to big. So today 8/5/2019 i went to store in Spartanburg SC to change shirts to smaller size. The cashier tried to take taxes off since i didn't have to pay them over the weekend, so she turn to her manager which is the store manager CIERRA and asked her how to take taxes off. The store manager CIERRA WAS VERY NASTY AND RUDE...IM A CUSTOMER AND I DON'T FEEL VALUED AT ALL...SHE WAS YELLING AND SCREAMING AND THREATENING TO CALL SECURITY ON ME IN FRONT ON MY THREE YEAR OLD BECAUSE I TOLD HER SHE NEEDED TO STOP DAMN YELLING AT ME. HER ENERGY WAS ALREADY BAD BEING THAT A CUSTOMER CALL TO CHECK ON THIER ORDER AND IT WAS IN, SO WHEN SHE HUNG UP SHE ROLLED HER EYES..YOUR COMPANY SHOULD REALLY RETHINK HAVING HER AS A MANAGER...HER ENERGY AND RUDENESS HAVE LOST YOUR COMPANY A CUSTOMER. I HAVE RAN A BUSINESS BEFORE AND SURELY ITS NOT DONE THAT WAY...ALL I WANTED WAS AN EVEN EXCHANGE BUT WAS TOLD I HAVE TO PAY $.70 which i dont think i should ve and instead of her trying to fix it shes yelling and screaming at a customer infront of her child.
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      Aug 06, 2019

    A woman is suddenly a bad mother because an item did not fit her child. This complaint board must be a total joke! I’ve worked in several retail stores as a manager and I wouldn’t have charged her the sales tax on an even exchange. Was $.70 worth losing future revenue as well as the respect of the brand and the store? How many customers witnessed this disgrace and have decided not to return to the store?

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  •   Aug 07, 2019

    Why did you not check your child's size beforehand? Bring him with you if he's at a growth stage where things get weird.

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  •   Aug 07, 2019

    Fvking three years old???

    For Christ's sake hell GROW into them!!! Really???

    These tax free weekends are made for stocking up on things that you ordinarily would not be able to.

    If seriously het him two shirts of the same pattern/whatever in one current size and another one the next size up.

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