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G Sep 18, 2019 Review updated:

Do not support this "breeder." I asked a few questions before placing my $300.00 deposit, and she answered all but one, "do you dock the Yorkies tails"?. As per AKC standards, Yorkies tails are to be docked to medium length. Against my better judgment, I placed the deposit thinking any AKC breeder that shows their dog would dock the tail. After I placed the deposit and asked three more times, she told me that the tails would not be docked. Not a big deal, but if you say that you breed according to the AKC standards, you should disclose that the tails are not docked because buyers expect that. She also sends sketchy pictures of who the parents are supposed to be. One photo she sent me of the mother was blurry, and I'm not convinced that she owns the Yorkie she sent a picture of. Back to my deposit, I asked for a refund because she purposely does not show photos with the dog's tails in them. She is deceiving. I asked for a refund within 30 minutes of sending my deposit, and she said she would only give me half, and proceeded to tell me that it's a shame that so many people back out (in that case, maybe you're the problem). I complained and said half would not work; she agreed to give me 250 only if I didn't add to her list of negative reviews. To save trouble, I agreed, but she told me I would have to wait until morning to get my PayPal deposit back. I contacted her the next morning, and she didn't respond, so I went to my bank to get my full refund. Disgusting and unprofessional. As a "business owner", she needs to learn how to treat others. Oh and she has had so many complaints that she is now using the new "business" name Yorkie and Morkie.


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      Nov 14, 2019

    Kayla you gave me a non refundable deposit. We answer all questions when asked however you did not ask about docking the tail until after deposit was sent. My Yorkies are imported from Europe and have Natural tails, i also showed my yorkie with natural tail in shows with AKC, it is not required to dock. See photo below my champion sired yorkie with natural tail.

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      Nov 14, 2019

    @glenna her That is not true. I asked you twice if the dogs tails were docked BEFORE sending payment. You never responded until after I gave you the benefit of the doubt and paid. The AKC might not “require” tail docking, but it is listed in the AKC standard. Congrats, you kept 300.00 from a military family. If anyone wants to buy from this breeder, do not select “friends and family” (as Glenna asks you to do)on PayPal or PayPal will not refund you, and neither will the seller. Side note: she never told me that the deposit was not refundable and if you look up yelp reviews, this has happened to others. I asked for my money back 30 minutes after sending it. It’s not like she had the money for days, and I backed out last minute. Feel free to contact me if you wish to make it right and refund.

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